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STP's BLOG 03/19/13 "Thank You Trapper's Sushi"

If you haven’t of the coolest things ever happened to me. I have my own roll for you to eat! Starting April 1st at Trappers Sushi, the STP Roll will be available. The cool thing is that right now they are having customers sample it, and Kevin tweeted me a picture of it:

 photo E4642522-E4FA-47C9-ABD9-0D7816A2107F-10862-0000081E24483678_zpsc0e89ce8.jpg

It looks awesome! I can’t wait to eat my own roll! If you haven’t been to Trappers, you are missing out on some awesome Sushi. I had the Mountain Roll and the Marvelous Roll this good! My wife loves the Veggie and the Asparagus Roll. Check em out at

This is hilarious...the news of me having a roll is spreading and inspiring other bud Mike owns an awesome shop in Puyallup – Mike Sader’s American Automotive, it’s where I bring my car...they do awesome work, and on their Facebook page they had me laughing with this post:

 photo 250FC0CD-1E3A-4F40-B90A-25AD627D355F-10862-0000081E177A4A6B_zpse72b809d.jpg

Ladies and gentleman…here is the ridiculous-issue-that-a-school-has-with-a-kid story of the day:

Eric Henze was barred from performing his "body fart" routine at his Michigan school's talent show. Here is a news report about it:

I love that there is a news report about this…just to point out how stupid this school is acting. You don’t think every parent, at least every male parent, would love seeing this as opposed to seeing yet another kid sing a stupid Miley Cyrus song. That’s his dumb talent, but what about you? What stupid talent do you possess? Here are the texts we got:

I can stick in entire q-tip up my nose without bending or breaking it

I can tie a knot in cherry stem with my tongue.

Can the body fart kid open the Comedy Riot?

I can fall asleep anywhere wether I like it or not. I've even fallen asleep at a cirque de solei show in Vegas. I'm not an old man, I'm a 29-year-old woman!

I can pick my nose with my abnormally large tounge

I can blow bubbles underwater through my eye Jo from Anderson island

I can d*********t! Haha – Samantha

I can flip (roll) my tongue upside down...Laurie.. :-)

I can take my co-worker wife to pownd-town.....Jeremy in Olympia

I can snort milk and squirt it out my eye. Ashton in olalla

In New York, a 13 year old Jack Russell terrier, named Jack, swallowed 111 pennies last week and quickly became ill. Besides the danger of blocking the intestines and creating gastrointestinal problems, pennies minted after 1982 are mainly made out of zinc and are considered to be toxic to pets. The zinc inside of pennies can cause damage to the kidneys, liver and red blood cells. The dog’s owner rushed him to a veterinarian for emergency surgery. The dog doctors put Jack under anesthesia and methodically removed all 111 coins. A doctor had to remove the pennies — five at a time — via endoscopy until all 111 were recovered.Jack is expected to make a full recovery.
Based on this, has this happened to you? What did your pet eat? Here are the texts:

Thought my dog had worms from the look of what was dangling from his backside bet said that's not worms and she started to remove the unknown -- it strethed and stretched and finally came out, snapped back and hit the vet shirt -- it was one of my kids toy elastic stretchy hand – mindy

I had a friend whose Rottweiler love to eat leather, including a wallet with 800 dollars in it

My black lab ate an entire bag of hamburger buns from COSTCO! It plugged him up so bad that he couldn't go number 2 for a week. It put so much pressure on his lower back that his back legs quit working. I thought I was going to have to put him down. Then it came out and he was fine.

Dog swallowed a whole corn dog stick and all ..

Just yesterday my dog chewed off and ate the brim of my $110 hurley fedora while i was at work. Found all the Little chunks of it in the dog's poop this morning

My dogs eaten everything from computer keyboards to aluminum cans. I honestly don't understand how she's still alive. –amanda

My snake ate my sisters pet hamster.

Hey Steve and BJ, this is Collin from Puyallup and its my first time texting in but I had a dog once that started eating a lamp electrical chord and he got electrocuted and started pooping cause of the shock haha crazy stuff.

My dads dog ate a 8th of marijuana. The dog wasn't the same for two days.

Today's Video Blog is all about Torture Tuesday! Today...Hot Kyle got Hot Candle Wax all over his back! Check it out.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:



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03/19/2013 7:49AM
STP's BLOG 03/19/13 "Thank You Trapper's Sushi"
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