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STP's BLOG 04/01/13 "The Classic"

What an awesome weekend! Over the weekend my hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys took a limo…yes, a limo to Spokane for our yearly hockey tournament – the Northwest Classic. Once again it was a unreal put it in perspective…last year, this picture summed up the Classic:
 photo E88F13FC-C9B4-40CD-BE12-0F48F53AF077-7867-00000604E17DD5AB_zpsa62f0993.jpg

This year…this picture summed up The Classic:

 photo 087B4462-20C1-41CB-9374-BB29E98A4C74-13251-00000969912BB1F1_zps195dc77b.jpg

Yup…this is how you do a hockey tournament. The weather was great, the time spent in the beer garden was a blast…and hey, the Donkeys finally won a game! We have gone for 3 years now…and up until our final game we were 0-8…but in the final game, we actually pulled of a victory... 13-4! Our first 2 games, we weren’t so lucky…especially the first game…we learned quickly that taking a limo to Spokane is A. a great idea for hanging and having fun, and B. an awful idea for playing hockey. We pulled up to the rink with 15 minutes to spare before the game…hurried and got ready, despite the fact that many of our guys were not in prime form to play, and we got rocked 10-0. I think we got 3 shots on goal for the entire game! At the end of the day, we don’t go to win…we go to have fun…and fun we had. The limo was a nice touch…the looks on all the other hockey players faces when we pulled up in a stretch Excursion was priceless…we definitely won some style points for that!

 photo 82F747E5-BEA4-458A-AC0F-DE4DA511BEF0-13251-00000969BA0DA4DB_zps614e60c7.jpg

We even made a sweet magnet to show off who was in the limo…

 photo 85F3F3D1-223C-48B5-AFB2-D486E6316138-13251-00000969D3E57E9D_zpsed3134be.jpg

The best way to sum up this weekend would be this Tweet from Thee Ted Smith, who was our coach for the weekend:

 photo FE7E1810-CA42-4CA8-BB41-1F7D3BB6A9AD-13251-0000096F589CAC93_zpsa1226ee9.jpg

Huge thanks to Marcus and Travis for taking us to Spokane. These guys got us there and back safely and couldn’t be more professional taking care of us idiots. Not to mention they were awesome dudes to hang with. If you are ever in need of a limo, I 100% recommend Next Level Limosines. Check them out on Facebook:
Or give Marcus a call at 425-232-9735.

Today is April Fools Day, so be warned…people are going to post stupid stuff on Facebook to see if you will fall for it…which sucks for the woman that legitimately just learned that she is pregnant, as no one will believe her.

I love this text we received today:

BREAKING NEWS!!! Today is day for the New Delicious STP Roll at Trapper Sushi. Today is April Fool's day. Go put the "Fool" on the radio in your mouth today

A lot of people think they could never be fired, because they're good at their job. But being incompetent isn't the only reason people get pink slipped. Monster Dot Com has come up with the top five NORMAL things that can get you fired.

1. Being Indiscreet About Looking for a New Job. Meaning, don't search for jobs while you're on the clock, because anyone could walk by, see your screen for a split-second, and immediately know what you're up to.

2. Gossiping. Plenty of people do it all day long and DON'T get fired. But all it takes is one poorly timed comment while your boss is nearby.

3. Taking Too Many Personal Phone Calls. Again, if you're on the clock, you're expected to be working. You might get away with it a few times. But once it's obvious that you're wasting a lot of time, you'll at least get pulled into your boss's office for a talk.

4. Surfing the Web Too Much. If your company doesn't automatically block certain websites, you're lucky. But if you abuse it, they WILL eventually block them.

5. Alienating Your Coworkers. You don’t have to be the most popular person in the office. But you at least have to have a working relationship with everyone.If friction with coworkers starts to become a trend, you might end up getting replaced by someone who DOES work well with others.

Based on this, and it doesn’t have to be a normal thing…what was that one thing that got YOU fired? Here are some of the texts we got:

Had a guy tattle about looking at porn

I was fired for screwing the bosses accountant which turned out to be his sister :)

I was once fired from my job in Salt Lake City Utah for not being a Mormon

I suggested to my coworker that she might be a whore (she was). She told the manager and I was let go. Worth it. –Kathy

I was fired for using the company stamp machine on personal mail. I was told that I did not have the company's best interests at heart...29 cents!!

Worked at a movie theater. Swapped the signs on the ladies and men's room. Hilarity ensued. Next day I was no longer employed.

I got fired for making a pube-smoothie for my boss

A new survey by Monster Dot Com asked people to name the DUMBEST financial mistake they made in the past year. Here are the top 10 results.

1. Overdrawing from your checking account.
2. Only making the minimum payments on your credit cards.
3. Making LATE payments on your credit cards.
4. Making late payments on OTHER bills, or your rent.
5. Loaning money to a friend or family member that wasn't paid back.
6. Not knowing your credit score.
7. Borrowing money from a friend or family member that you couldn't repay.
8. Investing in the stock market.
9. Co-signing a loan that was defaulted on.
10. Buying a house.

Based on this, finish this sentence: “I can’t believe I wasted money on _____.” Here are the texts we received…

My biggest finance mistake was buying a car at 24.9% interest and selling it because I was in the hole

I made a purchase of a 90 dollar bottle of scotch. Turned out i couldn't handle the robust smoked peat moss that comes from wales

I can't believe I spent $100,000 in one year on cocaine. I no longer have that drug addiction. Clean for 9yrs! Kw from federal way

Going to a game design school. I have a 120,000$ debt with no guarantee of a job

I am 23 years old making $42 an hour and i spent $400 on nerf guns one weekend

I can't believe I wasted over $800 on speeding tickets in just a couple months. Cops go for the red cars first.

In 2008, I spent $85,000 taking 4 trips to Vegas. It became addicting. I eventually had to force myself to stop going, but I had a blast and wouldn't take anything back. Partied with Vince Vaughn and the Pussycat Dolls till 4am one night. Peace out bitches!!

Today's video blog features us checking out Segway Scooters.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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STP's BLOG 04/01/13 "The Classic"
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