STP's BLOG 07/11/14 "Mariners TONIGHT!"

Tonight we hope to see you at the ballgame! BJ, Rev, Vicky, and I (I also hear that Thee Ted Smith will be attending, as well as our bud downstairs, GregR from The End) are heading to "The Safe" to watch the M's take on the A's…it's Guys Night Out…I'm so excited that I took a Mariners "Selfie":

 photo marinersselfie_zpsaff168a1.jpg

Get tickets at …we will be hanging at The Pen at around 6pm, and then we are sitting in the Terrace Club (section 213). Go M's!

A baseball player in South Korea slid into third base during a game yesterday . . . and it was one of the UGLIEST slides you'll ever see! He went in headfirst, but didn't get his arms out in front, so his FACE hit first, then dragged across the ground for about five feet until his head slammed into the bag. Someone decided to make it into a slow-motion video of it…set to banjo music, which makes it even more AWESOME!

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STP's BLOG 07/11/14 "Battram Goalie Gear!"

Some of you know that my favorite thing to do in my free time is to play hockey…I play with a great group of dude in Tacoma, as the goalie for your Tacoma Donkeys.

 photo donk2_zps724ac605.jpg

When people find out I play goalie…I tend to get this picture emailed to me often…probably because I shared how when I was a kid I was in a break dance group called…don't laugh…Voltron (OK, feel free to laugh, we were dorks).

 photo battramvoltron_zpsbbaae678.jpg

This set up is one of the coolest set of gear I have ever seen. Sadly, the man rocking this set passed away this past year...but I am positive his gear will be shared on the net for years to come.

The guy that created the set is Scott Battram… his company is called Battram and he does fully customized gear…and he's all about making some creative & unique pads…check some of his work out:

 photo battram6_zps947451de.jpg

 photo battram7_zps2df20057.jpg

 photo battram3_zps2f8031ca.jpg

 photo battram1_zpsac37c797.jpg

 photo battram5_zpsc6263282.jpg

 photo BATTRAM9_zps9fdd87f1.jpg

Of all of his custom sets…this one might be my favorite…for all of you that work at Nintendo, you'll get a kick out of these!
 photo battram2_zpsca749fc4.jpg

For you Grinch / Dr. Suess are gonna LOVE these ones!

 photo battram10_zpsc42b32a7.jpg

The best part (for us broke beer leaguers) is that his gear if totally affordable…In fact I am getting a set of his custom gear…granted the set I bought is not as crazy as the ones I shared above, but I am such a fan of the "retro" look on pads, and I always wanted to get a set that is reminiscent of the old Cooper style pads I wore back when I started playing between the pipes. Here's a sample of his retro style…

 photo battram8_zps1b260b7b.jpg

 photo battram4_zpsb2096120.jpg

This is a mock up of the set I am getting…I am so pumped to get these!

 photo padsbattram_zps7b9239c6.jpg

As soon as I get them, I will be sure to post pictures! Check out more of Battram's work on his Facebook Group Page…click HERE, or search "Battram Custom Goalie Equipment" in FB. Also he has a website,
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STP's BLOG 07/09/14 "The Body Issue"

So ESPN has released their "Body Issue" – it's their issue where they get athletes to get naked or next to naked, and this year they are featuring a member of the Seahawks!
Marshawn Lynch is all about the action in it…check it out:

I think it would have been hilarious if they had members of the Offensive or Defensive line pose in this issue!

The highlight though…it has to be Hilary Knight from the US Women's Hockey team! Did you see her pic yet? Insert "Five Hole" joke here!

This is a fun thing to check out if you have Twitter… Enter your Twitter name and find out your tweet reading level here:

I put my Twitter handle in their (@STP999)…and this is what I got:

 photo twitterlevel_zps7fa5ca9d.jpg
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STP's BLOG 07/07/14 "Awesome 4th!"

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July…I know I did. We have an annual tradition of taking our pup Lulu on a walk o the 4th…I mean we have done it for 3 straight years, so that makes it a tradition right? The last 2 years we have gone to Alki, but this time we flipped the script and went to Greenlake! First we stopped in Seattle and got a Yumm Bowl from Café' Yumm…get the Smokey Bowl…it's so damn good. No Mono Nick…it's a different kind of "Smokey bowl"! Greenlake is such a cool spot…

 photo 2247EC9D-6169-4EC8-8692-6767F260BE0B_zps35n0yau6.jpg

Lulu loved it, but after making a full trip around the lake…she was DONE!

 photo AF0E91DA-8042-48C0-8770-12814D20B57B_zpssf1zc3ji.jpg

 photo 7142A6C7-735C-48CD-A2C5-231266D3DD6F_zpshf7m1oym.jpg

Speaking of the 4th…have you seen this awesome video? Someone flew a Drone in the middle of a fireworks show and got some incredible footage…check it out!

