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STP's BLOG 03/02/12 "Dog Names"

HUGE thanks to Jim Jefferies for coming in this morning...he is one of the funniest comics out there...hands down.  Do yourself a favor...go on You Tube and do a search for Jim, i would post his stuff, but the language is very not safe for work...but is beyond hilarious!


Jim is at the Moore Theater tomorrow morning!  Get tickets at 

The website analyzed registered pet names since 2000 to see which pet names are trending up and which ones are trending down. And they broke it down by dogs and cats, male and female. Check it out…

--Trendiest male dog names: Bentley, Diesel, Tank, Marley, Milo.
--Least trendy male dog names: Dakota, Pepper, Casey, Tax, Scooter.
--Trendiest female dog names: Lola, Stella, Luna, Nala, Izzy.
--Least trendy female dog names: Brandy, Casey, Misty, Lucky, Sheba.
--Trendiest male cat names: Dexter, Cooper, Louie, Loki, Henry.
--Least trendy male cat names: Bailey, Salem, Baxter, Bubba, Merlin.
--Trendiest female cat names: Lola, Stella, Izzy, Zoey, Lulu.
--Least trendy female cat names: Katie, Sabrina, Tigger, Samantha, Snowball.

One of these days...if I ever get a boy dog, I will name it Steve.  Just for the reaction I will get when people ask what my dogs name.  hell, I could call him "Junior".

A website listed the trendiest and least trendy names for pets…based on this…what is the funniest or strangest name for a pet you have heard of? Here are some of the texts we got:

Dotsun named weiner grandma would yell were is my weiner

Askim. "whats your cats name?" "Askim. My friend Matts cats' name. From Jayna-puyallup

I named my kitten Baby Jesus. Francis from Olympia

My friend had a cat named dog, a dog named cat, and a dog named bulls***. Coolest parents ever.

As a kid we had a dog named Spit. He got run over. My dad named the replacement dog ... Spit Too.

Met a guy with a dog named Deogi.. pronounced D-O-G

I am a dog groomer in Puyallup and one of my clients has a dog named buckwheat. It cracks me up everytime.

My dogs name is Sir Giniss McStout. He's a 4 month old schnoodle.

We named our kids' toad for them... Wet Sprocket. Too bad the kids don't get it. :-P
Mini hamster named Godzilla.

Taco – Chihuahua

BJ.... I got a good one for you....I have a yellow lab named Fenway!

I had a female dog (pocket sheltie) named lasagna

German shorthair named Indy after Indiana jones. He would totally bone Lucy

My friend had a cat named Diggler cuz he had huge...

I knew a pig named Porkchop. When my son was little we had a fish named Bob

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03/02/2012 7:15AM
STP's BLOG 03/02/12 "Dog Names"
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