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STP's BLOG 03/19/14 "Cam Girlz"

This week’s STP-CAST might be our best’s a very random and fun interview with a local cam-girl named Aella.  She, and director Sean Dunne joined us to talk about the film he is making “Cam Girlz” – get more info at

This is a behind the scenes moment from the STP-CAST with our bud GregR from The End, and web cam girl Aella, as I learned that she is a fan of the Rubik’s Cube, and GregR is a master of the “Cube”....

Check out the entire interview with Aella and Sean on my podcast this’s a good one!  You can find it on Stitcher, iTUNES (search for STP-Cast), or HERE!
So I know that I have blogged about Golden Tate before, but I have to share this.  As I have said before, I don’t blame Golden one bit for leaving...and I get why the Hawks didn’t want to pay him as much as the Lions.  I do not understand why Hawks fans are freeaking out, some people need to get their panties out of that bunch that they are dealing with. 

That being said, I think Golden needs to stay off Twitter for a bit...feeding the trolls will never fix things, he needs to just deal with the fact that there will be a vocal minority on Twitter that is going to troll him about leaving.  I did enjoy this exchange with Golden and a Hawks fan named Melissa, especially when another fan named Shane steps in to support’s hilarious, some serious Twitter Drama. Here it is, feel free to act it out in your head with some silly voices:
Golden Tate: It's crazy how I gave everything to a group of people, and they still feel I owe them something. #keepitclassy
Melissa:  by you leaving it shows your money hungry, where you start you finish.
Golden Tate:  and this tweet just shows you have clue about anything...
Shane: a disgrace to our fan base. Applaud the man that played a huge role in our only SB win, not disrespect. #GoHawks
Melissa: get off my twitter, yo
Shane: no, you get off mine.
Shane: from the sound of it, you were the one bitter. Gtfo here lol. Go back to your cave.
Melissa : its called a home, by bitch
Shane: no, it's called a cave, you troll.
Today’s Video Blog features the new Rock they are strutting their stuff at our party on Friday at the Tulalip Casino.  If you want to see pix, go HERE.  

Here is the same video if you are reading this on your phone...

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03/19/2014 8:10AM
STP's BLOG 03/19/14 "Cam Girlz"
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03/25/2014 11:23AM
Just epic, it was rather difficult listening to this camgirl I was nearly spitting out my Pepsi every 5 min, thanks for the laugh guys.
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