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Steve Migs Blog 11/24/15 "Happy Turkey Day"

Ok…this is my one foot out the door blog post, sorry! We are off for the rest of the week…so have an AWESOME turkey day!

The guy who does the "Ten Second Songs" series on YouTube just posted a video where he does "Hello" by ADELE as 25 different artists, and it's a fun watch/listen! Here he is doing the song like he's in the Backstreet Boys . . . Prince . . . Guns n' Roses . . . Pink Floyd . . . and Green Day.

Since Thanksgiving is this Thursday… you might be cooking a turkey…and if you are… I always love to share this every year….here is Vicky & a former employee of the station, Sam, teaching you how to cook one!

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Steve Migs Blog 11/23/15 "The Migs Cast Is #1"

So I woke up on Saturday morning to some awesome news! After years of finishing in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in the KING 5 Best Of Western Washington Best Podcast competition… the Migs Cast is no longer the bridesmaid, we got "married" y'all! Huge thanks to everyone that voted…we are the #1 podcast for 2015!

If you have a couple buck... be sure to show some love to The Migs Cast and pick up our T-Shirt in the KISW Rock Shop Here:

Huge props to my bud, Ayron Jones…as his band "Ayron Jones & The Way" played 2 SOLD OUT shows at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard! So what does one do when playing a sold out show? Walk on the crowd of course…check this out!

@Regrann from @woodiesea - Ayron Jones crowd walking & absolutely shredding the axe all night long. In-effing-credible. WOW. #Regrann

A photo posted by Ayron Jones and the Way (@ayronjonesandtheway) on

Speaking of the Migs Cast… Ayron was recently on our show, and he played 2 songs acoustic. Here is his awesome rendition of "The Boys From The Puget Sound"…

Here is a killer version of "Take Your Time":

Let's hope 2016 is the year that AJ & The Way break big for the world to see. Ayron has been busting his ass…and I have to think that hard work and his massive talent will pay off!
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Steve Migs Blog 11/20/15 "Russell Ate My Cat!"

So this morning someone texted with some juicy info about Russell Wilson. He wrote: "work for a contractor that was going to remodel RW's new house. He dropped us because quote" I'm Russell Wilson, I should be getting stuff at cost". He's a douche! I love my hawks, but disappointed in Russ"

Obviously, take this with a grain of salt. I found this text funny…I sure hope it's not true, but hell...I don't know. What I found even funnier was how creative our texters got…as they shared their "experiences" with #3!

Russell ate my dinosaur. Totally true

Russel wilson drowned my goldfish

Russel wilson peed in my pool and said. I can do it I'm Russel Wilson

I opened the door for Russell and he didn't say thanks.

Russ ate my cat. This is completely true.

Russ Wilson is why McDonald's serves breakfast all day.

Wilson spanked my monkey. 100% true

I met Russell Wilson in the produce section at a grocery store and when I walked up to him and ask him for a picture...he asked me to hand him of a banana and then when I asked him why, he said "peel it for me"

I saw Russell Wilson at Quiznos he refused to order a sandwich and brought in his own cheeseburger

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Steve Migs Blog 11/19/15 "Hangin' With Seth Rogen"

Yesterday something HILARIOUS happened… we got a visit from…uh… Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt! They are in town promoting their new move "The Night Before", which looks AWESOME!

How awesome are those masks? How awesome are those sweaters? Thanks to them for letting me keep the Santa sweater… I now have my Thanksgiving outfit for the family dinner picked out!

The best part… is that these guys were walking the streets of Seattle with these heads on!!

How cool would it be if that actually was Seth, Anthony, and Joseph underneath those giant heads! Check out the trailer for their new movie…

So I have been getting a bunch of texts and tweeets that WWE Superstar, John Cena, has been hanging in my neck of the woods… in Puyallup and in Eatonville. Some have seen him at the Total Wine and at Crockett's Restaurant in Puyallup…as well as many other places. We just got this text from Tim…

Thought you might like this Steve. John Cena is here in Eatonville filming his reality show, doing cross fit in our small town and taking care of our waiters when he eats dinner in our restaurants.

Now what is he doing in town? He's working on a new show for FOX!

I have been getting a kick out of all the tweets that are popping up about him in town…

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Steve Migs Blog 11/18/15 "I'm A Creeeeeeeep"

So sometimes I like to just chill and listen to the music we play in the morning with my headphones on. Apparently Vicky thought that would be a fun opportunity to record me jammin' to Radiohead. Thanks Vicky…you jerk!

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Steve Migs Blog 10/17/15 "Celebrity Intros!"

Are you dragging ass today? Need some inspiration? Check out a montage of the best motivational speeches from over 30 different sports movies.

