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STP's BLOG 03/05/14 "Arnold & Travolta"

The online cooking show "Epic Meal Time" just did an episode with Arnold Schwarzenegger, where they cooked a huge steak-and-egg sandwich on top of Arnold's tank...yes…AH-NOLD has a TANK!  A Tank!  Did I mention that he owns a TANK?!? He has a Patton tank, from the Korean War.  The sandwich was made with OSTRICH eggs, and had more than 78,000 calories. Check it out…

So people are beating up John Travolta…because he screwed up a name at the Oscars (he called Idina Menzel "Adele Dazeem").  People really need to lighten up…we all have screwed up like this, if you missed it, here it is:

So someone came up with a funny Name Generator where you type in your name and it will “Travoltafy” your name.  What's your “Travoltified” name? 

Travoltafy Your Name
Here are ours….
BJ Shea:  Brooke Scone
Me: Shae Thompseen
Vicky B: Vincent Bruwn
The Rev:  Troy Reez
Hot Kyle: Hope Keezy
Joe The Prodigy: Jae Thompseen (apparently in the eyes of Travolta, we are related)
My favorite of all of the names that are “Travoltafied” is Toppys…when you type in Topshelf, this is the name that comes up:  THOMAS!  Thomas?  That’s it?  I’m calling Toppy Thomas from now on!

Whenever I talk about John Travolta, I always think of this awesome song by Mr. Bungle...

If you aren’t listening to the podcast (STP-CAST) that I do with Topshelf, I mean Thomas, Mono-Nick, and The Rev…you are missing out on some of the most intelligent conversations in the podcasting world.  This week on the STP-CAST, it's all about the High-Brow humor...Here is a behind the scenes look....

Listen to this week's STP-CAST on iTUNES, Stitcher, or here:

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03/05/2014 6:49AM
STP's BLOG 03/05/14 "Arnold & Travolta"
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