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Steve Migs Blog 05/22/15 "Chazy Cheri & Pac Man"

Gotta love coming to work and checking my mailbox, and receiving some mail from Crazy Cheri!

That wasn't the only awesome thing that came today! Thank you Pac Man and the Pixels movie for bringing a cake by! Thanks to Irish Rose Bakery in Renton for making an awesome looking cake!

Pixels is out July 24th, and Happy 35th Birthday to Pac Man. Yup…35 years old…man I am feeling old! Check out the trailer for Pixels here:

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Steve Migs Blog 05/21/15 "David Letterman -- The Gold Standard"

It was nice to go on Facebook and see people posting fun stuff yesterday as opposed to the usual doom and gloom that many like to spew onto the social networks… and we will mainly have to thank David Letterman for that.

Last night was Dave's final show as the host of The Late Show. I really enjoyed reading everyone's connection to Dave. I know he had an impact on my life, just like many others. Dave was my late night host. I dug the other hosts, and was entertained by them… guys like Carson, Arsenio Hall, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, and nowadays Jimmy Fallon… but Dave is the gold standard.

Letterman was the guy I watched growing up… staying up late to see what crazy antics he would get into. Whether it was him jumping onto a Velcro wall, attaching a camera on a monkey, having people and/or their pets perform dumb tricks, or tossing random crap off the top of the building… I sat there in awe. Dave felt like a member of my family… that's why whenever a listener tells us that we feel like a member of their family it is easily the greatest and most humbling compliment I could get.

I was lucky enough to see Letterman twice in my life. The first experience was my favorite, and it had nothing to do with the guests… his only guest was Homeland Security director Tom Ridge, and musical guest Puddle Of Mudd…it had everything to do with the experience. I was just walking around Times Square when a intern for the show just walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to go to Letterman the next day. I of course said YES, and she said I would need to answer a question. The question was… who is David Letterman's stage manager? That was easy -- Biff Henderson. She then gave me the info to get tickets, and my day was made.

When I got there the next day… the process to go in could only be described as a full on "brain washing". I am not kidding. From the moment you get in line, to the moment you sit in your seats, multiple interns and production assistants come up to you to explain to you the importance of laughing at Dave's jokes, smiling, and applauding. By the time we all entered the Ed Sullivan Theater we all looked like smiling laughing zombies.

The moment that Dave walked out to greet us was a moment I can't put into words. To be 10 or 15 feet from a man that helped define my sense of humor, and fall in love with the talk show medium was an overwhelming feeling.

The next time I saw Letterman I was able to put a request in through their site months in advance and when I arrived to New York I got a call saying that I got tickets. That time was equally as awesome, equally as brain washing, but the guests were way better – it was Sandra Bullock (or Julia Roberts – I get those two confused all the time), and the Black Eyed Peas were the musical guests.

A photo posted by Rach (@rach_lewan) on

This was one of the coolest parts of last night… The Foo Fighters were his final guest, and they played a song that Dave loves… "Everlong" … and they showed highlights spanning 33 years of Dave's career during the performance.

I think Jimmy Kimmel gave Dave the best send off a couple days ago, as he fought back tears while talking about his idoil…and he told his viewers to not watch him and watch Dave's final show instead!

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Steve Migs Blog 05/20/15 "Entourage In Seattle!"

Today is awesome. Why? because this happened!

I am a HUGE fan of the TV show Entourage. I mean… HUGE. Hell… just a few months ago I watched the entire series again. We binge watched it and cranked out all of the seasons in just a couple of weeks. The show still holds up as one of the greatest comedies of all time.

When I heard that they were going to put out a movie, I was of course excited that I could see the fellas again and watch whatever crazy antics they get into…but I was also nervous that it might be a let down, or just feel like a really long episode. Well yesterday I got to see an advance screening…and damn this is an AWESOME movie. The did a phenomenal job with this. If you are a fan of Entourage, you will LOVE it. Hell…even if you have never seen an episode before, they did a great job in the film setting the characters up so that you too will enjoy it. Props to Doug Ellin and the crew…they knocked it out of the park.

The film is out on June 3rd, and the reason why I got to see it so early is that Doug, along with a few of the guys – Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara (along with director and creator Doug Ellin) flew into Seattle yesterday to meet up with Russell Wilson of the Seahawks and show the movie to the team… as well as join us in studio. How cool is that?

