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STP's BLOG 04/10/13 "BJ on the board?"

So Topshelf was sick today, and Mono-Nick was running the board…there was one scary moment as Nick ran to the bathroom, and BJ got behind mission control….this can’t end well:

 photo 662B60E2-DEEE-43FF-9D03-A0E9C712F94D-27537-000013CEF1CC7A6A_zpsed66a29e.jpg

Over the past three months, there have been 15 burglaries at a power equipment supply store in California. The owner decided to take things into his own hands. Last Friday, he saw a new hole in his back fence so he hid at the store overnight . . . and when the burglar showed up, the owner pulled a gun and got him to surrender. Here's the store owner telling how it all went down.

Based on this, when have you caught someone doing something? What was it and what did you do? Or were you caught doing something? Here are the texts:

I caught my brother having sex with my best friend and all I did was walk out of the room and didn't talk to them for a day or two

I got my ex cheating, so I picked the guy up and threw him down the stairs

I caught my master buying crunchy peanut butter once, so in retaliation I scooted across the floor all day while he was at work. –Lulu

Caught my friend getting silly with himself in my recliner. Plain and simple burned the recliner

My father in law got cought stealing gas.the guy chased him down on foot and gave him a the cops or take the punishment now...he took the punnishment. the guy hit him so hard in the face it almost knocked him dont steal gas in Olympia

I caught a fellow employee stealing tires from our shop. Warned him to put them back. He didnt, so I reported him. I got a raise, and got fired.

When my husband and I were in high school, we were caught mid-act by an 80 year old member of the neighborhood watch. She thought we were robbers, but when she saw what was going on she said she had to intervene to prevent "another teen pregnancy"...

According to medical research, It turns out some bad habits could actually be GOOD for you. Here are five bad habits that it turns out are actually GOOD for you.

1. BITING YOUR NAILS helps expose your body to new germs . . . but in very small numbers. That lets your immune system prepare antibodies to fight them without the risk of getting sick. And picking your nose and eating it does the same thing.

2. BURPING protects your body from getting damaged by stomach acid. If you leave the gas inside, it can loosen the muscle that separates your stomach from your esophagus, and allow stomach acid to splash out and cause heartburn.

3. PASSING GAS prevents you from having a buildup of gas in your intestines. And that can cause damage . . . or at least a lot of pain.

4. EATING IN BED can help you digest your food better. Stress causes your body to interrupt digestion . . . so if you're relaxed and horizontal, your body breaks everything down completely.

5. SPITTING helps your breathing . . . especially if you're exercising. When you exercise, you breathe through your mouth, which causes inflammation in your throat. So spitting helps to clear your breathing passages.

What about you? What is your bad habit? Or what is a bad habit that drives you nuts? Here are the texts we got:

I have a bad habit of smelling my wifes armpit

Popping bones, knuckles mostly. Alot of people say that's bad for u, but I love it!

I'm definitely in nose picker. I used to work at a daycare seen all those snotty kids made me super self conscious of my own nose. I try not to do it in public but sometimes I just noticed I am.... shell from Seattle

I fart at least 50 times a day and it drives my wife insane from veerkamp in Lakewood

My bad habit is I smoke. I can't stand it when people chew with their mouths open.

Im actually a nose picker and eater. Cant remember last time I was sick either. Must be workin

Today's Video Blog is an Intern Challenge! The Prodigy has 60 seconds to find a random person that will rip extra strength packing tape off of his arm...will he do it?

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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04/10/2013 8:51AM
STP's BLOG 04/10/13 "BJ on the board?"
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