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STP's BLOG 03/06/13 "Cats N' Roses"

I just wanted to start off with bummer news. Sadly, William Moody, aka Paul Bearer passed away. I grew up loving that guy, as The Undertaker’s manager in the WWE.

Crazy tid bit of info on Paul Bearer…he actually did work in the funeral business!

This video makes me rethink my hatred for cats. There's a video on of someone who put their cat, named "McLovin," in a bathtub full of water. The cat's head is half in and half out, and shockingly it looks annoyed. For some reason, instead of lifting its head out of the water, when it meows, it meows part-way underwater. Here's the video…

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Maybe it’s not cats fault for being such douches…when you have owners like this trying to be “funny”, what do you expect? This is probably the same guy that shows up to work one day with a bunch of scrathes on his face from his cat attacking him, and he wonders why “McLovin” snapped. I got your backs on this one, cats. has a new video on what the auditions for The Postal Service's singer may have been like . . . before Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab For Cutie) got it. This video is hilarious! It features Duff McKagan, Blink-182's Tom DeLonge, Nate from the Foo Fighters, "Weird Al" Yankovic,, and more…check it out:

Duff is hilarious in the video…there were two blondes in Guns N’ Roses! Ha!

According to a new study, men lie THREE TIMES more often than women. Both men and women say they're most likely to lie to their BOSS, followed by family members and their significant other. And men are more likely to lie to their friends than women. The top lies men tell are: "Yes, I've done that" . . . "I didn't have a cell phone signal" . . . and "I'm on my way." The top lies women tell are: "I'm fine" . . . "I'm on my way" . . . and "It was on sale."

In a different survey, ladies…Be careful about asking your boyfriend or husband, "Does this make my butt look big?" He's probably going to give you an honest answer. Only 35% of men say they'd LIE. The other two-thirds say they WOULD give an honest answer . . . although a lot of them would try to change the subject first.

Based on this, finish this sentence: "I wish I would have lied about _____." Or...when do you wish you would’ve been lied to? Here are the texts we got:

I wish my wife would of lied about the number of sexual partners she has had......Mitch in Olympia

I wish my husband would have lied when I asked him if he thought my sister was attractive. I now have nightmares of them getting intimate.

I wish I would have lied and said I don’t like peanut butter…Lulu The Producer

hey toppyyyy!!! I wish I would have lied about my age to a 22 year old who wanted some action. Im 35, but she said 32 was the oldest she'd go, after I t old her my age of course.

24-year-old Terrance Ganaway is a rookie running back for the St. Louis Rams.  He makes almost $400,000 a year, but even so, he works at a Jimmy John's sandwich shop in Waco, Texas in the offseason . . . earning minimum wage.  He does everything from making sandwiches, to delivering orders.  He said part of the reason he does it to stay out of trouble.  How awesome would it be if you answered your door, and there is Ganaway with a sandwich for you?   After talking about this story yesterday, we got this text at 7-7-9-9-9:

Guys, that dude is living the dream…if I didn’t have a mortgage and a ton of bills it would be awesome to work at a fast food place and just enjoy the stuff on the menu lol
If money was not an issue, and you could do any job you'd want...what would it be and why? Here are the texts we got:

Bouncer at a strip club. Free boobies!!

Range master at the local gun range, nothin hotter then chicks with guns or cooler then helping a kid hit the bullseye for the first time

i'd work at a music store. I play bass and love talking with people about musical instruments!

Barista. I love experimenting w/ coffee. Plus you are part shrink;similar to being a bartender. The difference is no drunks. Barista was the best Job in my 20s

I would open a pit bull rescue center if money wasn't an issue. They are a breed that are very misunderstood and I've always had at least one since the day I was born, they are amazing dogs who just want to please. Mick Kirkland

hey guys. Id be a walmart greeter. All for the people watching. Joe...puyallup
Taxi driver did awhile pay sucked but fun ass hell

Tour guide for the nature trails around here. All day outside fresh air exercise. Plus meet different people all the time.

I would do anything at Hooters!! Steve in Olympia

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge! Our intern Jay has 60 seconds to find a complete stranger that will put any kind of makeup on him...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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03/06/2013 6:48AM
STP's BLOG 03/06/13 "Cats N' Roses"
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