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STP's BLOG 03/01/12 "RIP Davey!"

Bummer day for us over 35 (or around 35)…Davey Jones died from a heart attack at the age of 66. Many people in their 20’s are probably thinking..”Who?” Which makes me feel like I am getting older by the minute, but Davey was the man! He was in the Monkees! I grew up watching re-runs of that sit-com…I loved that show!!! It’s funny, they were band made for a TV show, but they actually wound up having hits like “I’m A Believer” & “Last Train To Clarksville”…for me though…it was all about the theme song and the TV intro that accompanied it! surveyed employers about the most common mistakes people make at job interviews. Here's what you want to avoid:

1. Answering your cell phone, or texting during the interview.
2. Appearing uninterested in the job or the company.
3. Dressing inappropriately.
4. Coming off as arrogant.
5. Saying negative things about your current boss or previous job.

Career Builder Dot com listed the most common mistakes people make at job interviews….what about you? When have you or someone you know screwed up an interview? When did an interview go wrong? What happened? Here are the texts we received:

Once, I was interviewing a woman for a professional job in HR. She showed up in mis matched clothes, and actually kicked her shoes off during the interview.

My fiance went to a job interview at a mall a couple years ago instead of doing the interview, she chickened out and ended up buying something and leaving instead

Was interviewed by a woman who had slept w my ex boyfriend....... I reminded her of it ! I did not get the job !

I interviewed for a job at a cabinet company and when asked if i could tell what wood was hard and which was soft i said yes and then totally failed when tested

Went 2 an interview drunk! It was a drivin job-stil got hired! I think the guy interviewn was drunk 2?!

I screwed up an interview by not keeping my eyes off of her huge chesticles. – Jason
The guy interviewing me kept sighing and cracking his neck, so I got up and told him clearly he's not interested in hiring me, thanks for his time.

Fell asleep once during the interview and still got hired

At an interview for Microsoft Store, I pulled out my iPhone.

I was being interviewed for a job when I sneezed and a big flem ball landed on the interviewers lips and chin he jumped out of his seat and kinda freakedout wiping off and then realizing it was on his hand he wiped it on his pants and it looked like he had some happy juice on his pants!

At a job interview in Seattle, making three times her current salary, one of my girl friends was asked, "Tell me something that might surprise us about you." and she said, "Like what? That I used to be a man?" We still tease her about that!

According to a new survey, half of people say they've lied about seeing a classic movie to impress people. 37% have lied to seem more cultured…and 12% have lied to seem more romantic. "Casablanca" is the movie people lie about the most…23% of people claim they've seen it when they haven't. Here's the full top 10:

1. "Casablanca", 23% lie about having seen it.
2. "A Clockwork Orange", 17%.
3. "2001: A Space Odyssey", 15%.
4. "The Exorcist", 13%.
5. "Doctor Zhivago", 12%.
6. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", 11%.
7. "Gone With the Wind", 10%.
8. "The Matrix" , 10%.
9. "The Color Purple", 8%.
10. "Goodfellas", 8%.

Half of people have lied about seeing classic movies to impress people…what about you…when have you lied about something in order to impress someone? Heree are the texts:

My lazer tag score.. Im good, but not that good

That I've never heard of you porn

Size of my manhood

How much you bench when your not at the gym, lol

I ran a store in lynnwood when we first opened. when the bos was gone i told customers it was my store. it was the s***. people gave respect.

I lie about my job to impress people. I poop scoop after animals

I use two either "no baby I promise I'm single" or " this is my first one night stand as well" Mac in Seattle

Im in the army and I lie about my job since I hate talking about the army at the bar.  My favorite "job" that I tell people is that I'm a hand model. It's funny cause people buy it even though my hands are scarred since I'm a helicopter mechanic.

I once told my girlfriend that I was a virgin, even tho I had "been" with seven girls before, because she wouldn't put out if I wasn't a virgin, so I convinced her and took it to pound town!

Today's video blog is part 1 of our chat with Daniel Bryan! Watch WWE Smackdown this Friday night to catch Daniel in the ring here in his home state of Washington!

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE users:

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03/01/2012 7:40AM
STP's BLOG 03/01/12 "RIP Davey!"
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