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STP's BLOG 03/08/13 "Richard Sherman Rules!"

Yet another reason why I LOVE #25 for your Seattle Seahawks!
Yesterday Richard Sherman from the Seahawks was on ESPN's First Take with Steven A. Smith. Also on the show was ESPN personality Skip Bayless, who has been rather critical of Richard Sherman over the last few months...not to mention Bayless had said earlier in the show that Sherman isn't in the, quote, "same league" as Jets All-Pro defensive back Darrelle Revis. Check out the fireworks!

Haha -- "Ignorant, Pompous, Egotistical Cretin"…“I’m Better at life than you”. Classic.

A New Survey on Things That Are Worse Than They Used to Be . . . Including Manners, Schools, TV, Music, and Kids

A new survey asked people to name things that aren't as good as they used to be . . . and people had NO PROBLEM rattling off a massive list.

Here's the top 15:

1. Manners and politeness.
2. The weather.
3. Bars.
4. Schools.
5. TV.
6. Public transportation.
7. Banks.
9. Music.
10. Doctors.
11. The police.
12. Hollywood movies.
13. Politicians.
14. Sports.
15. Sex.

Only FOUR things got positive rankings in this survey: Restaurants . . . cars . . . vacations . . . and fashion.

Based on this, finish this sentence: “When I think of the “old days”, I miss _____.” Here are the texts we recieved:

I think of the old days I think of paying a dollar for a gallon of gasI miss when the mariners used to be good


Saturday morning cartoons.

I miss MTV I miss sitting around watching videos all day now there's just stupid reality shows what the hell happened

...people actually talking to each other over dinner (no smartphones)

I miss coming home checking to see who called on the caller i d, talking on the land line and hearing the call waiting beep and clicking over to the other line – bree in graham

When it comes to the old days I miss the quality of toys and pretty much everything that was made. Much better quality back in the day

Work ethic. People don't have it anymore they want a pay check but they don't want to work for it.

I miss the seattle grunge scene! That was my childhood, my "hippie movement". Pearl Jam-​ Mother Love Bone & Nirvana were the sound of generation x. I miss it like crazy! Drew, Tacoma

Today's video blog features an interesting letter from Crazy Cheri!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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03/08/2013 7:39AM
STP's BLOG 03/08/13 "Richard Sherman Rules!"
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