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STP's BLOG 03/12/13 "Hawks and Roses"

Last night was a big night…the Bachelor finale! Rejoice Seattle-ites, “Our” girl Catherine from Seattle was picked by Sean and given the final rose…the biggest win for the 206 since the Hawks traded for Percy Harvin! You might roll your eyes for me even mentioning this, and I don’t blame you one bit…but there was a Hawk that was equally as excited to watch the Bachelor -- #74 – John Moffitt! John was live tweeting throughout the show, and gave us some great commentary….

 photo moffitttweets_zps7febc787.jpg

I propose that ABC hires Moffitt to be the new host of the Bachelor…that would be AWESOME!

"Parade" magazine  did a piece on celebrities' first jobs. Here's the list . . .

--AMY ADAMS: Hooters hostess.
--JIM CARREY: Security guard / Janitor at a tire factory.
--DEBRA MESSING: Babysitter.
--JENNIFER LOPEZ: Fly Girl (dancer) on "In Living Color".
--CHRIS ROCK: Busboy at Red Lobster.
--QUENTIN TARANTINO: Usher at an adult theater.
--"Survivor" creator MARK BURNETT: Nanny.
--GERARD BUTLER: Attorney.

Based on this, what made your first job memorable? Here are the texts we got…

my first job was memorable because it was the also the first time I had sex with an older woman!

At 14, a buddy and I worked at a greenhouse. Very boring! So we'd smash windows out at night so we'd have something to do at work.

When I was 14. I mowed lawns in a fancy neighborhood in Mill Creek. One of the house owners let me drive his 1994 Dodge Viper!!!

Referee for soccer and I was 15 and one game I refereed I had one parent throw food and drinks at me

First job at a fast food place. Getting busy in the stock room hah.

My first job I worked for former Seattle seahawk center robbie tobeck and he gave me tickets to the Seahawks 49ers game 2 years ago they were the best tickets i've ever had. Club seats on the 50 yard line

I worked at a coffee stand and out of three years the most memorable part was being tipped a gooey duck... Thank you people of Belfair

My first job was security for a strip club – Axle

Escort service driver and bodyguard at 16

I was a barker outside of the Kingdome for Mariners games and I used to yell ' fresh hot pizza five dollars' If you remember tuba man, he used to yell back at me 'how fresh and hot is it' :)

Esquire Magazine put out an article about how Dazed and Confused was the Definitive Movie About the '90s…Check it out here, it’s a great read:

Based on this, what is the “Definitive movie” for you, and why? What movie had the biggest impact on your life? Here are some of the texts we got:

Schindlers List. Started me on a path to learn more about WWII era and the people it effected on all sides. It's amazing what they DON'T teach you in school.

Office space because in a funny way, it made me look at the corporate world in a more realistic way. No longer get stressed about irrational corporate policies or things like profit based priorities

Singles is my fave because it takes me back to an amazing time in Seattle and makes me feel 21 again.

Any film by Kevin Smith! It showed me that a film fan can make great movies & a director can be awesome to his fans! Mr. Smith is my personal hero. Drew

Swingers, it taught me how and when to call a girl who gives you her number. And why to never call her six times later that same night.

Jaws! I saw it when I was 5 and it started my obsession with sharks. Now I am working towards a career in helping shark conservation. I am currently plan ning a trip to go dive with great white sharks in Mexico!

Spinal Tap. It was one of those movies that came out when I was a kid, and it totally got me in torock music as I grew up.

Today’s Video Blog is another installment of Torture Tuesday.  Today, Hot Kyle had his nose hairs pulled out with tweezers!  You voted for it, enjoy!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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03/12/2013 7:40AM
STP's BLOG 03/12/13 "Hawks and Roses"
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