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STP's BLOG 02/27/12 "Rock & Hockey"

What a weekend! Man, am I tired. Friday night thanks to everyone that came out to the Rock For ALS benefit show at Studio 7 where the KISW house band, The New Originals made loud noises. It was a great night and the highlight for me…the smoke machine! Nothing more bad ass then to be rocking behind the kit during “Fire Woman”, and the smoke starts rising! Here is a taste of the New Originals playing “Living After Midnight”:

Thanks to Jeremy on Facebook for sending this picture to me…this must’ve been shot while Ryan Castle and I were rocking out to “War Pigs”:


Speaking of the New originals...our guitarist Kyyle is in an awesome local band called Superfekta, and they just made a video for their song "one Night Stand".  it's a fun watch...check it out:

The next day I headed to Kent for the 14th Annual Hockey Challenge All Star game. The game happened after the T-Birds beat the Silvertips 3-0, and I was lucky enough to play between the pipes. A lot of the guys on our team (team white) were Microsoft guys, and they were a blast to play with. Sadly we only had one ringer…Doug Kirton, who played pro over in Europe …the other All Stars for our team did not show up…one former T-Bird broke his foot the night before, and another had a family emergency. Although we did have Dennis Bounds as our coach, and former NHL’er Turner Stevenson as his assistant. Meanwhile, team Red had Jamie Huscroft, Lloyd Shaw, Ryan Gibbons, and Mark Lofthouse (as well as Bill Wixey from Q13). The game was a blast…I played the sec ond half of the game…when I came in it was 2-2, and our team scored 2 quick goals to make it 4-2(when you watch the video blog, Toppy says that I came in with a 4-2 lead, but Toppy was drunk…I came in when it was 2-2 haha). Team Red came back to make it 4-3 going into the 3rd period, and that’s when the former pro’s turned it on. Huscroft shot a bullet past me…I caught it barely with my shoulder, but it wasn’t enough to stop it fully. Lloyd Shaw set Huscroft up with another…Lofthouse scored on a break a way…and so on and so on. The game ended 8-4, and the bad guys were victorious. But in actuality the real winners were everyone there…for helping raise money and awareness for the Ronald McDonald house. Sure I got lit up, but it was an honor to be scored on by guys that were some of the best in the sport…you have to be damn good to be able to have made a career in the NHL or AHL (minor league) for that matter. Thanks to Rick for sending me these pictures for the Hockey Challenge! What an awesome time:






The true highlight happened to me before our game…while in a suite watching the T-Birds game, I was in there with Turner Stevenson. Turner is one of my all time favorite players, as he was once a New Jersey Devils. Turner was on the Devils team that won a cup back in 2003, and I noticed that he was wearing his championship ring. I went up to him and told him that I hated to be “that guy”, but as a lifelong Devils fan…I would love to see the ring. He didn’t think it was odd at all, and said…”See it…hell try it on” – he pulled it off & tossed it my way…like it was a 2 dollar ring. I tried it on, and then snapped a photo. Apologies that the pic is blurry…my han d was shaking…not only is this a championship ring for favorite team, but it’s also worth well over a hundred grand!


Speaking of hockey…we got this text:

I saw Goon! Thanks for getting me hip to it. That s*** was awesome!

Yes…this is a funny movie about hockey! It’s On Demand right now…check it out.

Hundreds gathered in for the new John T. Williams Memorial Totem Pole yesterday morning. Williams was the woodcarver shot by a Seattle Police officer two years ago when the officer saw him walking down the sidewalk right outside our building with a knife. The Williams family says the pole was carved as a symbol of calm and healing. Online…many people were outraged that there was a memorial being made for Williams…here are a few of the comments:

The poles should not be put up publicly honoring a street drunk and his family that didn't give a rip about him when he was alive.

Great…let’s celebrate a guy that has over 100 criminal convictions

Once again, Seattle is an embarrassment…a memorial for a drunk? He shouldn’t have been killed, but does that eliminate all the crimes he committed and warrant a memorial?

Many argue that John T. Williams is not a guy we should have a memorial for…based on this…living or dead, whether it be a public figure or not, who do you think should be honored? Here are some of the texts we received:

Built a memorial peace for Steve, so everyone knows who not to be like

Ichiro, king Felix, and moose. Gave mariners fan something to cheer for when they sucked

We should erect a pole for Vickie

My high school basketball coach without him I would of been lost long long ago

Our local Seattle Super hero, the Phoenix! That guy's done a lot for our city and has been shot several times and still persists on stopping criminals

They should honor The Tuba Man.! Awesome dude! -Chad(Zyron)

Big Lo needs a statue for always being a true diehard sports fan. Tubaman for the same as well. Cajun

Rick the peanut man!

Curt Cobain / Jimmy Hendrix

Ofc. Tim Brenton...RIP

Stp for dealing with BJ crap.

If John T. Williams can't have a memorial for being a drunk, then Topshelf shouldn't have one either.

There's definitely needs to be a giant Charlie Sheen statue somewhere. Maybe next to lady liberty haha

Today's Video Blog is all about the 2012 Hockey Challenge put on by the Seattle Thunderbirds, which raises money and awareness for the Ronald McDonald House.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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02/27/2012 7:49AM
STP's BLOG 02/27/12 "Rock & Hockey"
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