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STP's BLOG 03/07/13 "Walking Dead in Black & White = Stupid"

BJ and I had an argument this morning, and shockingly…it was over something completely stupid. BJ was talking about the Walking Dead, and how they are re-airing past episodes, only they are airing them in black & white as a nod to the graphic novel the show is based on – which was done in black in white. BJ thinks this is the coolest thing ever…as for me…this is stupid. Really stupid. Why the hell would you re-watch something for the sole reason that there is no color anymore. Just change the contrast on your TV if that is the case…it’s like a whole new show. C’mon, I get people LOVE the Walking Dead, but this is dumb. BJ kept saying that I don’t get it. I get it…it’s a nod to the graphic novel…and it is stupid. This of course led to a crap ton of texts…my favorite being this one:

Hey Steve, the original comic had no sound, soon, the series will air in b&w without audio.

Here are some other texts we got:

I'm a fan and I've read the comics.... It's not a graphic novel. I'm with Steve it doesn't appeal to me in black and white, still the same show.

Its OK bj, Steve don't get it.

BJ is living in the past. Black and white sucks. I bet he would rather have pay phones instead of cell phones too.

I'm with Steve, there is no need to watch something in the stone age, that you already saw in color. The tin bender

What's wrong with Steve!

Bj is an idiot. The walking dead was shot in color. it looks stoopid in b&w.

The black and white is supposed to make it look like an original zombie film

Hey Steve, BJ's a moron. Black and white TV went away because it SUCKS.

BJ you're trying to talk sense into a NASCAR lover and Wrestling fan

steve is a twit

I notice on Twitter and Instagram people are doing #TBT – for Throw Back Thursday. I figured I would join the party…here I am as a kid making noise on the Satin Steel!

 photo 110B7520-DE02-465E-9015-D448FDD6DD5C-16472-00001201C0139AD4_zpsf5e1a54e.jpg

For you Walking Dead fans…I figure you would rather see the picture this way:

 photo 41E3AB1E-DAF7-47E3-8F80-A7688E4DF526-16472-00001201C4F57C44_zps8505a444.jpg

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I saw two stories this morning that made me ask the million dollar question… Whatever happened to POCKETS?

Story #1:
On Monday, police in Oklahoma arrested a 28-year-old woman after meth was found in her car. And when they were searching her at the jail, they found more meth lodged between her buttocks . . . and a LOADED GUN sticking halfway out of her lady parts. She's facing felony weapons and drug charges.

Story #2:
Last week in Massachusetts, a 26-year-old stole two tall boy cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon by shoving them down his pants. (--CAREFUL!) And when a clerk asked him about the bulge in his pants, he told her, quote, "It's my penis." But one of the cans had migrated to his ankle by that point, and she pointed out that no, that was NOT his junk. He was arrested.

Again...Whatever happened to pockets!?!

According to a new survey, one in seven people have accidentally “sexted” the wrong person. Here are the four most common people we accidentally send dirty texts and photos to:

1. A friend.

2. An ex. More than one in four people who've “sexted” the wrong person accidentally sent it to their EX instead of their current partner.

3. A co-worker.

4. A family member. That's where 9% of accidental “sexts” went. Ouch.

Most people apologize for the mistake . . . but 39% of the time, they ignore it and hope the other person never mentions it. And 9% of the time they LIE, and pretend they MEANT to “sext” that person.

What about you? What is your “sexting” horror story? What happened, and how did you handle it? Here are the texts we received:

Sexted my ex girlfriends dad... Awkward didnt say anything till we broke up

I once accidentally sent my boyfriend's kids phone a text message about doing something to him in the shower later. I got to their phone and deleted it before they saw it, but it was very nerve wracking because it was a couple hours before I could get to their phone!

Not my horror story; Ex girlfriend of 3 years wanted to make me feel bad, so she sent me a picture of her and her new guy banging. So I sent it to her Dad.

Accidently sexted my mom when it was meant for co worker that I was seeing. Only thing she said was not to get that girl pregnant.

I accidentally sent a picture to my moms cell phone when i was 18. Luckily I lived with her at the time so I grabbed her phone and deleted it before anyone else saw it.

Meant to send a message to my wife about what I wanted to do to her but I accidentally sent it to my best friend. My friend replied telling me love me as a bro and all but not to that extent. Then he called me a dirty f er......Chris in Enumclaw.

I was sexting my wife, and it was super dirty. Accidentally sent to my supervisor. Apologized immediately. All I got back was a "lol ;)" . Did I mention my supervisor is a smoking hot female? Lol

I was sexting in class and the teacher grabbed my phone and starting reading my conversation aloud to the whole class until she got to the part where the girl asked me to send a pic of my package and I did. -​ Jay the creepy intern.

Capital One just released the results of a survey, so you can see how other Americans are going to spend their tax refunds.

-- The average federal tax refund this year will be $2,803.

--22% will use it to pay down debt . . . 16% will put it in the bank . . . and 4% will invest it.

But at least 35% plan to blow ALL of it. And here's how . .

--30% will use the money on everyday expenses.

--23% will spend it on a vacation.

--16% will spend it on clothes, shoes, or accessories.

--15% will buy an iPad, TV, phone, or some other electronics.

--The rest will use it toward other major purchases.

Based on this finish this sentence… “I plan on using my tax return on _____”. Here are the texts we got:

I'm buying a big screen TV when mine comes in tomorrow!

F*** paying debt. I'm going to Vegas

I planned on to buy a nice flat screen and surround sound with my return. Car broke down and wipeed out my tax return

My wife wants a new 9mm pistol, who am I to deny her that? Mike, in Monroe

I bought a windshield and a Wii with my tax return. And then I've been blowing the rest on whatever I feel like.

A Smart HDTV and a Samsung Smart camera.

What's up guys!!!! Hey my wife and I are getting a little over $10k back. We are paying off all of our credit card debt and like every year we are upgrading our season tickets for the Hawks!!!!! Taylor from Puyallup

I'm going to Vegas to see def leperd at the hard rock

Im spendin my tax return on this next tattoo. My wifes having our 2nd child in september. After her delivery im getting my wifes bdate and both my childe n in an algebraic expression. All their bdays, its an algebra expression not an equation cause it can only be 'simplified' not 'solved'. Like STP im a tattoo freak, my right arms sleeved, left arm sleeved minus the forearm, neck tat, both pecs, upperback down to my sideribs. My next family tribute, Flex in tacoma

Today's video blog features a package from our buds over at the WWE!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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03/07/2013 7:12AM
STP's BLOG 03/07/13 "Walking Dead in Black & White = Stupid"
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04/05/2013 9:04AM
More importantly
All these "stone age, back to pay phones, COLOR IS TEH ONLY WAY 2 WATCH" people just make me want to slap the hell out of them....
04/05/2013 9:05AM
More importantly
All these "stone age, back to pay phones, COLOR IS TEH ONLY WAY 2 WATCH" people just make me want to slap 'em.
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