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STP's BLOG 03/15/12 "Nirvana Covers"

Lots of stuff going on with the Hawks yesterday….They dropped Robert Gallery (which I am bummed about because he is bad ass, but injured a lot last year and expensive…not a good combo)…they lost John Carlson to free agency, rumor has it Matt Flynn is coming to town (back up QB for the packers that is the most talked about free agent QB that is not named Peyton)…but the big one…yesterday former Hawk Steve Hutchinson visited the team. He is a free agent, if you remember he left us 6 years ago to sign a huge contract with the Vikings after helping lead our team to a Super Bowl, and also he helped Shaun Alexander become the MVP running back he once was. I know he is older, 34, but I LOVE the idea of him coming back. Hutch is a leader, many say that he was the reason why Walter Jones was as good as he was, as he pushed him every game…and I do recall that once Steve left, Walt wasn’t the same. We have a great, young, “O – Line” …why not insert a guy that can lead and motivate them? C’mon Hawks…bring Hutch back to Seattle!

Last night my wife and I finally watched this week's episode of the Voice. Man I love that show…it’s so much better than any of those other talent based shows. What I love is that they have artists that are actually relevant in pop music right now as the mentors (Cee Lo, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, and Adam Levine). On the last episode, during the Battle Rounds (where 2 singers duet and their mentor has to pick just one to keep)… Lindsey Pavao & Lee Koch, both on Christina’s team, and both are very unique singers, did a duet to Nirvana’s "Heart-Shaped Box" . I found this to be pretty interesting…first off, I never expected a Nirvana cover on the show, and surely didn’t expect that it would be a song picked by Christina Aguilera. Secondly…before they “battle”, they meet with the mentor to go over the song, and the mentor brings another mentor in to help the singer…so for this song…Christina Aguilera and LIONEL RITCHIE were giving Lindsey tips on how to sing a Kurt Cobain song! If Kurt was able to witness this, I am guessing he would get a great laugh out of that! Needless to say, I really dug the performance, the music is haunting…and I dig how they are singing it. Check it out:

Speaking of Nirvana…here is yet another example of why Courtney Love is insane. Courtney Love is not happy with the most recent Muppets moviebecause they used “Smells Like Teen Spirit” without her “permission” . She actually said that they “raped” the memory of her late husband. Yes, Kermit violated Kurt. C’mon Coutney…shut up! I’m sure she was even more pissed when she saw that Dave Grohl made a cameo appearance in the flick. Here is a sample of the Muppet's redition of Smells Like Teen Spirit…good luck sitting through this whole version, it’s beyond annoying:

This story led to a fun chat this morning....

The most influential show in the history of television never finished a season among the 20 most popular programs in the Nielsen ratings. In its most popular season, "Hill Street Blues," which ran from 1981 to 1987, came in 21st place, yet according to a group of veteran TV critics and college professors who study the media, it was the TV series that most changed the direction of television programming. Critics said that Hill Street Blues, “paved the way for TV drama to grow up and be truly adult," and that it was, “the prototype for a serious complex view of inner-city crime." Man I HATED Hill Street Blues…it was so boring! I considered it the worst hour of my life each week when my parents would turn it on. It was so slow…granted I was not even 10 years old when it firs aired, but the only thing this show influenced…was for me to either sleep, or do better in school so I could be rewarded with a TV in my bedroom so I didn’t have to watch that snoozefest of a show!

Here are the next most influential shows chosen by the panel:

2. (tie) "I Love Lucy" -- This is the show that pioneered the multicamera approach to situation comedies.
2. (tie) "The Sopranos" -- Nobody had ever tried to make a show in which the protagonist was not merely unsympathetic, but actually evil.
4. "The Tonight Show" -- It established the model for late-night talk comedy programming still in use today.
5. (tie) "All in the Family" -- it managed to mirror all the tensions of life in America.
5. (tie) "Survivor" -- led to the reality boom of the last 12 years and paved the way for series like 'American Idol' and 'Dancing With the Stars.' "
7. (tie) "The Cosby Show" –It revived the situation comedy and for being the first series to feature a family headed by black professionals.
7. (tie) "60 Minutes" – Established the format for all TV newsmagazines to come.
7. (tie) "Friends" -- Panel members praised its fresh approach to ensemble comedy.
10. (tie) "The Today Show" -- It invented morning television.
10. (tie) "American Idol" -- this series demonstrated the enormous potential of the TV talent show.