So yesterday we were lucky enough to have Daniel Craig on the show…and one of my favorite things about having celebrities on the show is to get a reaction out of them from my stupid intros. I dig the uncertainty of not knowing if it will go over well, so when it does…it's like a natural high! The fact that I got a chuckle out of James Bond was pretty damn cool…check it out:

Now that I am thinking of my dumb intros…I immediately thought of the time we had Dev Patel on, and I sang him an intro based on the film he was promoting, Chappie!

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Steve Migs Blog 11/16/15 "Daniel Craig!"

It's not often that you get James Bond to call in…but today Daniel Craig joined us!

Daniel stars in the latest Bond flick, Spectre, which is in theaters right now. I went and saw it Saturday afternoon, and I LOVED the movie. I have to admit…this was the very first Bond movie that I have ever watched. I might have to go back and watch some more of these Bond films, eh?

I'm sure many of you are wondering what my movie reviewing alter-ego, Steve Tomatoes, thought of the film… well here ya go:

That's right… a solid 93%!

It's a great story, a few hot ladies to look at, and some awesome action. Plus, for us wrasslin' fans… Batista is in the film! He only has one line, but it's a damn good one!

Recently, Daniel was on with Stephen Colbert and they had a fun segment together…

The only negative part of the movie Spectre had nothing to do with the actual film… my movie going experience reinforced why I HATE going to the theaters… as you are at the mercy of the idiots that potentially surround you in a theater. There was a pretty key moment in the film where things start coming together for Bond, and at that moment… somebody in the theater started having a coughing fit. Not just a couple coughs, but a solid 7 minutes of consistent coughing.

I know that it sucks to have a coughing fit… but I see it no different than a crying baby… if it won't stop… leave the event that you are at until it gets under control. Between that, and the old guy that kept trying to recline his seat so that his chair was practically resting on my "boys"…I was reaffirmed as to why I prefer watching movies at home.
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Steve Migs Blog 11/13/15 "Jimmy Falloon Vs. The Seahawks!"

Have you seen the bit that Jimmy Fallon does called "Superlatives"? He posts a pic of a person and says what that person is most likely to be. He's done it about some of the Seahawks in the past, and hell…being that the Hawks are on the national spotlight Sunday night…he focused on the Hawks and their opponents, the Arizona Cardinals…it's a funny bit, check it out…

Well…the Seahawks have decided to turn the tables, and take shots at Jimmy…and it's HILARIOUS! Especially what Marshawn says at the end…

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Steve Migs Blog 11/12/15 "30 For 30: Rocky Balboa!"

I have to say… College Humor just knocked it out of the park with their latest spoof video. posted another fake version of ESPN's "30 for 30" documentaries, this one is all about Rocky IV…and how Rocky helped end the Cold War by (spoiler alert) beating Ivan Drago. If you are a Rocky enthusiast like I am… I am certain you will LOVE this!

They need to do more of these fictional 30 For 30's... do one on movies like...The Mighty Ducks, Blue Chips...hell do one on Space Jam!

Speaking of Rocky… are you fellow Rocky fans just as excited as I am for Creed? No it's not a film about Scott Stapp and his wonderful band… it's a movie coming out soon about Apollo Creed's son, and of course Rocky…I mean Sylvester Stallone…is in it!

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Steve Migs Blog 11/11/15 "Relax, Fans"

Ok…I know I am about to piss off some Seahawks fans…because there are some…I'd like to think it's a vocal minority…that just can't take a joke. For those that fit in that category… you need to relax. Seriously… chill the hell out. I love the Hawks... I support them 100%, but I don't let my fandom get in the way of being a reasonable human being.

It's great to be a fan…it's awesome to support your team…but when you start being unreasonable, you are making the rest of the fan base look bad.

First… stop with the petitions. Sure, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman aren't everyone's favorite, but to create a petition because you think that they aren't "fair" to the Hawks is embarrassing. You are only giving more fuel to the fire to people that look for any reason to make fun of the Seahawks fan base.

Most recently, Sully Erna of Godsmack pissed of some fans with an impromptu "Seahawks Sucks" song that he did in Yakima after someone in the crowd said that the Pats suck or something like that. If you search You Tube you can find the video (it's WAY to NSFW for me to post here). It's a dumb song, where even Sully says he is kidding and that it is all in good fun, yet some people are genuinely MAD about it. Lighten up angry unreasonable Seahawks "fan". I read comments online where people that once loved Godsmack now hate them for the "song". It was a joke…just joke back at him… no need to get so mad that, as one "fan" stated, "I'm going to get my Godsmack tattoo covered up. EFF Sully, you lost a fan".

Have we lost all sense of logic? You are going to get a tattoo covered up because your favorite band doesn't like your favorite sports team? This makes my brain hurt.

