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STP's BLOG 03/15/13 "Hockey Hockey Hockey!"

I love seeing messages like this on Facebook….

 photo DFA50473-3F56-420E-98DE-21EAFA5B6419-6255-000004363E84CDE1_zps819de2f0.jpg

Your kid rocks Andie!

This morning we were talking about that epic Richard Sherman interview on ESPN’s First take, where the “All Pro Stanford Graduate” told Skip Bayless that he was better at life than him. If you missed it, here is that interview again:

I love our city and how creative people are. There is a local T-Shirt company called Homers Apparel where they took that famous line, and made an awesome t-shirt to commemorate it! Check it out:

 photo 8A37CBFA-AD44-4B60-8D82-20227A570656-6255-00000433E1CECC1A_zps71030c35.jpg

If you want to buy this shirt (these are the guys that made those sweet “Legion Of Boom” shirts too)…go to:

Yesterday Sonics fans let Chris Hanson, his investors, and the NBA know that there is serious excitement about getting the Sonics back…yesterday at you could join their “Priority Ticket” waiting list, and so many people logged in at 10 am that the site crashed! I am excited about the return of the sonics, but even more excited about the potential of a hockey team being brought to the northwest! Yesterday the released mock images of how the new arena will look with a sheet of ice on it….seeing this got me even more excited!

 photo 3BCE8728-63ED-44A9-BA62-251FA2EF6271-6255-00000433BD649F58_zps159db126.jpg

My buds on my hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys (be our friend of FB: all agreed that we would buy a few season tix and split up the tickets. Speaking of my team…we finished the regular season last night in first place!

Today’s video blog features a gift that the Tacoma Donkeys got for BJ Shea!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

03/15/2013 7:19AM
STP's BLOG 03/15/13 "Hockey Hockey Hockey!"
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03/16/2013 11:16AM
Screenshot fail...
Someone needs to learn how to take a screenshot on their PC. It's the 'PrtScn' button, or better yet, Alt PrtScn to just get the window. Next time, the hockey rink won't be filled with scan lines...
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