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STP's BLOG 04/01/14 "How I Met You Mother Finale = Genius"

So if you haven’t watched the final episode of How I Met Your Mother, and plan to…you might want to skip this blog.
Here is why I think the final episode of How I Met Your Mother was brilliant.
They did something that none of us expected, and the way they did it couldn’t have been executed better.  Ok, in a nutshell.  We finally meet “the mother”, and in the final episode…after 9 years of wanting to know how Ted meets her…we learn that as “old” Ted is sharing the story to his kids of how he met their mom, she is already DEAD!  I, and pretty much everyone watching, was not expecting that she would get sick and die after they get married.  Looking back on it, the writers were genius for not introducing the mom sooner…at no point did we really get emotionally attached to her character, yeah she seemed cool, but it wasn’t like they killed off Lilly or Barney or something.  Having her die so that eventually Ted would end up with Robin was an incredible ending…it made the way they wrote the final season make all the sense in the world.  We all just assumed that Robin would live a life wondering “what if” when it came to her and Ted, only for the show to end with the Blue French Horn…coming full circle to the beginning!  It was a heavy ending but when his kids pointed out how the story was more about Ted’s love for Robin, it made all the sense in the world.  Great job writer people.  Great job. 
Of course people went on twitter and were beyond pissed about the ending.  Man people were really mad….livid in some instances.  I guess that is the true testament to a shows connection to their fan base.  Even if I hated it, I wouldn’t be that mad.  So many people wrote that they felt that they wasted 9 years of their life watching that.  C’mon…were you entertained from the 9 seasons, if so…chill out.  If you weren’t entertained by the show for the last 9 seasons, why the hell were you still watching it?  I had to respond to all the negativity via twitter…
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04/01/2014 6:44AM
STP's BLOG 04/01/14 "How I Met You Mother Finale = Genius"
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