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STP's BLOG 04/05/12 "Seattle Rock Day"

Today, we are celebrating the history of Seattle Rock!   Today is the anniversary of the unfortunate deaths of Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley…which is why we have decided to pay tribute to their musical contributions as well as the contributions that many other bands made.

We’ll celebrate all day and night long for our 2nd Annual Seattle Rock Day with nothing but the music of Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, The Fastbacks, Soundgarden …and more! This was a blast last year, and today is no different!  I am such a fan of the Seattle music scene…even as a high schooler in Brooklyn NY I was obsessed with the NW!  I was a member of Pearl Jam’s fanclub, Alice In Chains fan club, Soundgarden’s as well.  I would order Sup Pop records in the mail…I couldn’t get enough of bands like the ones mentioned, as well as Mudhoney, Green River, Mother Love Bone, The Fast Backs, Best kissers In The World, Screaming Trees, Flop, Nirvana (duh), and the list goes on and on.
Based on today being Seattle Rock Day…which Seattle Band is your favorite…why? Here are the texts:

Favorite Seattle band of all time has to be The New Originals! Vendetta Red is a distant 2nd! You guys rock Thanks So Much for this day! Taylor from Puyallup.

Anything by Ken Andrews (Failure). He was born in Seattle.

Sir mix a lot...cuz baby got back!

I got to see Pearl Jam the night the filmed the video for Even Flow. 21 years later, I have got to see them 32 timrs along with 8 Vedder solo shows

Alice in chains all the way went to spanaway lake high school with jerry Cantrell

i think mother love bone.alot came from them. please play crown of thorns.....

Hey its laura from bothell! And my favorite band from seattle is hands down nirvana. They had so much talent and changed music as we know it.

Gotta go with AIC. Layne Staley's voice and lyrics are as original as you can get. Badass guitar riffs too!

Seaweed. They were my neighbor alternate rock band from tacoma that almost made it to the big time

Temple of the dog or mad season. It's like an allstar game

Mother love bone is my favorite band mom.lives next door to the drummer


Alice is probably my favorite.... Besides liking their music I grew up with sean kinney and I watched the struggles he went thru to make his dream come true and I'm glad to see he made it happen....

I'm Stephen, & I pick The Wailers. I grew up with them, and worked a concert for them a couple weeks before the lead singer passed (he died April 15 2011).

Mxpx - move to Bremerton! Nuff said!

I'm Jake from Everett and I've always loved Modest Mouse. Such a unique sound, and they are just really creative people all around.

Sunny Day Real Estate and Sweetwater. Both awesome live and VERY underrated.

After last Saturday night, windowpane is one of my new favorite seattle bands

This morning since we were talking a lot about the Seattle music scene...we asked a simple question...What is your favorite “Seattle Rock” memory? It could be a concert…a run in with a band member, or anything involving the local music scene.  Here are the texts:

Seeing vendetta red at tower records with my two yrs old son then meeting them after the show wich they took the time to tell my son thank you an took Picswith me an my son with the band :-)

Was working at the Puyallup fair, was a couple rock bands playing in grandstands. I was selling sodas in a stand when I was 15 and my buddy who was a drummer saw Jerry Cantrell from Alice in chains in the crowd, I hooked him up with a free soda (at the cost of my job lol) and got his autograph on a dollar bill. Framed and hanging on wall.

I think it was 1993, Pearl Jam did a secret gig @ the Off Ramp. Soon as word got out the place was mobbed. People in the alley were trying to take hinges off back door to get into the show. Total chaos!

Saw Heart and head east @ parkers on 99 for 5 bux. Awesome

Opening day at the Mariners and Pearl Jam's Mike McCready shredding the national anthem. Great moment.

Just recently saw Soundgarden for the first time, at The Gorge, with Queens of the Stoneage. Was amazing! They still kick ass and it was great to hear Rusty Cage In Person – Dustin

Nirvana with Mudhoney at Western in B'ham for $7.00

This is yostie in oly great memory from old pain in grass is seein gruntruck then meeting ben the singer bad ass band no one talks about

I saw Kenny G at greenlake while I was on mushrooms... Man. He's a d***

working for the senate in 2000, got invited to a loft party by Krist N., hanging out there,chris cornell showed up, the 2 of them played an accoustic 5 song set – justin

I saw Alice in chains...mookie blaylock (pearl jam) and sweetwater at the Off Ramp Tavern. the bands all came it into the crowd to watch eachother after their was amazing. from JT in Tumwater

Hey guys my favorite rock memory is of the kisw listening party with queensryche that i went to about 18 years ago. Still love both keep it up. Don in Olympia

2 weeks before Badmotorfinger came out,Soundgarden at the Capitol theater,ten bucks!!! BADASS! Stokes from Olympia

I lost my virginity to Down in a hole by alice n chains!!!!

Today's video blog features part 2 of BJ hanging with Wil Wheaton at Emerald City Comicon.

Here's the same VLOG for you iPHONE users!

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04/05/2012 8:24AM
STP's BLOG 04/05/12 "Seattle Rock Day"
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