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STP's BLOG 03/14/13 "Mayorjuana!"

This morning we came across a story about adult films! Of course any study about those kind of movies is going to grab our interest…A porn site called Porn MD has kept track of the most popular search terms people use on their site.

Here are the ten search terms Americans use most when they're looking for porn . . .

1. MILF.
2. Teen.
3. College.
4. I can’t even try and tell you this one. What is wrong with people that search this!
5. Massage.
6. Asian.
7. POV: Which is short for "Point of View."
8. Amateur.
9. Compilation.
10. I can’t write this one either, but it goes against my life motto: “Exit Only”

If you go to , you can see the first designs of the Sonics Arena…and I have to say it looks AWESOME. Here is a taste, but do yourself a favor and check out all of the pictures on their site:

 photo EF5CE61B-B843-473D-8199-40EBCDD72997-4437-0000030EDDE8165A_zps682e5460.jpg

While I am blabbing about sports….first off…I am so pumped about the hawks getting Cliff Avril…lets hope he helps solve the pass rush! Man, is it September yet? I am so ready for the Hawks season!

New Mariners commercials were just released…every year they knock it out of the park (pun intended) with their humorous spots. There were a few good ones this year, but this one was my favorite…

The Chronicle – which is a news paper in Lewis County -- reported that the Tenino City Council denounces their Mayor, Eric Strawn, because of a Radio Appearance…on our show! The article states, quote, “Egos were bruised, secrets were revealed and one gavel was banged many, many times when, the Tenino City Council reviewed Mayor Eric Strawn's recent radio appearance on KISW's "The BJ Shea Morning Experience."” All of this stems from when Strawn called in on Friday morning during “Listeners On The Loose”. During that appearance, Strawn revealed that he is doing standup comedy under the stage name “Mayorjuana” — and that he draws much of his material from on-the-job experiences.

Here is Mayorjuana’s (Eric Strawn) appearance on our show last Friday:

Mayor Eric Strawn is in trouble with the Tenino City Council for his appearance on our show…based on this…finish this sentence: “My job wasn’t happy when they found out that I did BLANK”... Or when did your employee do something that upset you? Here are some of the texts we got:

My job wasn't happy with me when they caught me found time trials on the motorized cooler around the liquor store

When I ran a goat over with my truck in Iraq

They weren't happy when they noticed my tongue-piercing...oh well...~Jayde

Im a Hvac contractor and I take my gf onto roofs and bang her. Company doesn't know..... Yet

I was a male stripper in CT while going thru my military training schools. –Heath

Worked at the corporate office of a retail store in Bellevue and one day I brought my dirt bike to work to try to sell to a friend and rode it back and forth, full throttle right under my vp's office window. Awesome

Work at “a major soft drink company”. Got stopped in the hallway at the plant and disciplined for drinking a Safeway brand sparkling beverage.

A Colorado woman wanted to send her kids wearing EMBARRASSING T-SHIRTS to school to punish them. Her eight-year-old daughter was caught shoplifting, so her shirt said "I steal," and her nine-year-old son was caught bullying, so his said "Bully." But the school BANNED the shirts. They said it was demeaning to the kids, so the mom is protesting that decision.

Based on this…what odd way were you disciplined when you got in trouble…or what odd way did you discipline your kid? Here are the texts we got:

When we were bad as kids We would get cod liver oil. Tastes awful but it's good for you

My parents used to squirt me with a water bottle when I was being unruly. It taught me to be a bother elsewhere... Dubb J.

My dad made me sit in my room on a wood chair for two weeks and only fed me peanut butter and bread. It was a long 2 weeks.

When my sisters and I would get into a fight, my parents made us walk around the house holding hands yelling I love you at every corner. There were a lot of corners.

Today's Video Blog stems from a picture we saw online of Tom Hanks posing with a guy that was passed out. After we filmed this we heard that the kid wasn't really passed out, but either way...Tom Hanks rules!

Here is the same Vlog for you iPHONE users:

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03/14/2013 8:07AM
STP's BLOG 03/14/13 "Mayorjuana!"
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