So, Hill Street Blues was named the most influential television show of all time…what about for you? What TV show would you put on the list! Here are the texts we received:

Jersey shores, GTL every day.

the real world reason it made way for reality tv

Star Trek ... The original series only lasted 3 or 4 seasons but look how far it's expanded with all later generations and movies. And also it's fan base

MASH for sure. Best show ever. - kristine from Bellevue

Star Trek! First interracial kiss ever! Kodiak Winger Ft Lewis

Mr Wizard or McGyvar. Both showed you could do anything

The Simpons has to be on there, I'm a Family Guy fan but The Simpsons paved the way for prime time cartoons that are now a dime a dozen. - Diz in Seattle

My most influential show: Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's gotten to the point where I riff things in real life, like sporting events and concerts. -the DV


The brady bunch was awsome. It taught good values that have been lost in the programming we have today.

Full House gotta be Number 1 for me.... Nothing like a heart to heart talk from Danny Tanner

Best cop show is the show COPS

I was 10 and when hillstreet blues came on it was bed time hate that show. Taxi was awesome though

The Walking Dead is going to change tv. The best show I have ever seen
Flintstones We wouldnt have many primetime cartoons without it

Married with children

Saved by the Bell!!

LOST set the standard of expectations of a great show and how now good shows take a break in the middle of the damn season.

21 jump street was legit, steve got that right!!! CSI the original vegas one is da bomb! And its still goin!! Kevin in p town(puyallup) biatches!!!!

Silver white dude with a black friend....totally realistic

How has no one said Miami Vice? Simply for the way it was filmed, like watching a movie every episode. Extremely suspenseful and great acting Jake

Greatest american hero great special efffcts

63-year-old Bob Caldwell ran the editorial section of a Portland newspaper called "The Oregonian" since 1995. He'd been with the paper before that since 1983. On Saturday, he died of a heart attack. So the next day, the paper ran an obituary for him, reporting that he'd been found in a parked car. But it turns out that's NOT what really happened. On Monday, they published a correction to the obituary with the REAL story: Bob died from a heart attack after hooking up with his 23-year-old mistress. They didn't stop there. ..they even reported HOW he met her: It was last year at Portland Community College, and supposedly he paid for her books and other expenses in exchange for sex. I can’t believe all of this is in his obituary? How much did this paper hate him??? No money exchanged hands when he died Saturday, so the police aren't charging her with prostitution. Bob is survived by his wife and three daughters. Wow…that is how his family found this out about him…holy smokes!!!!!

Based on this story…whether they are alive or dead…what is the craziest thing you have found out about someone you know? Or what is the craziest thing about you that others have found out? Here are the texts:

The craziest thing for me was when my ex showed up with a hog tie kit and wanted me to tie her up, I did of course!

I went to school with a guy that could do something to himself and would do so at parties..... Crazy!

My husband found out I hold my breath when I pass roadkill so don't breathe in their souls. I hold my breath from when I see them until I can't hold it any longer. JenBird

My senior year of high school I found out my female best friend had hair on her chest

I found out my boss was gay when he attempted to hit on/flirt with me

Found out my grandpa ordered hookers. Went to his house at the wrong time. Scarred for life.... -Rock Girl Valerie

I recently found out that back in 1972, shortly after having my older sister, my mother ran off and joined a cult in Arizona. She came back after a year its ok.

Found my big, burly biker dad is a crossdresser...luckily they are both awesome!
The craziest thing I ever found about someone was that my neighbor hired a guy to kill his grandma for an inheritance and did twenty years –Chad

Hi guys this is Timmy the Dom, need I say more.

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03/15/2012 7:15AM
STP's BLOG 03/15/12 "Nirvana Covers"
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