STP's BLOG 08/01/14 "A Tribute To Bob!"

Bob Rivers is retiring next Friday, and is well known for his "Twisted Tunes" – well, our very own Mono-Nick decided to pay tribute to Bob with a parody song of his own…here is Mono-Nick's rendition of "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction…he calls this "Bob Says".

I love that Bob actually tweeted this song out to his fans…

 photo bobtweet_zps0bc99330.jpg

Speaking of Tweeting…yesterday I watched Sharknado 2…and I was stoked to see wrestler Kurt Angle in it…so much so that I sent out this tweet…

 photo sharktweet_zps83564c2b.jpg

Here is my review of Sharknado 2: It was EFFing AWESOME! The opening plane scene was incredible. The took the ridiculousness to a whole new level! Syfy will re-air the movie this Saturday and Sunday. A third movie is already in the works . . . but there aren't any details on it yet.
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STP's BLOG 07/31/14 "Relax Texter"

Sometimes the texters just seem like a bunch of miserable human beings.  What is it about the concept of typing something and firing it off that makes people just reek of negativity?

Today’s example…

Hey bj, act like a man and slap the f*** out if mono nick and steve for constantly disrespecting your daughter .

Hi texter…act like a man and take a joke.  This is what we do…we give eachother crap about anything and everything.  We dish it and take it, and none of us are going to “act like a man” and hit someone…if anything, we would say something if someone was truly crossing the line.  Lighten up buddy…the world would be a better place for you if you didn’t have such a miserable attitude.  Plus, BJ once jokingly referred to his own daughter as a “ho” – anyone with a brain in their head knows that it’s just a joke…if you take the stuff we say so seriously maybe you are missing the point of what we do. 
That being said…as soon as I see that text, the next 2 texts that show up re-affirm that most people that listen “get it”:

Hey Steve! Don't you think all the Rockaholics should enjoy Fifty Shades of Shea on this beautiful Thursday morning? –GingerF

Steve can we piss off bj and play 50 shades of shea again? #yesyesyes

So for all of these texts…including Mr. Poopy Pants that wants us to slap eachother…here you go:

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STP's BLOG 07/30/14 "TMNT!"

It’s always fun when we get cool promotional stuff in the mail…like this!  Thanks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
 photo 13A0B5CB-7D31-4A0A-897B-DC95FE9329C3_zpsnw2ujxib.jpg
 photo 20B0BE8C-B3F9-4D93-B1FE-1CB0B5CF3910_zpsld7dyyi6.jpg
The movie looks like a blast!  Have you seen the Trailer?  The film comes out next Friday!

Speaking of moviews…Did you know that there is another “50 Shades” inspired film…and it stars BJ daughter, Sara! Check it out!

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STP's BLOG 07/29/14 "Fist vs. Shake"

It’s time for a stupid rant from yours truly….

A new study in the "American Journal of Infection Control" found that a fist bump is way more hygienic than a handshake…a fist bump passes about 95% fewer germs than a handshake.

We all need to get on board with how we great each other because I’m getting sick of it.  We just don’t know what to do.  That’s great that fist bumping passes less germs…but next time I go in for a “fist”, the other person will probably go in for the “shake”…then there is that awkward moment where I switch to “shake” and they switch to “fist”, and then the next thing you know I’m shaking their fist.  Then there are times that someone goes in for the bro hug and you aren’t prepared for it…or vice versa, and then someone if feeling odd for awkwardly pulling another person closer to them.  Then there is the fast slap shake thingy…someone inevitably is “that guy” that grabs the hand going in for just a slap.

My point…it’s a dumb one, but it’s still a point….we need the President's help on this.  We as a country need to have one set way of greeting each other.  Why do we even need to touch each other any way?  Let’s be like Japan…lets bow…or let’s make it our own and just have a simple head nod as a greeting.  We know what to expect and we will stop these awkward greetings all together.
Bam.  Off my soap box.
Now here is something funny.  Dogs never seem to learn their lesson no matter how many times they do something…this video is a great example… a mailman in Oklahoma posted a 12-second video of a bulldog running face first into a FENCE trying to get to him.  He says it does it every single day.

