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STP's BLOG 04/03/12 "Brock Returns!"

Big doings in the WWE yesterday!!!!!! Last night on Monday Night Raw marked the HUGE return of BROCK LESNAR to the squared circle! Check it out…(hoefully the WWE hasn’t pulled this video by the time you try and watch it):

This is so damn awesome…what a great way to follow up an amazing Wrestlemania with a Lesnar vs. Cena story line. I am so excited to see Brock back in the ring. I love the people that say “Brock couldn’t handle real fighting, so he went back to a place where the outcome is determined!” I laugh at these comments…last I checked he did win a few fights, kind of won the UFC Heavyweight title too last I checked...then dealt with a near death experience…returned and wasn’t fully the same. Hell, I hated Lesnar in the UFC, and I’m defending him right now…what the hell!

The website Ranker.Com, which is a pop culture site that creates lists, was inspired by a research done at Harvard that stated that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of stroke, Parkinson's disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.

They have come up with 3 bad habits that can ALSO have positive side effects.

1. Smoking. Overall, it's one of the worst things you can do for your body. But in one study, elderly patients who used nicotine patches for six months showed improved long-term memory and a better attention span. So the NICOTINE in cigarettes might make you sharper . . . but everything else in them will kill you.

2. Drinking. A 20-year study of nearly 2,000 people showed that even HEAVY drinkers tend to outlive people who don't drink at all. And a study at the University of Auckland found that moderate amounts of alcohol tend to improve the memories of lab rats.

3. Playing Video Games. More and more research shows the benefits of playing video games. In one study, adults who played action-based games were able to make accurate decisions about 25% faster than people who didn't. SERIOUS gamers were able to pay attention to more than six things at once . . . which means it also helps with multitasking.

Based on a story about the three bad habits and the positive side effects they have…be honest…what is your bad habit? Here are the texts:

Worst habit I have is being constantly horney at wrong times for example when we are at my husband's parents I just want to take him upstairs

My bad habit: eating out alot , the positive side effect: me being full

Im 36, I chew and Im a women.... Positive, I dont effect others with disgusting/dangerous smoke!

Tanning~it's positive makes me look and feel better, u hav to do somethin to get sun livin in this state! Plus vit D! :)

I smoke weed...alot...but on the positive side it gets me stoned

Energy drinks like Monster Nitrous and Full Throttle.

When I get hammered, I tend to turn into a whore. But, I'm now quite good in the sac.
Cracking my knuckles is a good conversation starter. -max

I am a perverted WOMAN i Have a serious masterbation habit, i Masterbate like 2 times a day and have reg sex partners

If you've never heard of the cinnamon challenge, it's a YouTube phenomenon, and it's a trend that could hurt people!!! In the cinnamon challenge, you try to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. That's it. But it's virtually impossible and everyone ends up choking, gagging, and crying. And some of them wind up hospitalized. In 2011, poison control centers nationwide got 51 calls because of people who had trouble breathing after taking the cinnamon challenge. So far this year, it's already up to 139 cases in just three months. The big risk with swallowing cinnamon is that it gets into your lungs and causes breathing problems. And if you have asthma, it can trigger an attack. Hell back in 2007, Thee Ted Smith tried this challenge while Kid Rock was in studio...check it out:

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So based on people being hospitalized for this stunt …finish this sentence: "I can’t believe I was hospitalized for _____." Here are some of the texts we got:

The craziest thing i have been hospitalized for is getting my penis caught in a corona bottle. Whatever you do try your hardest not to get turned on once its in

When I was a kid I put a cynder block on the roof, tied a rope to it, and tried to climb it.. You can put the rest together... :) listening from Honolulu

My buddy chopped his package almost all the off with a skill saw. Through 1 side and almost through the other he got airlifted and now has a little bend

When I was 13, I fell into the ball pit at McDonnalds and fractured my arm in 2 places. –Naomi

For choking on peanut butter Signed Lucy

Riding a lawnmower off a cliff into puget sound. Knocked out all my teeth, broke my jaw, and lost my left shoe

I was hospitalized for getting magnets stuck to my testicles. they were the computer hard drive magnets and they would. Attract through your arm so i thought it would be funny to put them down there. The doctors said well theres a first... i was 15 btw

I pogoed off my 2 story house. I back flipped and landed wrong. Broke my wrists and got a gash in my head. Epic. I got a lot of dates after that stunt

A buddy snorted a cap full of barcardi 151 on a dare, stayed the night at Stevens hospital for a severe sinus problems

Call bs small would your unit have to be to get it in a corona bottle..even at thirteen i dont think it would of been possible

Today's video blog featuires BJ hanging with Wil Wheaton at Emerald City Comicon:

Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE people:

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04/03/2012 8:03AM
STP's BLOG 04/03/12 "Brock Returns!"
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