While I was enjoying my 4th…this is what Hot Kyle was doing on the 4th…making awesome impressions of The Rev…

On Saturday we did something that I have never done ion the 17 plus years of living in the Pacific Northwest. I know what you are thinking…but no…I've been to the Vu' guys…we went to Mount Rainier!! After all these years of people saying I need to check it out, I finally did…and wow what an awesome spot! We hiked some of the trails, and just enjoyed the nice day outside…

 photo AF7F0479-6749-453C-AD1A-94859B7F29FC_zpslh6kkqal.jpg

Plus…how cool…or "cold" is this? Gotta love being able to stand on snow in shorts and a T-Shirt!

 photo 18AD1217-34D7-494F-85DC-419B98D967DD_zpszlilwbfa.jpg

 photo 3449DDB3-FBDF-4325-B404-FB479230BC65_zpssi0jzvql.jpg

Lulu also enjoyed the snow at Mt. Rainier…

Finally…yesterday I accomplished something magical. I was inspired by my bud Cody…I pulled off a Panoramic Selfie!

 photo 61B720FE-E46F-4270-8D92-BDCCA4D027C3_zpsoz6swjti.jpg
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STP's BLOG 07/01/14 "Macho Shades"

Big thanks to @JaimsVanDerBeek on Twitter for hooking some of us up with some AWESOME sunglasses! Here is Ben, Thrill, and me rockin' them...

 photo machoshades_zps00fe544e.jpg

Yes, they are Macho Man Randy Savage inspired shades!

I will have to wear mine when I rock this shirt.

 photo 2E3C375F-C9E0-425F-8F12-4CB5E6DDE7A1-27113-000011C0E48B3F5B_zps3b2271c8.jpg

He got these shades from a company called Pro Wrestling Tee's ( – in fact he designed the Mick Foley / Fozzy Bear shirt on the site which is pretty cool, as "Jaims" is a huge fan of wrestling and Mick Foley. Check it out HERE.

If you wanted the shades I am rocking, they are HERE.
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STP's BLOG 06/30/14 "KISS / Def Leppard Review"

Last night was the KISS/ Def Leppard show…and holy smokes, that was a show I won’tr forget!

First off…I know this is going to seem silly, and I was biting my tongue in the car as we were driving until the rest of the crew I was with mentioned something…I saw a “Double Rainbow” and it was AWESOME!  Yes, we have all seen the video of that guy…Ok, if you haven’t…here you go:

I now get the excitement…I saw it, I lived it, and let me tell you…it was incredible!

 photo IMG_11861_zps5e1dec52.jpg
OK…now to the show…I apologize if this blog will be even more scatterbrained than my usual ones, as I am working on about 2 hours of sleep (I didn’t get home until midnight).  Def Leppard sounded great…they played the songs I hoped they would play, including “Photograph”, and “Rock Of Ages”…and of course they busted out this bad boy…making all the retired strippers have flashbacks while dancing in the crowd…as I posted on Instagram!

Huge props to frontman, Joe Elliott…for showing love to the Hawks! 
 photo IMG_12881_zps70ea5023.jpg
Speaking of Joe…I have to say, his voice is still sounding great! 
 photo IMG_12061_zps9e75346f.jpg
During Def Lep’s show…I noticed the best shirt of the night…
 photo 0886E79B-CF38-48F0-8B93-81547C62A668_zps3s3hdiei.jpg
OK…now on to KISS!  I was so pumped…they started their set off with my favorite song, “King Of The Night Time World”…and didn’t look back.,  Fire, blood, explosions, confetti…we wanted the best, and we got the best!  Here are some pix I took…
 photo IMG_12161_zpsfd1672cc.jpg
 photo IMG_12831_zpsf1e19e6b.jpg
 photo IMG_12381_zps8c017ab0.jpg
 photo A04FBAC1-11C2-4E14-AA7D-038D096F119A_zpsawdhpkuj.jpg
Here is my favorite pic of the night…
 photo IMG_12821_zps97897279.jpg
I ain’t gonna lie…I geeked out when I saw that KISS was retweeting some of the pix I posted!
 photo IMG_12871_zpsb46e543e.png
Here is a montage of some video I took while there…

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STP's BLOG 06/27/14 "The Hottest Band In The World..."

KISS & Def Leppard are playing at the White River Amphitheater this Sunday, so in order to get ready...Toppy & I decided to "jam" at 5:30 this morning.  Enjoy!

