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Steve Migs Blog 08/28/15 "Ken Griffey Jr. dressed up as....Ken Griffey Jr?"

Have you seen the new Mackelemore & Ryan Lewis video for the song “Downtown”?  I am loving the song…the video is so awesome,… check it out!

Yes…that is Ken Griffey Jr…dressed up as…well..Ken Griffey Jr.  He dressed up as the young version of The Kid…such a funny, cool moment!

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Steve Migs Blog 08/27/15 "Russell Stone"

Russell Wilson is on the cover of Rolling Stone…how cool is this?

However…many people aren’t too stoked about what he said about a type of water he is investing in called “Recovery Water”.  In the interview, Russell says --  "I banged my head during the Packers game in the playoffs, and the next day I was fine, It was the water." If you don’t remember that hit…it was a gnarly one:

Russell also said that a teammate's knee was miraculously healed after he drank the water.  All of this pissed BJ off, and BJ couldn’t understand why this doesn’t bother me.
Why should it?  If he wants to say that…I don’t care, it doesn’t affect me whatsoever.  Do I think the water really heals?  Hell if I know, I surely doubt it though.  Will I buy the water?  Hell yeas I will.  Is the reason why I am buying it is to piss off BJ?  You better believe it. 

The troubling part of the article on Russell in Rolling Stone for me has nothing to do with football, water, or anything of the sort.  It has everything to do with this picture:

Sign off on miracle water all you want Russ, but why did you sign off on this?  haha
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Steve Migs Blog 08/26/15 "Positive Vibes Are Needed"

My buddy Levi posted something on his Facebook page that stopped me in my tracks and made the awful situation with the wild fires hit closer to home.  Levi’s brother is one of the people that was severely burned while trying to fight the fires and is now in the hospital trying to recover.  Please keep him, and everyone involved in your thoughts and prayers. 
Here is Levi’s post, please take a moment to read it… if you are able to help, that would rock…if not, please keep the positive vibes out there…many family and friends could really use that right now.

As you may have heard my little brother was a firefighter protecting the forest & family homes in the Washington...

Posted by Levi Lyon on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

After I see this, I then get an email from a fellow Rock-A-Holic named Benjamin…. Here is what he wrote me…
Hey Steve,
 Don't know if you remember me, but we met at the Seahawks victory party a couple years ago. We talked hockey and I snapped my pic with you, but I'm sure that's happened a million times since then. Anyway, I just wanted to write you to ask if your church would be in prayer for myself and my national guard unit as we have been activated to go fight the wildfires in eastern Washington. I appreciate it and I hope to get down south to play some puck with you one of these days. My unit is Charlie Company 1-161. Thanks a bunch man and may your success be continued.
 God bless,

Man…my heart goes out to everyone out there battling this.
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Steve Migs Blog 08/25/15 "What's My Age Again"

I never said I was a mature man, and this will solidify that statement. I set my camera up to catch Vicky's reaction to a cool sound I made.

Ok this would freak me out…while also being one of the cooler things I have witnessed.  Imagine if you had a pool in your backyard – yes that would be awesome – now imagine that a mama bear and a bunch of her cubs decided to take a dip in your pool!

Oh hell no!!
Someone broke down scenes from "The Karate Kid" to show how Ralph Macchio's character might actually be the BAD GUY, and Johnny is the real hero.   

Although I find this to be very entertaining… I think the guy who created this should have given a nod to NPH…as Barney had a similar theory on How I Met Your Mother a few years ago…

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Steve Migs Blog 08/24/15 "Pain In The Grass!"

All of us are hurting for sure today, as we had a blast at Pain In The Grass yesterday!  Thanks to all of the Rock-A-Holics for coming out and making it an awesome party.  I took some pix… more (professional ones) will be posted at soon! 

