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STP's BLOG 04/08/13 "Jersey Boys!"

We got this message on Facebook…

Hey guys,
I’m not sure if you remember me, but I'm Derrick Van Sweden’s wife.
We have been in studio with you guys a few times, him more than I, and he loves u guys.
I need to ask you a favor to keep him in all of your thoughts, he was in a horrible wreck Thursday night in Sedro-Woolley and was air lifted to Harborview and is now in the ICU.
We had them play KISW on the radio so he can hear it when he wakes up.
He is sedated and on a breathing tube but we know he can hear us.. If you could please give him a shout out and just keep him in your thoughts, I would forever appreciate it…Thank you so much.

Derrick is definitely in my thoughts & prayers…I’ve met him a bunch and he is a great, funny, dude. Here is a pic of a fun time in studio where they brought us all bacon related items!

 photo derr_zps8f3cd6d1.jpg

Man what a busy weekend, but an awesome weekend nonetheless. Friday night my wife and I rented an awesome movie…it was a movie I didn’t think I would love as much as I did, but it was awesome – Parental Guidance with Billy Crystal and Bette Midler. This is one of those films I could have watched again the next night and still enjoyed watching it. I have to say that it’s one of Billy Crystal’s best films ever. On Saturday we had a packed day, we started the day off doing a 4 ½ mile run in Redmond. It was the Mud & Chocolate Run, and it was the longest run I have ever done….plus we got gold medals that had chocolate in them!

 photo 99BD143E-105B-443B-AA86-00C58170C2BF-23908-000011705920AD8B_zps5c96df7e.jpg

The funny part of this run was that I wasn’t even planning on doing it; I was just taking my wife there and was going to support her. I originally signed up to run, but my knee has issues with running (it only hurts when I run and I’ve tried all types of braces, tapes, etc) when we started “training”, so I wasn’t going to run. But when we got there, I got caught up in the spirit…saw all the other runners, and decided to do it…even thought I was dressed right to run, I didn’t even have my sweet running shoes. Thankfully it was a low impact run since it was in the dirt, but I got through it, and never walked…I ran the whole thing, which shocked my wife when I finished a couple minutes after her.

After that we went to the opening night of Jersey Boys, the Broadway play that is at the 5th Avenue Theater. This play is the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, and it’s awesome. I never knew the story of these guys, and they took their story and made it a fun watch from beginning to end. All I listened to all weekend was their music after seeing the play, I never realized how many great songs they wrote, and the play gave you great insight behind the songs. If you are a fan of music, and it’s history, I higly recommend going…it’s a blast! Go to for tickets. While at the play, I noticed something interesting about the actual theater…the ceiling is amazing…check it out…a dragon that has the chandelier coming out of it’s mouth!

 photo 35A287AC-AAFB-4AA6-87E4-EDC87B0D79A4-23908-0000117052DABE8A_zps028b5a8b.jpg

On Sunday, my hockey team…the Tacoma Donkeys, had game one of the championships, and we won! 7-3…2 more wins and we bring home the cup….or whatever the championship is…hell we might need to make one. If so, I suggest we do something like this:

 photo E7970F96-0F4C-403A-8B5F-0779476C7254-23965-000011747CA3F896_zps44fb3174.jpg

After the game I watched Wrestlemania. Not the best Wrestlemania if you ask me, a couple good matches, and one incredible match…without question, the CM Punk vs. Undertaker match stole the show. Sadly Punk did not win though.

A one-of-a-kind phaser rifle used by William Shatner in the second pilot made for the original Star Trek series sold for $231,000 at an auction. This is nuts! Based on this, what is the most interesting thing that you own? Here are the texts we got:

Jeff bezos has the entire bridge from one of the series

BJ you think that’s cool…I have a bunch of Fraggle Rock action figures. Top that!

I have water from the Jordan River and sand from the top of Mount Sinai that my dad got when he was in the army stationed in the Middle East

Hey BJ! I have a helmet worn by an F-16 pilot in desert storm along with a full flight suit!

I have a rifle recovered from hitlers bunker when the allied forces broke in in April 1945

Complete original (1977-1984) action figure set from Star Wars IV, V, VI and Episode I (when they first came out).

I inherited a complete playset of the Alpha and Beta releases of Magic the Gathering cards, worth a little over $50,000

I own a dinosaur knee bone

I have the original Darth Vader head, unopened. Last I checked it was worth like 10 grand.

I own the sweat rag from Criz (drummer for Lacuna Coil) – Christina

I have a back stage pass an set list from tool that Maynard wrote on he didn't know I snagged it at the end of the concert

I have the front row seat chair I sat in for Wrestlemania 19 @ Safeco Field in 2003. With Hulk Hogans blood on it when McMahon hit him with it! Nick in Lake Stevens

I own indiana jones hat he wore in raiders of the lost ark

This morning I mentioned a Mother Love Bone concert from the late 80’s where they played in Kent at the Skate King…if you are a fan of the band, you HAVE to check this out…it’s awesome.


Today's Video Blog features us checking out the new Sriracha flavored Lays chips.

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04/08/2013 7:47AM
STP's BLOG 04/08/13 "Jersey Boys!"
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