Thanks to Warner Brothers Pictures for sending us these pix… this picture looks like it could be the promo pic for the new version of Entourage…where the fellas ditch Vincent Chase and hook up with Russell Wilson!

 photo entourage3_zpshdpvjpx4.jpg

Here they are kicking it in the locker room as well…

 photo entourage2_zps2oe45iqs.jpg

I was following them on Twitter and Instagram yesterday as they were enjoying the sights of Seattle…like going to the original Starbucks…

The Original @Starbucks with the Entourage fellas!!! #June3 @mrdougellin

A photo posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

Hitting up Pike Place Market….

City Fish Company after a little a Pike Place chowder. So good ! #loveseattle

A photo posted by Doug Ellin (@mrdougellin) on

And enjoying some time at the VMAC – the Seahawks practice facility!

Here is the trailer for the film… I highly recommend seeing this movie!

Oh yeah… Russell Wilson makes a cameo in the movie… this is one of the scenes that he is in….

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Steve Migs Blog 05/19/15 "New Faith No More...and more!"

Music will always have an emotional effect on me... more so than any other medium. Sure there are some lyrics that will hit me from time to time, but for me…it's more about the passion behind the playing. The energy of a performance can honestly bring me to tears. I'll never for get the first time I listened to Jane's Addiction's "Three Days"… when the band comes back together after the tribal break down… I felt emotionally exhausted and although I didn't actually cry… I felt the tear ducts putting in some work, and the goose bumps we in full effect.

Last night David Letterman had Eddie Vedder as his musical guest. This is Dave's last couple of shows before he calls it quits, so it's pretty cool that Eddie is final musical guest. Eddie performed the great Pearl Jam song with the CBS orchestra, andman did his performance hit me in an emotional way. The passion in his playing, the energy of the band…the back story of it being one of the last thiongs we will see on the David Letterman show… all of it left me speechless.

I am so glad that I got to sit in the audience to see David Letterman do his show. Growing up being a fan of his, I will always remember that first moment that he came out in front of the crown… he's larger than life. Unfortunately I didn't get to see as awesome of a performance as Eddie Vedder rocking out… the musical acts I saw were Puddle Of Mudd the first time I went, and Black Eyed Peas the second time.

Today is an exciting day for music… one of my all time favorite bands, Faith No More, release their first album of new material in about 18 years. 18 Years! Damn! The record is called Sol Invictus, and I was able to get an advance of the record, and I have honestly listened to it every day, sometimes multiple times a day, for the past 3 weeks. This record gets more amazing with each listen. There are so many interesting layers of sounds, and every few days I fall more in love with certain songs.

One of the main reasons why I have been such a huge fan of the band is that they don't conform to any certain sound (other than dark and heavy) with each record they put out… you will never accuse them of having 2 records that sound the same. The cool thing with this record is that they seem to have paid tribute to their older records with each song. Some songs sound like they could be a perfect fit on Angel Dust, others sound like they were written during the time they recorded King For A Day…Fool For A Lifetime, and other songs feel like they could have been on their pre-Mike Patton releases, We Care A Lot and Introduce Yourself.

I could list my favorite tracks of the record, but honestly I would wind up listing every song. I love them all. If I had to pick one, I always get excited when "Cone Of Shame" comes on. The lyric, "I'd like to peel your skin off…to see what you really think" gets me every time.

Finally… there is a newer band out that I have raved about in the past, and they have a new record out today as well. They are called Twenty One Pilots, and their new record is called Blurryface, and I hope people give this band a listen. They have been making some rather interesting music, and have built a very passionate following…and I am feeling like this record could make some waves in the music world. I am obsessing over this song, it's called "Stressed Out"…and the video makes me wish I had an adult version of a big wheel!

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Steve Migs Blog 05/18/15 "Great Weekend and a Great Cause"

Friday night we all had a blast at the Mariners game. Well all of us except BJ…as the Mariners beat the Red Sox in the 9th thanks to Nelson Cruz hitting a walk off single to lead the M's to a 2-1 victory! There was a silver lining for BJ… thanks to a fine Rock-A-Holic named "The Juster"… BJ was able to get some beef jerky (if you listened Friday, BJ shared a story of getting snubbed for free jerky since he is a Red Sox fan)…

I got to fulfill my pretzel addiction fix while there, and catch Toppy in a not-so-flattering moment!

On Sunday, Vicky B and I had the honor of hosting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's "Great Strides" event with Tony Ventrella… it's always an honor to help out for such a great cause.