The day always starts off great when the awesome forlks at Motley Zoo bring by puppies & kittens!  Get info on all the great things they do at
 photo F697D051-826F-42E5-963F-E5A4CF37A279_zpssl0jmlly.jpg

Ayron Jones and The Way kicked things off on the main stage, and they won over some new fans for sure with their sweet sounds!
 photo B7C10F92-40CA-472B-8A7E-63374AAD4BAB_zpskcbed1ub.jpg

We had the opportunity to do some interviews backstage... here we are with Matt from Bullet For My Valentine!
 photo A12CF18B-4ED1-4365-B738-3AB0D214EB28_zpsujydkclz.jpg
 photo BA69CF0E-8128-4801-A57E-69129BE3DAF0_zpsed12rppz.jpg

The band I was most excited to see was Stitched Up Heart, and they kicked serious ass on the Another Century Stage.  I had the opportunity to chat with Mixi, and I loved that she wanted to do the interview while holding a kittie from Motley Zoo!
 photo C445A4FD-4BD2-43BF-966E-D5803BE8FBA1_zpssydx8zlo.jpg

Mixi was very kind to allow me to pet her cat... wait, that sounded wrong haha
 photo BD77D00D-4A4C-4BD4-B829-297FD49A15CA_zpsp7w2r81b.jpg

In all seriousness... Stitched Up Heart tore it up on stage!  Their new songs (they are currently finishing up the touches on a full length) are so damn good...I can't wait to hear more from them!

 photo C9BB684D-A000-4A69-8187-B788B6A592B5_zps5wyn0zzb.jpg

Another highlight was easily our chat with Corey Taylor from Slipknot.  If you missed it...well, BJ had a few drinks and turned into Captain Potty Mouth.  It's a fun interview, and you can hear it HERE!

 photo 89523CF2-87E5-4B54-BC14-1AAF03D8AC09_zpsbnwtlmdk.jpg

 photo 68372C93-FBEF-454E-8B43-ADE72B79EBBA_zpsabfydt02.jpg

Here is a great cadit shot during the interview.  I am pretty sure he squeezed my hand so hard that he made me scream!  or...he and I were having a moment laughing at BJ's drunken behavior!

 photo corey slipknot and me high fiving_zpsfgmomgyt.jpg

It was awesome getting to see New Years Day live as I got to chat with Ashley, their front woman!
 photo 59C465DA-AC7E-4AED-BE2D-B2106FA33FDF_zpssnkyzey6.jpg

These guys were a real blast to talk to...we shared hair grroming tips with eachother!  Here I am with Like A Storm!
 photo 00F9C17E-6405-4141-B0A2-80B1BE22C197_zpsyqjc84rm.jpg

Nothing beats a sold out show with some awesome listeners rocking out all day.  Plus I got to give props to the WWE's Sasha Banks as I was rocking her shirt.  
 photo 832B0629-309C-4748-BDF2-0F0401ADEC98_zpsmflrdhhv.jpg

This morning while coming into work...this is the first thing I see.  proof that yesterday was a success!

 photo 51A5B358-3A99-4E64-836D-9B6CCCB90D89_zpsuky2t3e3.jpg
Here is quick video I posted while at Pain In The Grass… some of the performances from Ayron Jones & The Way… Stitched Up Heart… New Years Day…and of course, SLIPKNOT!

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Steve Migs Blog 08/21/15 "Pain In The Grass Is This Sunday!"

This Sunday is Pain In The Grass, and I cannot wait!  I wish it was a Saturday, as Monday will suck…but I look forward to rocking out with the sold out crowd on Sunday!  Obviously I am excited to see Slipknot, as I have been obsessing over their most recent CD… “.5: The Gray Chapter”.  I don’t know if they will play the first song off the record, but I might lose it if they do… it’s a dark haunting short song, but easily one of the most powerful songs I have heard in a while. 

Check out the full schedule and lineup here:
If you are looking for me at Pain In The Grass… your best bet will be to track me down at the Another Century Stage.  There are so many bands on that stage that I have been digging recently… these three especially:  Stitched Up Heart, Like A Storm, and New Years Day.

Stitched Up Heart have an awesome sound…I can only imagine that they will be a blast to see live. 

I am absolutely loving this song by New Years Day.  They are closing out the day on the Another Century Stage…hope to see you there!

Finally… these guys are on heavy rotation when I am driving.  They are called Like A Storm, and this song has one of the coolest didgeridoo break downs I have ever heard.  Ok, Ok…it’s the only didgeridoo break down I have ever heard, but it’s so beyond bad ass…and the drum solo/build that kicks in during the break down is mind blowing!