Thankfully the majority of Hawks fans that listen to our station chimed in when we talked about it saying that they too thought the song was funny and that the angry fans need to cool off. But that vocal minority, man… it makes the logical hawks fans that do have a sense of humor look bad.

Want an example… here is an actual text we got this morning after talking about Sully's song…

Ok…I spend a good amount of time with Luke Willson, both on and off the air…I am 100% positive that Luke wouldn't be upset that I found this song funny.

Give a joke, take a joke. Now let's hope that Sully Erna doesn't drink coffee in a red Starbucks cup…the world just might implode from the "outrage".

 photo super2_zpsu7examxn.jpg

 photo super4_zpsaphooeaj.jpg

 photo sb2_zpse4873ebf.jpg
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Steve Migs Blog 11/10/15 "Seahawks vs. Monsters"

This morning we had Luke Willson in studio (as we do every Tuesday), and we had to talk about a video that the team just released. This video is beyond ridiculous…and it's AWESOME.

When we asked Luke what the video was made for, his response was classic "I have no idea!"

I came across this performance yesterday and it completely blew me away. Shawn Smith (Brad, Satchel, Pigeonhead) was performing with the Seattle Symphony and the band Sweet Water, and they covered Mother Love Bone's "Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns" – it's amazing. Props to conductor Mateo Messina for making this magic happen, and thanks to Xana for recording this and posting it. Apparently it was dedicated to her…she was Andrew Wood's girlfriend before he passed away. What an amazing tribute by Shawn and crew!

Over the weekend I had a great time playing in a hockey tournament in Scottsdale Arizona! This is one of those Draft Tournaments that I have gone to before…where we get drunk at a bar on Friday night, and draft a team that we will play 5 games with on Saturday and Sunday. Once again it was an amazing time…we had an awesome group of people on our team, and we wound up going 5-0 and winning the championship! Plus we went to a Coyotes game on Saturday night, which was a fun time. All in all…the hockey is a great part of the weekend…but the best part is seeing friends we've made from past tournaments, and making new ones too. Here are some fun pix from the weekend…

Here is the view from our hotel!

 photo 0633F20A-8D34-4FEF-9641-668F59FB337E_zps8x1tivm3.jpg

here I am with the crew I travelled with! Yes those are individual pitchers haha

 photo 15F438D4-AC94-4D9C-A83D-966F13572536_zps7rkyrcqo.jpg

One too many pitchers...

 photo D041E17C-6624-4EBC-AF6E-3E6952D94BEB_zpsgvzbwiq5.jpg

 photo 0BB97354-32E0-4457-8185-A1E130C4106E_zps7umf6pqy.jpg

At the Coyotes game!

 photo CA5224E6-B3B6-481B-AA29-C4AC183988FE_zpssogqtbqd.jpg

Look what we found outside the game...

 photo 980362FC-4445-484B-AB66-511C8FB0C83A_zpst1ijgojj.jpg

Watching our buddy Monson play...he stops in the middle of the play for a selfie!

 photo 00F1C1DB-7653-42C2-912A-CAFFEB115C71_zpsx4vmbu9e.jpg

Team Red Army (it was a Top Gun theme, and we were Team Russian Mig -- of course I had to pick that jersey!)...CHAMPIONS!

 photo 9D372657-9B79-4700-96F7-E9FAB9950CA6_zpsacuvupvw.jpg

Thanks to my bud TJ Chase for the sweet photo!

 photo 383A586C-F203-4A8F-87B1-D4EFD845539E_zps6zfmrlnv.jpg
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Steve Migs Blog 11/05/15 "Hockey with the Hawks!"

Last night Evening Magazine ran a segment on a hockey challenge that I set up between Luke Willson and Drew Nowak of the Hawks. Both Luke & Drew grew up playing hockey…and have been debating about who is better in the locker room…so I set up an afternoon on the ice to settle this debate!

First off…huge THANKS TO Jamie Huscroft and SnoKing Renton Ice Arena for being a part of it!

 photo BD51CFAB-362D-4FDB-9841-E8395B584833_zpsghthmczf.jpg

These guys both have skils…it was a blast to play hockey with them!

 photo 1F773D8A-CE72-4478-897D-47B488736ABB_zps1ye6ce8p.jpg

 photo B756801E-1756-4892-833F-E5B910F1AEFC_zpsih0cjwjn.jpg

 photo 2E290A97-4E13-4598-A8AF-8C6C22B2D392_zpsmrgngyhn.jpg

 photo 91536F54-2D55-4558-ADB2-7FD15F3F6A5F_zpsyhlaofx8.jpg

 photo 4F8FAAC7-C204-4AB9-952F-BD4EC7FCA4C8_zpsfp1kumhw.jpg

 photo FBE40435-93E1-405D-A985-C067178C29ED_zps5cl2pmfj.jpg

 photo 708C39E8-2501-4010-85AA-77459D54B25F_zpsqkcnpi2b.jpg

It was funny… yesterday during the show I said "I bet Evening Magazine won't show me making a single save", and they did just that! I was cracking up while watching the segment… hell, even our listeners picked up on that!