While there…we got to meet Seahawks kicker, Steven Hauschka!

Plus…I got to make a new friend.

At the #GreatStrides fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Raised of $26,000 today, and I met this fella!

A photo posted by Steve Migliore (@imstevemigs) on

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Steve Migs Blog 05/15/15 "BJ &!"

Whenever anyone asks me what is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me at the station… I always say that without a doubt that it happened back in October last year, when Ryan Castle gave me this for my birthday…

How can you not love a co-worker that gives you a 40 oz. bottle of PBR for you birthday, and a "Get Well" card!

Well today it got some stiff co
mpetition…as BJ shocked me with a huge surprise. As you have probably heard, I am no longer going by Steve The Producer on the radio, I have decided to go by my name… Steve Migs. I blogged about why, and you can read it HERE.

Well today, BJ said that he's been thinking about making a change to the show, and the name change cemented that…and then this happened!!

 photo bj migs remake_zpssezntlax.jpg

Here is the audio from this morning if you missed it:

I really don't have any words to express how shocked I am that BJ did some work behind the scenes to make this happen… waka waka … ok I kid, but in all honestly… I cannot thank BJ enough for believing in me this much to have my name on the "marquee" -- I am honored to have my name alongside BJ's. Seriously. Thank you BJ.

 photo bj and migs show pic_zpsldtmtf3p.jpg
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Steve Migs Blog 05/14/15 "FNM on Jimmy Fallon"

Last night, Faith No More was on Jimmy Fallon… if you missed it, check it out…here they are playing a great song off their new CD…it's called Superhero:

They also performed their amazing cover of the Commodores hit song, Easy:

Next week their new CD, Sol Invictus, comes out. I am not kidding when I say that I have listened to the record (it's out there on their internet, available for streaming) at least once a day for the past week and a half, and it gets better with each listen…which is saying a lot as I LOVED it after my first listen. A few songs to be on the lookout for: Cone Of Shame (easily my favorite), Separation Anxiety, From The Dead, and Sunny Side Up.

This video is awesome! I keep laughing everytime I watch it… mainly because the kitten is fine! A local news channel in Atlanta recently did a "Pet of the Day" segment, where they feature a dog or cat that's up for adoption. The kitten they had on flipped out while it was playing with a toy . . . then basically cart wheeled off the news desk...

Yesterday, Thee Ted Smith and I recorded a new episode of The MegaCast...a podcast that we do! This week we came up with the most brilliant drinking game ever! Plus we talk about karaoke, and Ted has a true moment of passion towards the end!

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Steve Migs Blog 05/13/15 "Sports Fans... RELAX!"

It's not often that I talk sports in a negative way as I truly love watching sports, so quick apologies for this upcoming rant.

Even though I love sports…I absolutely hate arguing sports with people… it's right up there with politics and religion. Typically, people have a passionate opinion about these subjects, and rarely are they willing to waiver. What's the point of a discussion when the person you are talking to doesn't care about what you say, and is just waiting for you to shut up so that they can spit their own opinions out. The irony of this as I spit my opinion out as you read this has not gone unnoticed by me, haha.

Sports trash talking can be the worst… when did we stop enjoying sports for what it is…entertainment?

For example… yesterday on Facebook, people were genuinely bothered by the fact that Colin Kaepernick from the 49'ers partied in Seattle over the weekend with a couple Seahawks players. These people were especially bothered by this tweet that Colin put out…

I saw posts like this: "I don't know what to make of this!", "II am disgusted", "What the EFF… I would have thrown a drink at him", and so on…

Come on people.

It's a sport. We aren't truly at war with the other team. This is proof positive that the players are able to differentiate between the game and real life… maybe the "fans" should do the same.

Another example. The Russell Wilson contract stuff. He hasn't signed yet, and this is driving some "fans" crazy. People are questioning his character, questioning his faith, all because he hasn't signed yet? Oh…while you are casting judgment on a guy yesterday for his character…he was busy doing this (like he does every Tuesday)…

Jesse is a true warrior! @seattlechildrens

A photo posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

Look…just enjoy sports for what it is…that's all I am saying. Let it entertain you. I love passion for sports…I am very passionate about the teams that I love… but when you are creating opinions on things based on what the media says, or what you have created in your head… that is ridiculous. Stop getting mad and jumping to conclusions based on a rumor of a player wanting to be traded, or a player that hasn't yet signed with the team. You don't know the real back story, yet you have crapped on that person before getting all the facts straight.

