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STP's BLOG 04/10/12 "Tulips"

This morning we got talking about the Tulip Festival…no, it’s not a porn convention…its an area in Washington where there are a crap load of Tulips. People go nuts for this…I once went, many many many years ago…and it was cool…for 15 seconds. I look out at all the Tulips, and say…”Wow, that’s a lot of Tulips.” Then I’m done…but no…the ladies love this…ya gotta spend what feels like an eternity walking around looking at flowers…FLOWERS! More than 1 million people go and check this out each year, and I’m guessing it’s couples that go…therefore 500,000 of that million are miserable, but do it to make the 500,000 happy. If you don’t know what you are missing…here you go:


BJ tried to make it cool by saying there is a place nearby to sit down and have a drink…sorry dude, but I will never say this in my life: “Hey bro…wanna grab a beer and look at some Tulips?” I like this text we received:

Little did i no Cutting a couple tulips for your girl is highly frowned apon -cam-

The Rev had a question about a guy named Skrillix this morning…who is he? He’s loved by many in the music world and the type of music he makes is called Dub-Step. I see people post about this Dub-Step all the time on Facebook…I have officially become the old guy that dismisses the young kids music because I think this is crap. Check out Skrillex:

After we tried to figure out Dub-Step, people started texting in their opinion on this style:

Dubstep is to music what Twilight is to literature. And I constantly bust my husband's balls for listening to the crap.

Dubstep sounds like transformers having sex

Dubstep is taking a recording of a fart, synthesizing it, and randomly speed it up and slow it down.

You have now just heard the entire genre of dubstep

Dub step is based on farts

Dubstep!!!! Ftw!!!

Its like heavy metal and techno had a baby... And its an ugly baby

Dubstep is similer to techno with deep bass, more changes in the music, and some singing --S.Pike!—

33-year-old Burlington man who was banned from Walmart stores for life was seen on surveillance video stealing goods in a Marysville Walmart. So he was busted and arrested at the place he was already banned from. Why? Drugs of course…he had prescription drugs and meth in his pockets.

Based on this…where are YOU not welcome? When have you been kicked out of an establishment and why? Here are the texts we received:

Me and my friend got kicked out of the Walmart in yelm for getting on the intercom and playing never gonna give you up over the loud speakers and throwing bananas in the aisles.

Bar mitzvah. The girl I was dating at the time was Jewish and had a little brother. I wanted out so I showed up hammered. -the DV

I'm not allowed at a casino for knocking a guys tooth out because he bitch slapped me for hitting on his girl

From the Kirkland Costco for attempting to steal xbox games. They caught my friend and i just as we ditched the games in a random bin. They Copied our ID 's and walked us to our car. We laughed the whole way. Never stopped us from going back.

I got banned from Canada for 7 years for saying I never got arrested. Wasn't lying just got some slack cut on a DUI.

I got kicked out of Fred Meyer. I was laying on a display bed for a split second and a worker bitched at me about it. When she walked away, I jumped back on and messed it up a ton in spite of her. Later was kicked out.

My girlfriend and I were kicked out of toys r us for having a sword fight with the plastic swords.

Im not welcome in Vickie's bedroom... I don't think

A judge banned me from the town of chelan for one year for peeing in public. Was I drunk? Let's just say, my urine would have ignited at that point. Wes

I got a banned from Kent for street racing for 1 year

I was kicked out of WinCo. I couldn't help myself. The peanut butter looked so good. -Lucy

A restaurant owner in Laguna Beach, California stopped on a bench by the ocean to drink coffee and make phone calls Saturday afternoon, and left his wallet behind. To make things worse, he was on his way to pay some contractors doing work on his building, and he was carrying $10,000 in CASH. Someone eventually found the wallet, and turned it in to a lifeguard…with the cash, and they didn't even leave their name. The lifeguard didn't pocket any of the cash EITHER. He turned it over to the police, who were able to track down the restaurant owner and return ALL his money.
Based on this story…what was the biggest thing you found? (Did you keep it?) What was the biggest thing you lost (was it returned?) Here are the texts:

I found 600 in small bills in a bankbag in a empty speaker box in a dumpster at some condos i work at.hell yes i kept it

the biggest thing i lost was a package that was being brought back from Iraq after my deployment. It was approx 120 dvds and 160 music cds that i had either purchased or were given to me as gifts. Also in the package were photos of my kids and their activities while i was deployed. I never did get it back. Brian

My grandmother donated a purse to a thrift store, but somehow she forgot that she left $10,000 in it. Thankfully, the thrift store returned it!

Back in my party days of going to raves... I once found $600 and 10 E pills

One half pound of weed in a gym bag on the side of the road in olympia kept it n sold it for cash

I found a wolet with 160$ and a piece of weed...i keeped it all

I found a bank bag on the side of the road with 4800 bucks in it and some business receipts. Turned out the be a nightly deposit for a local restaurant i n Edmonds. I turned it in and didn't take any money. Call the business and the owner came and got it. I didn't get a reward or even a thank you. If I had to do it again screw that guy I'd keeping it

I found $50 at a 711 gas pump one time and I turned it in about six months later at the same gas pump I lost $50 I went back a few hours later and someone had turned it in and I got it back!

I was in Vegas drunk on the strip I dropped 2000 on the sidewalk. When I realized it was gone about a half hour later I went looking for it. a homeless g uy had picked it up and found me and gave it all back. Skeletor ft. Lewis

Biggest thing I've found was the keys in the ignition of a brand new Harley Davidson. The devil on my shoulder said joy ride but I put the key in his helmet hanging on the handlebars. Couldn't do the poor bastard like that.

I found a hand in Puget Sound. I didn't keep, nor did I return it.

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04/10/2012 7:45AM
STP's BLOG 04/10/12 "Tulips"
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