Here is a quick video I threw together on my phone of us on the ice… enjoy!

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Steve Migs Blog 11/04/15 "Playin' Hockey With Luke & Drew!"

Today Luke Willson swung by to hang with us during the show since they are off due to the bye week! I decided to surprise Luke with my new "look" – what do you think?

Also…the timing was perfect, as Luke and I…along with his teammate Drew Nowak, hit the ice last week for a fun day of shooting the puck around. Evening Magazine was there to film it, so be sure to watch us tonight at 7:30pm on KING 5!

OK…simply stated…the Mariners need to make a deal to get Jonny Gomes on the team. I get that he's not in the prime of his career…but this man will motivate with a capital "M"!

Yesterday was the Royals world series parade, and when Johnny took the mic…the whole world was listening! How awesome is this?

If the Mariners don't make a play for him…the WWE better take notice! Put this man in tights and get him in the squared circle!
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Steve Migs Blog 11/03/15 "Halloween Shenanigans!"

For the past four years Jimmy Kimmel has done a great bit where he asks parents to pretend they ate all their kids' Halloween Candy and post video of it to YouTube. Here is the latest installment…enjoy!

Speaking of Halloween, I forgot to share some of the pix from my Halloween. We were a part of a fun night at the Hard Rock Café in Seattle, as our stations cover band – The New Originals – played a show.

I was Robin for the second straight night… and my favorite part of showing up without a Batman is that it makes the moment that I inevitably will run into a Batman even more awesome! Even more awesome…when the sole batman in the crowd is the bartender!!

Thee Ted Smith and I had a blast hanging out as always… especially when you run into "Gene Simmons"…AKA our bud Joe…

Here are some pix I took while there…

Thanks to Miles from the Men's Room for getting this sweet drum head made for me!

 photo 21032112-1EF0-4777-B276-A75E7AA978D3_zpsmgm8lfo9.jpg

Robin Migs, Texas Ted, Shirtless Patriotic Thrill, and running Forrest Castle!

 photo 5BAB6F18-AE27-40D2-8F29-381BBD9BAD7D_zpsnrr32xk0.jpg

 photo F20808ED-0193-41DC-9196-3275CFE6CF98_zpsrrgkysnw.jpg

 photo 7DBD8206-45AF-4A47-B0A6-A828677D5724_zpsmvvzd0kh.jpg

Daniel "Sgt Hairclub" Bryan!

 photo 888509C1-7D42-4946-B273-1BCE531287BC_zpskm4i7fnx.jpg

 photo CEF2E2B0-8CB9-42D5-91E9-13A80DC7A4AA_zpsqqq5leba.jpg

While there, Ted and I decided to wish the listeners of our podcast, The MegaCast, a Happy Halloween…

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Steve Migs Blog 11/02/15 "Awesome Party On Friday Night!"

HUGE thanks to everyone that came out to AFK Elixers & Eatery in Renton on Friday night! We had a blast hanging out and checking everyone's costumes out too! AFK is one sweet spot…they have a cool geek vibe (sci fi, comics, gamers, etc) to it…which was perfect based on many of our outfits!

Huge thanks to Stefan from SS Fashion Photography for taking pix…here are a few of my faves (check out his Facebook Page here: )

 photo bj and migs_zpsyaacybqc.jpg

 photo jokersa_zpszbhr1mnp.jpg

 photo clown guy_zpsqurszvko.jpg

 photo me chelly dani_zpsr84gqx3m.jpg

 photo joe_zps4yh88dxe.jpg

 photo ewok_zps61cxwyzn.jpg

 photo nick and lady_zpskkcwx3vp.jpg

 photo migs and rock girls_zps9aidt74a.jpg

 photo raver robin_zpsoajfvbvh.jpg

 photo rave robin good one_zpswvwr61so.jpg

 photo rev vicky_zpsnw0aq9ci.jpg

 photo sara_zpsypdbkwtd.jpg

 photo rock girls 2_zpsijseap1f.jpg

 photo rock girls_zps1ax7myyb.jpg

 photo us_zpslvxj3jlx.jpg

 photo toppy_zpscjhwokjt.jpg

 photo us2_zpsmkqdvhrr.jpg

 photo waldo_zpssazsizzu.jpg

I love the Gif that Stefan made of Toppy trying to pick up a straw as Spongebob! Haha!


Here is a video of the fashion show…

The Bikini Fashion show from BJ and Migs Anniversary Party last night!KISW The Real BJ Shea Steve Migs Dani May Red @

Posted by SS Fashion Photography on Saturday, October 31, 2015
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