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Steve Migs Blog 08/20/15 "Jimmy's CrappyVille"

Jimmy Buffett's fans (I guess they are known as Parrotheads ) are in the news…why?  Well apparently they are bringing their own homemade toilets to his shows, and then leaving the nasty buckets behind.

What the hell?  I mean I get it…none of us like waiting in line to go potty (maybe they should be called Pottyy-heads – waka waka)…but according to reports, 75 to 100 tailgaters had to be told to shut down the homemade toilets in their tents.

Many of the toilets are just a five-gallon bucket, with a FOAM POOL NOODLE around the rim to create a seat.  Ok…that is very creative!  Others are a wooden box with a bucket inside, and a toilet seat attached to the top…which sounds like a different type of “corn-hole” game!  Waka Waka part deux!

This story inspired Mono-Nick to whip up another one of his stoner songs!

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Steve Migs Blog 08/19/15 "Arena Football = FUN!"

Arena football rules, ok?!?  The action is great and all, but what makes it awesome is that they aren’t told to not have fun when it comes to on the field antics like the NFL. 

Well maybethey tell the players to not act silly, but they sure ain’t listening…for instance…look what this player for the Arizona Rattlers did at half time…

This one though is easily the best moment ever…as a wrestling fan I respect that these guys celebrated with a nod to The Rock and the “Peoples Elbow”!

Speaking of wrestling…this Sunday is Summerslam, and I was fortunate enough to talk to one of the greatest talkers in sports entertainment – Paul Heyman!  Check out the full interview on The Migs Cast!
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Steve Migs Blog 08/18/15 "Ever Wonder..."

I always wonder what would happen if I was broadcasting while an earthquake hit.  Part of me feels like I might curse, and curse often.  I doubt I would handle it as professional as this news crew in Oakland…especially weatherman Steve Paulson…

I do have to say that it seems odd that when disaster strikes, the news anchor decides to give us an update on what time it is.  “It’s 6:49” haha!
Now that weatherman handled it like a boss.  This weatherman on the otherhand…cracks me up, and apparently their sports guy (former football player) Del Rodgers has the best reaction to his co-worker attempting to connect the band NWA with the weather!

Holy smokes this is a crazy video.  If you ever wondered what happened when a truck is too tall for a freeway sign…here ya go:

While we are wondering things…have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage that you check in at the airport…well…let’s go on a ride!

Finally…if you ever wondered what it would sound like if Thee Ted Smith and I did a podcast…wonder no more, as we do one and it’s called The MegaCast.  On This week’s episode, we talk about an awkward moment that happened with the two of us and Ted was too drunk to remember it!

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Steve Migs Blog 08/17/15 "Hey Mr. Trump"

Ok…this Donald Trump insanity is starting to win me over.  The dude keeps doing ridiculous things that I find beyond entertaining.  I have 3 examples that we came across this morning that crack me up.

1.  Donald was at the Iowa State Fair…and a reporter asked him to name his biggest mistake he has made during his presidential campaign.  Donald didn’t miss a beat, and said that he hasn’t made any mistakes yet!

2.  While at the fair…he was giving away free helicopter rides for kids.  Yup, you read that right.  Nothing says vote for me that a free helicopter ride for your kid!

3.  This is my favorite one.  While at the fair, A little kid asked him if he is Batman.  The kid asked it in a way that makes me question how “true” this moment is.  He addresses Donald as “Mr. Trump” – I get that some kids are still capable of being respectful in how they address adults, but the way he says it sounds awfully rehearsed. 

Check it out:


Could you imagine the conversation? “Hey kid…want a free helicopter ride?  Ask me if I am Batman!”  
So last Friday we had Jim Norton in studio.  Jim is always great to have on, check out his new special “Contextually Inadequate” on Netflix.  While in studio, we were both shocked to see the difference in weight for the both of us… check out how much more husky we both were in 2008!

This is the dumbest video that you might see today, but hopefully it will make you laugh as much as it made me laugh…

Yesterday was a beuty day in the Migs household…

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