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STP's BLOG 04/02/13 "Hash-Tag Toppys..."

This morning we were talking about how the Mariners and player Brendan Ryan were trending on Twitter for some reason. So I suggested we try and get something random to trend on Twitter…the first thing I could think of:


So if you have Twitter…put that up there, or go on to my Twitter (@stp999) and retweet this bad boy:

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20-year-old Susan Alexandria Tinker is a Waffle House employee in Hampton, Virginia. Yesterday, around 6:00 A.M., Susan called 911 to report the place had been ROBBED. When the cops got there, Susan told them it was an APRIL FOOLS' DAY prank, and they hadn't actually been robbed. Unfortunately for her, what she did isn't a prank . . . it's a CRIME. Susan was arrested for falsely summoning the police . . . and is facing up to ONE YEAR in jail and a $2,500 fine. There's no word on whether the Waffle House will let her keep her job.

This woman is really this stupid? Throw the book at her. Fire her. Hell, have her ovaries, eggs, andthing that could help her reproduce removed…we can’t have this dum dum making kids! My rant about this woman led to this great text. I say it’s great because she agrees with me!

Steve you have me cracking up. I think all stupid people need there reproductive rights taken away. Too many morons running a round these days. Angela

Ok…so testerday was April Fool’s Day…what happened to you? Did you pull a prank or was one pulled on you? Here are the texts we got:

Texted a winning scratch ticket to my GF for 100 million; she almost quit her job.

Pranksters in my office put packing peanuts all over the floor of the presidents office and Dixie cups filled with water all over the VP's floor so that the only clear space was where the door opened.

My girlfriend told me that she was pregnant. Okay not very original. However when she followed it with its somebody else's. I don't think was really expecting the silence and infuriating look on my face. She quickly retracted her prank and quickly made up for it in other ways.

Totally faked breaking up with my gf and it was AWESOME!!! also went to trappers yesterday and tried the S.T.P. roll! IT IS AWESOME!!!

My wife texted me and said there was a sexy surprise in the bedroom waiting for me. When I got home she was asleep with an April Fools note on my pillow. Lame

My best friend picks up dead people for a living... The first guy of the morning was alive

How much would you pay for a signed copy of the BEATLES' album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"? And by "signed," we mean it was autographed by all four Beatles. Well, someone was willing to pay over $290,500 . . . because that's how much one went for at an auction over the weekend. That's WAY above the pre-auction estimate, which had it at $30,000. According to the "Hollywood Reporter", the previous record price for a signed Beatles album was $150,000. It was a copy of "Meet the Beatles".

Based on this, what autograph or piece of memorabilia do you have that is most valuable to you? Heree are some texts we got:

I have an original "prototyp" of the song "Hanger 18", that Dave Mustaine sketched out, with hand written lyrics. It's on the back of a luxury spa card in Cali.

Richard Sherman sign football as Optimus prime ! Elise from SpAnaway.

Dog and Beth, got both of their autographs, but the long hug from beth was worth more than the anything! Yes those are real! Hey toppy..... Jason.

It's none of the famous person at all or anything, but about ten years ago my friend was on the bus and saw this dude beating on his chick. So he kick hisass and took his bulls basketball hat. I thought that was pretty awesome that I asked for the hat and it hangs on my wall to this day. From Josh in Kent.

My autographed 8x10 of the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time, The Honky Tonk Man. Steve in Arlington

I got HULK Hogans autograph at wrestlemania 19, and got to see him spray paint NWO on a WCW belt for a fan

Foul ball hit by Dan Wilson signed by Dan himself from 1993. Will have to be very desperate for cash to sell it. Craig in tenino. GO MAYOR ERIC!!!

I have a gordie Howe autographed hartford whalers jersey. Hey STP go bruins

My dad gave me a boxing glove signed rocky balboa from my dad when i was real young i was so excited until i realized rocky is not a real person

Today's Video Blog is another installment of Torture you voted to have Hot Kyle lick chocolate off the Rev's back!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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04/02/2013 6:47AM
STP's BLOG 04/02/13 "Hash-Tag Toppys..."
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