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STP's BLOG 07/28/14 "Farewell Motley Crue"

Last night was the final Motley Crue concert in the Western Washington area…I sadly did not go.  Thankfully I have seen them 3 times in my life, and they are always awesome, but I just couldn’t be out late on a Sunday night when I get up at 2:15 in the morning. 

I was mostly curious to see what Tommy Lee was going to do.  Ever since I saw them back in the late 80’s (or early 980’s – whenever the Dr. Feelgood tour happened), Tommy has always done something spectacular behind the kit…from playing upside down…hovering over the crowd…etc…and it looks like yesterday was no exception.  Thanks to our concert photographer and blogger, Iron Mike Savoia, for posting this!

Yesterday afternoon I met up with some of my fine friends and co-workers for a “Dog Day Afternoon” at Gasworks Park.  Lulu and I met up with Ben & Miles from The Men’s Room…Ryan Castle…and Sgt. Hairclub for a fun day out.  Lulu loved it there!
 photo gw4_zpsa54dc56a.jpg
Miles took this awesome pic of Lulu and me…
 photo gw1_zpsbc7678cc.jpg
Here is Miles dog, Chewy, hanging…
 photo gw2_zps2154d24f.jpg
Here is Hairclub’s dog, Bentley, enjoing the view!
 photo gw3_zpsdd52188b.jpg
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STP's BLOG 07/25/14 "No Cameras Allowed"

When it comes to documentaries…I am such a fan of anything music related.  I loved the Pearl Jam Twenty doc, and have loved other documentaries like the Foo Fighters one, Sound City, A Band Called Death, Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story, and Hit So hard (the Patty Schemel of Hole story)…the list goes on and on. 

There is a guy by the name of Marcus Haney, and he has never paid to go to a festival.  He makes replica wristbands, sneaks past security guards, and walks in with confidence.  Somehow he weasels his way into the photo pit and has documented some awesome moments. 

Check out this movie trailer for "No Cameras Allowed." I look forward to watching this…

I posted this on my Facebook…and I love this comment about this movie by Andrew…it’s a great observation:

Andrew: Never pays to get into a concert…wants people to pay money to see his movie.  I'll definitely pay money to see this and most certainly won't download it by illegitimate means. No siree.
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STP's BLOG 07/24/14 "We Are In The 50 Shades Of Grey (sort of)"

Huge news…The 50 Shades Of Grey trailer is out.  OK, not huge for anyone that has testicles, but I’m sure the ladies are going nuts (pun intended) about it!  I watched it, and I have say that I sadly geeked out for a second.  At about 24 seconds in, you will see a building in the background…it’s OUR building!  Yup…the home of KISW is featured in this movie (the story is based in Seattle).  Check it out: made a list of songs that are supposedly "guaranteed" to help you “seal the deal” in the bedroom … here is the top 3.
1.  "Come Live with Me Angel", Marvin Gaye
2.  "Feel All My Love Inside", Marvin Gaye
3.  "Make Sure You're Sure", Stevie Wonder
Screw this R & B crap…this is my pick:

This song inspires me…so much show that I had to show “what’s up”…and The Rev caught me on video!

If you think jumping on a trampoline while DRUNK sounds like a terrible idea, you're right.  Here is video proof of that!

Very classy moment when he has the kid hold his cigarette…what the hell!?!
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STP's BLOG 07/23/14 "Weezer is Back!"

Since today’s weather is so crappy…I choose to go back in time…to Saturday, when this was my view…
 photo photo1_zps8c22c0dd.jpg
Every year our church hits the road and we post up in the backyard of one of our member’s home.  It’s in Lakewood with an incredible view of Lake Steilacoom.  I have been lucky to play drums in front of thousands of people in my life, and even though a packed room at the EMP Sky Church or the Capitol Theater in Olympia is awesome…it doesn’t compare to playing the drums with that view!
 photo F45017EF-FAD7-4D3D-967E-E4C94E2544BC_zps7btmzd8c.jpg
Have you heard the new Weezer song?  I have been a disappointed fan for the last couple of records (I will always love the band, but the last 2 CD’s were not my favorites)…well it seems like Rivers and the boys are back to being awesome!  If , and this new song is any indication of what their record will sound like…I think 2014 will mark the return of Weezer!  The new CD is called “Everything Will Be Alright In The End”, and it’s coming out on September 30th.  It’s being produced by Ric Ocasek (he produced their debut CD, and their 3rd disc)…here is the first song “Back To The Shack”, which lyrically feels like a public apology from Rivers for losing their “way” over the years…I think if you are a fan of Weezer, you will geek out about this song! =w=

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STP's BLOG 07/22/14 "Sting in the WWE!"

