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STP's BLOG 03/30/12 "Mega Millions!"

Big day for Hawks fans on Tuesday! We finally get to see the new look for the Hawks. Yup…they are changing their jersey’s…if you didn’t know, Nike is now the official jersey maker for the NFL (it used to be Reebok), and 2 teams are making significant changes to their jersey’s for the new regime: The hawks are one of them, and the other is the Carolina Panthers. The Seahawks' new logo will be released Tuesday…rumor has it, the big change is the logo…in the past there were 2 blue stripes under the it will have a grey strip. The rumor is that this is how it will look:


BJ of course was losing his mind because he just bought 2 jersey’s next year. I promised him that when I win the Mega Millions tonight, I’ll buy him a new jersey…but don’t expect me in work on Monday! If you are living under a rock, Mega Millions is at 540 million bucks! I have never bought a lottery ticket until yesterday…and I bought 10. That’s 10 more chances of me being a millionaire than any other day!

So like I said…tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is up to a record $540 million, and it could end up higher. It went up $64 million yesterday alone. The numbers are picked tonight at 8 PM, so you have until 7:45 pm to purchase a ticket. If you take the lump sum, after paying taxes you'd be left with about $260 million. Hell as I type this…it’s now at $640 Million!!!!!!! We came across a story of what that would buy:

--100 of the world's most expensive cars: That's the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which costs $2.6 million. (It's also the fastest street-legal car in the world, reaching a top speed of 267 mph.)

--Four of the most-expensive private jets: The Gulfstream G550 at $59 million.

--Tuition, room, and board for MOST of Harvard: There are 6,655 undergraduates paying over $52,000 a year. You could cover 4,938 of them.

--A hockey team: The NFL, NBA and MLB are still out of your price range, but the average NHL team is worth $240 million. In fact, the Phoenix Coyotes, Atlanta Thrashers, Buffalo Sabres, Tampa Bay Lightning, and St. Louis Blues all sold or were offered for sale for less than $200 million within the last few years. Lets buy the Coyotes and bring them to Seattle!

The Mega Millions jackpot is at a record high of 540 million dollars…if you win it…what would be your big purchase? Here are the texts:

If you win steve, i hope you buy a donkey bus

I would buy the bunny ranch all to my self!!

This is Buddy in covington, if I won the megs million, my big purchase would be, a large ranch an call whoe downs, it would be party central

My big purchase or purchases would be to pay the balance of all my close friends and families morgages

My first big purchase would be 200 acres with houses built for all my close friends and family. Oh ya with a rockin ass bar in the dead center of the property

I would buy the BJ Shea morning show to be in my bed room to wake up too.. You all would be just for me

I would buy a lifetime supply of pot.

Steve should take over the wwe franchise.

Have anthrax or maiden do a show at ny house to piss off my nosy neighbors

Big thanks to Edward Furlong for joining us! Ed was John Conner in Terminator 2…also in American History X, and my favorite of his films…Detroit Rock City!

Ed is in town filming a movie, and has actually become a Rock-A-Holic!!! He listens to our show and station every morning on the way into the set! The movie is called Matt's Chance, and it has Gary Busey, and Marshawn Lynch from the Hawks in it too!!

This weekend is Wrestlemania weekend…Sunday is the big day, and I can not wait! On paper…this has the making for the best Wrestlemnania in years! The big match is Rock Vs. Cena, and that has been a year in the making….I’m looking forward to seeing what these 2 pull off in the ring…I am positive the crowd will be hot for this one!!! My guess is that Cena wins…I’m feeling something shady will lead to his victory. Here are some of the other matches…and my predictions:

The Undertaker vs. Triple H. This is the rematch from last year where Taker beat HHH, but got his ass handed to him in the process. This will have a special guest ref…Shawn Michaels (Triple H’s DX brother). I think the Taker will win and go 20-0 for his streak…and retire! I think Shawn Michaels will interfere, but on behalf of the Undertaker…as there is the whole jealousy angle brewing between HHH & HBK.

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk. They have been doing a great job creating a story for this match…Jericho has been attacking Punk’s straight edge lifestyle, and his family’s sobriety issues. It’s a battle to see who truly is the “Best In The World.” My vote…CM Punk has this one!

Randy Orton vs. Kane. I really don’t care about this match…I’ll probably be eating some food at that point…I say Orton wins.

Daniel Brian vs. Sheamus. I am stoked for this match…I love what Daniel Bryan is doing with his character…especially the dynamic with his girlfriend AJ…it’s a total Macho Man/Elizabeth Vibe….check this out:

My pick for this is Daniel Bryan…he is a great Heel champion, and it’s been a while since they have had one that has created this much heat from the fans.

Team Johnny vs Team Teddy. Also known as the match that gives a bunch of their popular wrestlers a shot at being in Wrestlemania. The team that wins, their “leader” (John Laurenitis and Teddy Long) will become the GM for both RAW and Smackdown. I pick Team Johnny…he’s actually doing a great job as a douche.

Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. 3 outta 4 girls in this match make us all the winner…for being able to watch em. I pick Kelly Kelly and Maria…as she is the sole “celeb” getting in the mix.

Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes. Cody has been doing a great job as of late…so my pick goes with him.

Today's video blog features something we got in the mail!

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03/30/2012 9:12AM
STP's BLOG 03/30/12 "Mega Millions!"
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