I am so pumped…I have been listening to pretty much just KISS for the last several weeks… there are 2 songs that I keep coming back to, so I hope Paul & the boys bust these out on Sunday….
“King Of The Night Time World”

“Do You Love Me”

Yesterday…as I was walking around, people kept looking at me & looking rather intensely at me and I couldn’t understand why…then it hit me…I think I confused people with the shirt I was wearing. 
 photo kissmas_zps48937913.jpeg

Yes I was wearing a Merry KISS-Mas T-Shirt.  Hell…it was only 4 bucks on KISS’s website…the shipping cost me more than the shirt!
OK…back to reading my Paul Stanley book…
 photo AF6A4858-763F-49FF-A9F5-792178DE6385_zpsl02bjh1e.jpg
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STP's BLOG 06/26/14 "Mariners Sock Night!"

Huge thanks to BJ…as he hooked me up with one of the coolest giveaways at a sporting event…SOCKS!  Yes, Socks.  The Mariners did a Mariners Sock Night last night & BJ was kind enough to grab me a pair!

 photo sockmariners_zps6d3f58d4.jpg
Man this week has been very awesome for me thanks to the Mariners.  On Tuesday morning, Mono-Nick brought me something he got at the game the night before.  Monday night, BJ & Nick were sitting in the Diamond Club, and the Diamond Club is awesome…you get free food & drinks in that section so I jokingly (ok not so jokingly) asked Nick to snag me a pretzel…and he did!
 photo base1_zps6b6097b4.jpg
Check out their seats…not a bad way to watch a game!

 photo base2_zpsa45acb99.jpg
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STP's BLOG 06/25/14 "BJ's Daughter Sara"

This morning we were talking about how for the first time in a century, the majority of kids says that they want to follow their parent’s footsteps when it comes to work.  We are a walking example of that, as both of BJ’s kids are working here (Joe does behind the scenes web work, and his daughter Sara is an intern).  This led to a text:

Bj shut up and put your sexy sounding daughter on !!

So we did, and boy did that make BJ feel uncomfortable…as many of the Rock-A-Holics find his daughter’s voice to be…well…stimulating!  I of course feel for BJ, and I couldn’t imagine the hell he is going through knowing that…so I of course HAD to share some of the texts we got to make him feel “better” about having her intern!
Sarah is on the air and now I'm driving stick

Sarah's voice is like Viagra

That was the best segment ever, I'm not supposed to have a radio at work so its incognito but that had me laughing out loud that I almost got busted... thanks Sarah/Vicky B... Lakewood Larry...

Weird.....Sarah's voice made my watch go from 6 to midnight

It great to hear bj squirm

This truck Is having steering problems now that Sara's on

It's real awkward I'm excited at work now..

I'm sorry BJ, she does sound hot

I wanna take you dinner Sarah

Does she like being in front of a camera too!!??

 photo 8417443A-A33C-4E5D-BED6-E56742FF7B4F_zps54egm3hu.jpg

Did you see Cuba Gooding Jr. at the NHL awards last night?  Probably not…which is why I have it here for you to see…man he looks tossed.

I think I know why he is looking like that… A. The NHL Awards were in Vegas, and B. The big electronic music festival “Electric Daisy Carnival” was happening in Vegas too…and yesterday morning at 4 am (several hours before the awards show), my buddy texted me from “EDC” with this review:

“EDC is just ridiculous! Bitches were jumping in the pool fully dressed. For some reason Cuba Gooding Jr was dancing in the DJ booth”

Hmmmmm…sounds like Cuba was enjoying Vegas quite a bit!
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STP's BLOG 06/24/14 "Leave Richard Sherman Alone"

It’s not very often that I go on a soap box on my blog, but I feel like this one warrants a trip on the “box”.

Last night I read that Richard Sherman has decided to not speak with local media anymore due to the fact that the Seattle Times posted a story about him buying a new home, and his address was listed.

This pisses me off to no end.  I get that Richard is a public figure, but does he not deserve any privacy?  He does. I don’t blame him one bit for being mad.

For all the local media that are making it a point to say that his home info is available to the public for anyone that wants to find it…shut up.  I know, if you search for it you can find this stuff…but you just made it easy for most people that would be too lazy to do that research.

What’s the big goal behind this?  Cool…we know where our favorite Seahawks player lives.  I wouldn’t care if this was a story about anyone…a rival teams star player, a politician, etc…just because we can find out where someone lives doesn’t mean we should take advantage of that…or exploit it like the Times did.

Also…shame on you “fans” that are going to his house to try and meet him.  That’s his home, ass****’s…that’s where he and his lady live, show the man respect.  Richard does enough in the community with charitable events where you can meet him and get a pic or autograph, don’t be THAT guy that thinks it’s cool to visit him at his home. 
And kids, get off my lawn.  Ok, I’m off the soap box.
 photo 95A12266-ABD6-4CB4-8FEE-4B02BF5A7B5D_zpsngxd1sou.jpg
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