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you are seriously missing out on some thought provoking “ess”.  Especially on Sunday when I was watching the WWE’s Battleground Pay Per View.

 photo battlegroundtweet_zps121674eb.jpg
Speaking of Sting… I am so pumped that he is going to be featured in the new new WWE Video game,   .  If you pre-order the game, you get his characters…yes…both of his characters (I’m assuming “The Crow” Sting, and “Surfer” Sting).  I ain’t gonna lie…when I saw this on Monday Night Raw over a week ago…it was goose bumps city for me!

I hope that the WWE and Sting get it all figured out so that he has at least one match… I know he’s around 55, but he’s in great shape and I believe he has one more match in him./.. I (an millions of others) would love to see The Icon take on The Phenom… Stink Vs. The Undertaker in Wrestlemania 31!

I’m also doing some powerful stuff on Instagram…things that will bring peace to your soul.  Like this:

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STP's BLOG 07/21/14 "The Hold Steady - Best Show Ever!"

Ok…I’m about to talk about a band that some of you might not have heard of, but for those in “the know”…I think you will be nodding your head in agreement as you read this.

On Friday night I went to The Hold Steady concert at the Neptune.  I have jokingly said after every concert that the band that I saw put on the “greatest show I have ever seen”…however; I say this with all sincerity…their show on Friday night was the greatest show I have ever seen.

 photo hs1_zpsd519fc75.jpg

I was first introduced to the Hold Steady one late night while watching Conan (back when he was on after the Tonight Show), and they were the musical guest.  They played a song off of their second record “Seperation Sunday”…the song is called “Your Little Hoodrat Friend”, and I was blown away by their energy, the songwriting, and their front man Craig Finn.  He was more telling a story than singing a song, and I was hooked. 

That night I went online and ordered both of their CD’s (“…Almost Killed Me” and “Seperation Sunday”)…I wanted to hear it so bad that I spent more money on the shipping (I had it sent as "next day mail") than the actual cost of the records.  At the time I was un-employed (this was prior to being hired at KISW) and not being able to sleep, depressed, etc…and their music became the soundtrack to picking my spirits up.  His stories were interesting, and their music, for a lack of better words, was “rocking”. 

Many years ago, my wife and I were visiting my family in Brooklyn, NY, and I saw that they were playing 3 sold out shows in Brooklyn…luckily they released more tickets online and we scored a pair…that show was amazing, Craig Finn had the crowd in the palm of his hand (us included) as we all danced and sang along to our favorite songs!

I was nervous to see them as this time we wouldn’t be aided by the ultimate concert enhancer: Alcohol, and also this time we wouldn’t see them with their keyboardist, who left the band a few years ago.  That being said…the minute they took the stage at the Neptune…all of these doubts instantly disappeared as they started off with “Positive Jam” from their debut CD, and then powered through a “greatest hits” type set… the highlight (too many to actually name) was when they played my 2 favorite songs back to back: “Stay Positive” & “Your Little Hoodrat Friend”. 

They also played “Massive Nights”, and my wife observed that during that song, as well as a few others, it was the first time she has ever heard me sing along with a band…hell yeah I was singing…we all were!

Here are some pix I took while there….
 photo hs2_zpscd3c0740.jpg
 photo hs3_zpsfaa9eefe.jpg
 photo hs6_zpscae4eee1.jpg
 photo hs5_zps46c86c28.jpg
 photo hs4_zps904e06ed.jpg
They have a great new CD out called “Teeth Dreams”, and you can get more info on the band HERE.  
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