On a lighter note… thank you Vicky, once again, for trolling me on Twitter!

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Steve Migs Blog 05/12/15 "#FlagThat"

I am not too sure about having Vicky B in charge of the KISW twitter page. She is having a lot of fun at my expense with taking things I say and quoting them on the twitter feed as a #FlagThat moment. For example…

I would like to think all of those are completely taken out of context! Dang you Vicky!
Hell… even listeners are picking up on this!

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Steve Migs Blog 05/08/15 "Super Troopers!"

Yesterday I had a picture emailed to me that absolutely made my day… Huge thanks to Sara from at Janet Wainwright Public Relations for emailing this to me. They are a company that I have worked with since I started in radio, and they have helped bring in studio some awesome movie stars over the years …including a group of young men that came in dressed at law enforcement as a fun way to drum up interest in a movie that they were about to release…

Yup – SUPER TROOPERS! Whenever I am talking about that movie…which is a lot since it's one of my all time favorites… I share the story of them coming in dressed as Super Troopers, and every so often people don't believe it. Now I have photographic proof!

So while I was playing Beat The Producer...which is now being called, Beat Migs...or B.M. (which makes sense since the Revhosts it haha)...I am blindfolded...and Vicky decided to have fun at my expense!

Today we talked about James Franco and how he wrote a tribute to McDonalds in the Washington Post. James worked at McDonald's when he was 18 and trying to break into showbiz, and in the article he talks about practicing fake accents while working the drive-thru, and other stuff. He does get a little overdramatic though when he wrote, "All I know is that when I needed McDonald's, McDonald's was there for me. When no one else was." That being said… as soon as I read that, it makes me think of the most recent episode of the podcast that Thee Ted Smith and I do, the Mega Cast, where we talked about this rapper that ordered his food as a rap song…and it is AWESOME!

Please check out the most recent episode of The Mega Cast… not only do we talk about that video, we also address my switch to being called Steve Migs (with a good explanation as to why I made the change), and we have audio from a woman named Angel that will change the way you look at grapefruit's…and possibly change the way you look at life!

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Steve Migs Blog 05/06/15 "Goodbye STP... Hello Steve Migs"

I figure I should write a blog about this as some might not hear every segment of our show…and shame on you for that! Haha

Last week on the STP-CAST we got talking about my radio nickname, Steve The Producer (or STP), and how I have always hated it.

Back in 1997 I was fresh out of college, willing to do anything and everything to get my foot in the door. Hell, for 8 months I worked as a board operator at 1360 KKMO – El Rey for our Spanish Radio fans. Yes, I worked at a Spanish radio station and did not speak a lick of Spanish other than "Hello", "Goodbye", "Yes", "No", "My Name is Steve", and "where is the bathroom?". I met some awesome people there… (Super Mario you are the man!)…and was able to use the studios in the over nights to work on making radio demos, etc.

In December of 1997 I was hired at The End.. as a college radio geek this was a station I dreamed of working at…mainly because of Marco Collins, a Seattle radio legend (that has a documentary about him coming out very soon), that I idolized because of his ability to break many of the bands that I obsessed over in college (Weezer, Sublime, Beck, No Doubt, etc).

I was hired to produce the Andy Savage show… Here I am, 23 years old…working in Seattle on The End… I couldn't believe it. Over time I would make my way on the air. I convinced my boss to let me work weekends where I went by my lifelong nickname, Migs (it's short for my last name...a nickname I was given back in elementary school). Slowly I started getting on the air more and more in the mornings. Whenever Andy would have me on, he would call me "Steve The Producer"… I hated it, but I thought to myself "don't rock the boat", plus I figured that the name wouldn't stick (haha). Then Andy realized I had a lot of useless knowledge about pop culture, and thus "Beat The Producer" was born. Who would have thought skipping school and watching a lot of TV would help me in my career?

As time went on, due to people quitting or being "let go"…I started getting on the air more, eventually becoming his side-kick. The name Steve The Producer became my "brand", and I was stuck with it. I viewed it as a character in a sense, and "embraced" it.

I will skip many many years and fast forward to now. I am 40. I have hated the nickname for nearly 20 years…why the hell don't I do something about it? There will never be a "good" time to just cut the cord and drop the nick name, so why not now? Lifelong friends and family have always known me as Steve Migs… I want to be honest with myself and with those that listen to the show and just quit having these dual personalities.

