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STP's BLOG 02/25/13 "Hockey Challenge"

Huge Huge Huge thanks to all of the Rock-A-Holics that came out in support of the Ronald McDonald for the T-Birds Hockey Challenge. I got to play in the game again, and once again it was the time of my life. Thanks to BJ, Toppy, Mono-Nick, and Ryan Castle for being there to support me…extra huge thanks to Toppy…Topshelf winds up getting a large group of people to come every year…he brings the party, and makes the game a lot of fun not only for me, but as my coach Ian Furness from KJR said on the mic during the intro’s…they are the loudest group in the stands. Plus Toppy was rocking this sign:

 photo 55B1C357-345E-460C-BB76-267136E20806-3932-000005F64755E16B_zpse7ceed7b.jpg

Before the T-Birds/Tips game, I had the honor to go out with former NHL’er Jamie Huscroft and actor Cameron Bancroft for the ceremonial puck drop. Dropping the puck was a kid and his family that are staying at the Ronald McDonald House…it was awesome meeting him and his family.

 photo 599586A4-D7F8-4C95-8199-1E04D9ADA19C-3992-000005FBBB4F2B59_zpsddc30d62.jpg

 photo F7B8780B-0073-4236-82CB-DAA1869DDBD3-3992-000005FBC03373EE_zps1a2bdf90.jpg

As for our game…was I nervous? Extremely…I was so nervous that I almost forgot to eat a soft pretzel before the game. For those that know my pretzel obsession, that means I was really nervous. I wound up playing the first and third periods of the game, and I am proud to say I only gave up 2 goals on a bunch of shots (former T-Bird Blake Knox scored on me, as well as Cameron Bancroft)! We wound up losing 8-6, but the score really doesn’t matter…the fact that we were able to raise money for an awesome cause was all that mattered!

 photo 7A05755C-7C76-4447-928A-E858292DCAD6-3932-000005F63CEF2EA5_zps9fc82be4.jpg

One of the highlights was getting to play with for NY Islander, Seattle T-Bird, and Tacoma Sabrecat – Danny Lorenz. Danny is an awesome goalie, and he didn’t play goalie for this…he skated as a forward (and scored a penalty shot goal). Before the game we were talking about goaltending, and he asked me what I thought I needed most work on…I thought long and hard, and my answer was: “Everything”. The fact that after the game Danny complimented me on my play totally made my night!

 photo AE90351E-8D04-4BBB-9C53-4569CBB1DC00-3932-000005F616DAD98D_zpsee7b4d4a.jpg

The other highlight…Cool Bird came into our locker room before the game…I’d say to give us a pre-game speech…but he’s a mascot, and mascots don’t talk!

 photo 17384AF5-755A-424A-8479-9C31542AE289-3932-000005F688E62940_zps6826384e.jpg

History was made Saturday at UFC 157 as Ronda Rousey won the first women’s UFC match, defeating Liz Carmouche. Rhonda has become the talk of the UFC world, and her fight not only got people talking because of her performance…but also because there was a near wardrobe malfunction. Check this video out…at about 1:10 in. Plus after she nearly lost her top…Liz then kicked her in the boob…classic!

Many people are surprised that she is a MMA fighter because of her good looks…based on this, when have people been surprised about something you do or have done? Here are the texts we got:

My wife was surprised to find out I worked in a sex shop

Every time i do the dishes at home my wife is super surprised. Kyle in renton

I'm an attractive 21 year old female and people are always shocked to hear that I'm a corrections officer at a prison trying to become a cop! Kelsey- Olympia

I'm an elementary school teacher librarian that suprises folks by doing roller derby.

Use to be a pilot for the biggest airline in the world and now I sell drugs for a living. Legal ones of course.

I work data entry. People are always surprised when they learn I sang at Carnegie Hall.
I'm 6"7 and 260 - big guy most people ask me if i fight mma or a Ranger but i have to confess that im a man nurse – murse

I'm a 6'8", 280lb white guy with a goatee, pierce ears, tattoos and Im a relationship counselor. Everyone thinks I'm a rough and tough Jason

 There's a video spreading virally of a young girl that shows women how to use a curling iron. And on the first curl . . . she burns off a big chunk of hair. Then the next 30 seconds is her sitting there looking horrified. Here's a clip from the video.

Based on the video of a girl burning off a chunk of her hair while doing a video tutorial on hair curling…what was your “I’m a dummy” moment? Here are the texts we got:

I climbed a tree, said Hey mom watch this, jumped, and broke my arm.

I'm an insurance agent and I've been pulled over MORE than once without valid proof of insurance in my car

I was demonstrating how good the lock on my folding knife to a bunch of Boyscouts in church. Well the lock failed cut my knuckle to the bone and I yelled Damnit. I bled like a stuck pig and got an infection that was back in November I'm still healing.

Left my car in reverse when I parked at my house and it rolled 40ft into the street. I've done it twice. Didn't hit anything.

I don't have a old dumb moment but I just watch that video and I'm driving right now and I almost crashed my truck I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts and I'm crying Adam in kent

My dummy moment I was 8 or so and I just tightened my chain on my bicycle and I was late for baseball practice so I started riding took my feet off the pedals and checked my chain with my finger and the pedals kept turning and it cut the tip of my finger off it went all the way around the sprocket

Today's Video Blog is part 2 of our interview with comdedian Bobby Lee!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

02/25/2013 7:42AM
STP's BLOG 02/25/13 "Hockey Challenge"
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