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STP's BLOG 04/05/13 "Annabelle on BBT!"

So last night I am watching Big Bang Theory with the wife, and in the opening scene I notice someone in the background…our former intern Annabelle! I then see on her Instagram that it was indeed her!

 photo 26557964-1F6C-400A-8210-DE00CBE81982-18744-00000DBF4F095ABC_zps423cdca4.jpg

Way to go Annabelle – that is awesome! Then as the episode goes on…I see her again…

 photo 89857E92-26BF-4F0F-90BF-E888151A0D63-18744-00000DBF49B0598D_zpse2baa275.jpg

All of us on the show couldn’t be happier for her…If you don’t remember Annabelle, here is one of her finer moments on our show…

Yesterday during our game “Whose iPOD Is It Anyway?”, we played a song by Will Farrell and John C. Reilly called “Boats And Hoes” – while playing the song, The Rev made a statement that shocked us! He said that he hates the movie! We couldn’t believe it! The Rev explained himself by saying, "the two characters have no redeeming qualities...if I wanted to watch 2 A-holes going around doing stuff I would watch you two". I told him if he wanted to watch 2 A-Holes going around, he should buy a mirror and walk around by himself for making such a ridiculous statement. He also said, "I made it to the drum scene and I just gave up." Although I disagree with him, I get the feeling…as there are plenty of shows that people will go nuts over that I don’t like…for instance, Tosh.0. people love that show, but I liked it better as Americas Funniest Home Videos. Some of the stuff on that show is funny, but I don’t go Ape-Ess about it like most people.

Based on the Rev's proclamation that he hates the movie Step Brothers...whether it is a movie or a TV show…finish this sentence..."It's going to piss everyone off, but I hate _____!" Here are some of the texts we got:

Its gonna piss everyone off but i hate the beatles!From jim listen to slayer

I hate dark beer it tastes like piss and pine needles

Its gonna piss off everyone, especially after yesterday's Seattle Rock Day, but I HATE NIRVANA. I understand the talent, but its not for me. Gman drew

I just hate scarface

I hate any and all Star Trek..... Ryan in T town!

it's going to p*** everyone off but I hate the big lebowski. with a passion.

I'm a big movie buff so it makes people made when I say I hate the Kill Bill series! –Fry
I hate "it's always sunny in Philadelphia"

It's gona piss everyone off but I hate the walking dead. It's a soap opera with zombies

2 movies for me are Wedding Crashers and Napoleon Dynamite. I can understand if you hate me for crashers but no way you can defend dynamite Cajun

I know it will piss off Steve. But I hate Rocky. Every one of them.

I hate The Simpsons. I can't stand cartoons in general but The Simpsons I hate the most.

It's gonna piss everyone off, but i hate bacon. The taste and crunchiness of it is gross because I know I'm biting into crunchy strips of fat. Yuck!

Steve will hate me, but....I hate wrestling, I think its stupid.

I hate UFC it's killing boxing

Today's Video Blog features BJ, Toppy, Toppy's wife, and Vicky all making a run for the bhorder -- Taco Bell! They sample the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco, and the Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:


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04/05/2013 6:50AM
STP's BLOG 04/05/13 "Annabelle on BBT!"
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