In the grand scheme of things…this is such a minor issue, I know that. It's actually pretty ridiculous…that there needs to be any pomp and circumstance in a name change, but I get that people will want to know why…so this is why. The name has created an insecurity in who I am, because it represents someone that I am not. I am not that 23 year old that is too afraid of saying "hey… I don't like that name, just call me by the name that I have lived with since I was a kid."

Yesterday when I shared this on air and saw the flood of texts from people that appreciated how open I was and how sincere the segment was made me realize that this was the right thing to do. Also it led to many people saying that I am radio's version of Bruce Jenner… I have spent years living in a nickname that wasn't me, and now I can finally be me. That was a connection I would have never thought could be made, but thanks to many of you Rock-A-Holics, you figured out a way to make all of this topical haha.

Ok…that's it in a nutshell. I do think there is a lesson underneath all of this silliness that is a name change. If you aren't happy with something… don't expect a mind reader to enter your life and become an advocate for you to change. If you are internalizing insecurity or something that makes you unhappy… just say something. You never know what will happen by doing that.

 photo The Migs Cast_zpscqfxgmdl.jpg

I am not going to lie…it felt good, real good to call the podcast The Migs Cast yesterday… it feels even better to have listeners now calling into our morning show saying "Yo Migs" like someone did yesterday. Here is this week's Migs Cast…

Big thanks to bikini barista Rachel Barley for joining us on the podcast… her stories about being a bikini barista are rather entertaining!

 photo rachel barley_zpsslhgqwrv.jpg
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STP's BLOG 05/05/15 "Nirvana...Riots...and Boxing!"

I hope you caught Montage Of Heck on HBO last night…if not, be sure to check it out! We got this text, it's awesome to hear from many listeners that enjoyed this movie based on our recommendation…

If you missed our chat with Brett Morgan, the director of Montage of Heck… listen here:

On Friday night I watched Q13's coverage of the May Day Riots. I have to give props to David Rose and the rest of the crew that were in the streets during the riots. At one point, David hit his breaking point…and I don't blame him one bit, as the whole time they reported…people were screaming obscenities in their face and physically assaulting the camera men.

This weekend was also the Mayweather fight (sorry we were off yesterday so I am a little late for my review)… I think Seahawks Tight End Luke Willson summed it up best…

I agree 100%... I get that the boxing purists argue that part of being a great boxer is avoiding being hit… I understand that…but I liken it to the "trap" defense in hockey. It's a defensive minded approach to hockey that is very effective when done…but it's boring and has hurt the sport when it comes to the casual fan. I am not a fan of that, and you would think I would embrace it, as the NJ Devils (my favorite team) won 3 Stanley Cups in the 1990's and 200's because of that "trap" defense.

The highlight of my weekend? I got a new drum set. Ok…it was made in the 70's…but it is new to me. I am so pumped with this purchase…I finally got to hit them on Sunday, and they sound HUGE!

The other highlight of my weekend…hanging with my brother…my hockey team… the Tacoma Donkeys. We all got together to celebrate our championship season, and watched the fights on Saturday!

You gotta love the Gas Man, our bud Mike Gastineau always leaves the best comments on the things I post!

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STP's BLOG 05/01/15 "Help Out Windowpane!"

So over the years I have been lucky to have become buds with some talented musicians in the Seattle area…the music community here is an impressive one, and one of the best dudes I have ever met…and one talented guitarist/singer is Glenn Cannon from Windowpane. All the dudes in the band are awesome (what's up Tony, Mark, and Sean!)…and I have been lucky to jam with some of these guys in the past.

Windowpane are in the process of making a new record, and they need your help…they created a Kickstarter for it where you can buy the record in advance (in addition to other perks) and help fund the recording process. There is only 11 days left to back it…I have donated, so has BJ… and you can too right HERE!

Recently the guys in Windowpane were on my podcast…if you missed it, you can listen to the full podcast HERE.

While they were in studio they gave us a taste of their new record with 2 new songs…

Plus, while they were in studio…we had some fun with my GarageBand app and we "jammed" to Black Sabbath's "War Pigs":

They just made a documentary called "There Is No Such Thing As the Record Label Fairy", and it's FREE to watch! You can check out a live screening of the film on Thursday May 7th at Louie G's in Fife! Here is the film:

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