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STP's BLOG 03/28/13 "I Ate My Roll"

We are back live today…it’s great to be back. BJ was in Boston for a week…or as I now call it…the City of Cream. Listen to the first break of the 6 am hour to get why it’s called that!

Yesterday was “We Day” …what an awesome thing that was done for the kids in the Northwest. 15,000 kids packed the Key Arena (they got in not by buying a ticket, but earning one through community service) to see Pete Carroll and a few Seahawks (Russell Wilson, John Moffitt, Richard Sherman, and Russell Okung), as well as Magic Johnson, Jennifer Hudson, and the highlight…a surprise performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Check out the footage a fan shot…it looks like a blast!

Speaking of Macklemore…on this week’s STP-Cast, we were lucky enough to have Wanz in studio. Michael Wansley is the guy who sings the hook to “Thrift Shop”, and his story is incredible. This guy filled up the room with inspiration and positivity…
 photo 89D63BFF-0058-4AE4-A0F0-BC6029C5A2E5-6017-00000507DD2B4AE2_zpsc57c8c7f.jpg

Check out the podcast…it’s a good one:

Over the weekend I finally tried my roll…and it is AWESOME! Yes…be sure to check out the STP-Roll at Trappers Sushi (’s officially on the menu on Monday, buit you can sample it if you go there.

 photo 47A3AB29-B930-42B4-A4D3-6D245784CF86-6017-000005080D17C7FF_zpsdb0f3e7d.jpg

I was holding that plate…and I angled it to the point where I almost lost my roll!!

 photo 6B35DA05-8D90-4E34-A450-FC4DEA29407C-6017-000005081304BC37_zps50328b9e.jpg

What’s in it? Tempura shrimp, white onion, garlic cilantro sauce, covered with avocado, topped with spicy yellowtail, tempura crumbs, hot sauce, and warrior sauce. Even if my name wasn’t on it, this would still be my favorite roll. I had it twice while we were off.

 photo 81D28F54-3609-448C-B9A2-9D43FC3D9F86-6017-00000507EF8796AE_zps7bc1fac6.jpg

A research group went through the numbers from some of the biggest streaming services from January of last year through this past January . . . and put together a list of the shows viewers most often BINGE on.

Here are The Top 10 Most-Binged TV Shows:

1. "Prison Break"
2. "Charmed“
3. "That '70s Show"
4. "How I Met Your Mother"
5. "Gossip Girl"
6. "Supernatural"
7. "Scrubs"
8. "Heroes"
9. "24"
10. "One Tree Hill"

The TV show that people “binge” on the most is Prison Break…what about you? What is that one show where you have watched multiple episodes is one sitting? Here are the texts we got:

Battlestar Galactica! Watched first 2 seasons in one sitting. Ya gotta check out Portlandia's spoof on watching Battlestar.

Sons of Anarchy! I've got the 1st 4 seaons on DVD (Season 5 not out yet) & regularly sit & watch a seasoon at a time. Jerry the Tubaman- Spanaway

Arrested Developement with Jason Bateman and Michael Cera. The Bluth Family at its finest.

The X-Files! Scully just got sexier every year! Greg from Auburn


Show I binge on is firefly. I first saw it when I was sick and watch the entire season in one sitting. I will still go back and rewatch the entire season

One show I watched was doctor who, wanted to see what the big whopla was about and was immediately addicted. Jeff from Marysville

The big bang theory Even though I have seen them all I still DVR all the reruns and watch them. Now I even got my boyfriend watching too! I told him he fell in love with a nerd from day one! :-). Alyssa

Game of Thrones. You'd think that each episode being an hour long would deter bingeing. I spent an entire weekend on HBO GO. Both seasons. Loved every second.

I'm currently on a LOST binge...I have a full time job but managed to watch 56 hours of it in 13 days. Chris in Newcastle

I watched the Retro Real World Weekend all weekend last weekend. It was great seeing the old episodes esp the first one. Jewels

I've spent many hours smoking my bong and binging on the show weeds.

Today's Video Blog is some more footage from our Meet the 2013 Rock Girls party...enjoy!

Here is the same VLOG for you IPHONE users:

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03/28/2013 8:08AM
STP's BLOG 03/28/13 "I Ate My Roll"
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