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STP's BLOG 03/18/13 "Meet The Rock Girls"

 What an awesome weekend…. I can sum it up best with one picture:

 photo rg12_zps13509477.jpg

Thanks to Iron Mike for this classic shot at the Backstage Bar & Grill for our Meet The Rock Girls party! Before I get to the party, before we got to the bar, we grabbed dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings…that was a great time…

 photo 958601F2-DB09-4118-83CE-95CAD1E8C23B-10862-0000081E2DEB7E90_zpse61fb97b.jpg

While there we met some good dudes that listen to the station, and BJ made them feel welcome by spilling their beer…

 photo BWW2_zps9084a148.jpg

We pigged out on plenty of awesome wings , and of course BJ wanted some dessert (AKA his weakness), and look what they brought us…wow!

 photo BWW1_zps3ab811ee.jpg

After eating we welcomed the Rock Girls. Man oh man are these girls smoking hot. It was great to see the returning gals, they looked better than ever…and the new Rock Girls are not only super hot, but super cool. I am glad they are a part of the KISW family…and apparently Topshelf is excited too, as he took some pix while on stage…check out his “View From The Shelf”!

 photo RG1_zps1bd493b7.jpg

 photo RG2_zps43f687ee.jpg

 photo RG3_zps4398854a.jpg

 photo RG4_zpsb1e7149d.jpg

 photo RG5_zps9d04cf5b.jpg

Why am I wearing a blindfold? A. I wear it while playing Beat The producer (so I don’t cheat), and B. so I didn’t have to look at The Rev shirtless.

Huge thanks to Chad for sending us these awesome pix of the Rock Girls from the party:

 photo rg6_zpsac8b82e0.jpg

 photo rg7_zps864b3be0.jpg

 photo rg8_zps05d2c98d.jpg

 photo rg9_zps58a6cff4.jpg

 photo rg11_zpscb43077a.jpg

 photo rg10_zps35391047.jpg

"Forbes" has named OPRAH WINFREY the most influential celebrity for the second year in a row. Her network OWN starting to gain some traction thanks to big interviews, like her sit-down with LANCE ARMSTRONG. According to E-Poll Market Research, she has a 48% influential rating . . . which means 48 percent of Americans rate her as influential. Here are the 10 Most Influential Celebrities of the Year, along with their influential ratings . . .

1. Oprah Winfrey, 48%
2. Steven Spielberg, 47%
3. Martin Scorcese, 42%
4. (tie) Ron Howard and George Lucas 41%
6. Dr. Oz, 40%
7. (tie) Barbara Walters, Bono and Suze Orman, 37%
10. Clint Eastwood, 36%

For the second year in a row, Oprah was named the most influential celebrity…based on this, when have you REALLY been influenced by a celebrity? Why? Here are the texts:

Books, if an author I like recommends a book I usually buy it. Also, Slash, if he talks about a band he likes I'll give them a listen.

Brett Farve inspired me to get some Levis I'm straight but damn he looked good in those jeans (haha – Brett didn’t endorse Levi’s…he endorsed Wrangler Jeans)

I'm with Steve. I despise Oprah but I did try ezells chicken solely for the mere fact that Oprah endorses it as well! – Lonnie

Anthony Bourdain. That dude knows his food and seems down to earth. Eaten most places he went during his PNW No Reservations. –Bjorn

STP for dropping his pants and jumping around the room .it works!

Has to be STP he had his own roll at trappers and BJ is jealous

Met Clint Eastwood, inspired my writing

Stp for just poking.

Man…I’m honored I inspired people..granted for random things, but I get it…for me it’s “The Machine” – Bert Kreischer. He’s the current host of “Trip Flip”, but it was his old show on the Travel Channel – “Bert the Conqueror” that had an affect on me. Because of that show, I conquered my fear of Roller Coasters and I am now obsessed with riding coasters…plus I did the Hell Run because he did one of those mud runs on an episode of that show. Speaking of Bert’s show…I tweeted last night how cool it was that they featured Seattle on the second episode of the new season, and Bert replied:

 photo bert_zps0b00d88e.jpg

Today's Video Blog features the 2013 KISW Rock Girls. We were all at the Backstage Bar & Grill in Tacoma to introduce the ladies to the Rock-A-Holics!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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03/18/2013 6:44AM
STP's BLOG 03/18/13 "Meet The Rock Girls"
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