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STP's BLOG 04/04/13 "Seattle Rock Day!"

Today is Seattle Rock Day…and I think this texter summed it up best:

God I love Seattle rock day.

Today brings me back to my High School and college years…when I first fell in love with this city and the music scene. All morning long we have played awesome songs by Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Heart, Mother Love Bone (my favorite), Queensryche, and more…
We played Pearl Jam’s State Of Love and Trust. Man that song is my jam! Both PJ songs off of the Singles Soundtrack still rank as 2 of my all time favorite songs by the band. As we were playing State Of Love And Trust…it immediately reminded me of their performance on MTV’s Unplugged…so many of their performances on that show were memorable!

Speaking of the Singles soundtrack…we also played Nearly Lost You by the Screaming Trees…man that is a great song… Mark’s voice, Barrett’s drumming, the Conner brother’s sweet riffs… the opening part of this song alone sucks you in, I’ll never get sick of this song!

We also played some Mother Love Bone this morning….I can go on for paragraphs about my love for this band. I’ll keep it simple though…the best band ever. Ok? Cool.
We played Stargazer this morning…Andy’s voice gives me goose bumps on this one (as well as all of their songs):

As I was going through You Tube and watching videos…I came across this cool gem of a video…it was an extra scene from the Pearl Jam 20 documentary, which if you haven’t seen it you really need to…it’s amazing! In this clip, Stone Gossard was driving around Seattle while reminiscing about the early days in Seattle, as well as talking about his band…it’s a cool watch!

 We saw a great Facebook message based on today from our buddy Cajun…

I had the fortunate luck to move up to the Northwest when the music scene was just breaking through. Spent more time cutting school and sneaking to Seattle than I did at going to High School it seemed. Well at least I enjoyed that more. Sometimes I feel like Forrest Gump and was just there living my life surrounded by amazing things. My first experience was seeing Nirvana in Tacoma opening for 3 other bands and The Melvins.

What about you? Whether it is a favorite band, favorite concert, or just an awesome moment involving the great music of the Northwest…what is your Seattle Rock Story? Here are the texts we received:

Right after I moved here in 07, I saw the Presidents play a show at Pyramid. I quickly learned what NW beer was about at that show. Awesome time! -South End Ben

My rock story is being able to go to the opening of the white river ampetheator so see heart wiith my mom. We have gone to 4 other heart shows together.

I got to meet Alice in chains backstage when I was 11 during the blackdiamondskye tour. That is truly one thing I will NEVER forget

I tried to think of my memories…granted I moved out here in 1997…but I still have so many great memories of being a part of this rich music scene…here are a few that popped into my head…

Seeing Mother Love Bone reunite with Shawn Smith on vocals a few years ago at the Showbox...

Helping organize and watch the Alice In Chains reunion where they had various lead singers -- including Maynard from Tool (he sang man In The Box and Them Bones)...

Other memories...Going to interview Pearl Jam in their practice space back when it was off Westlake, having Kurt from the Fastbacks jump on stage with my band when we covered a Fastbacks song at the Capitol Hill Block Party many years ago, having Mike McCready and Duff McKagan in studio playing G N R’s “Patience”….Dang I love living in this town.

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04/04/2013 8:48AM
STP's BLOG 04/04/13 "Seattle Rock Day!"
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