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STP's BLOG 04/11/13 "Soundgarden"

Yesterday was one of those experiences that I won’t forget. Often I have said, thanks to the job I have…if I took a time machine to visit 17 year old Steve and told him all the great things I would get to do, and all the musicians/celebs I would meet…the 17 year old version of me would A. ask me where my hair went. B. ask me why I’m not 170 pounds anymore. And C. Laugh me out of the room!

 photo 164093F8-FA16-4EA8-B149-162BFF0A1F3D-6721-0000060203DEC8D1.jpg

The reason this time is that yesterday I was one of about 40 people that got to watch an acoustic set from Soundgarden. Chris Cornell and Ben Shepherd played 5 songs for us, and it was amazing. They played 2 off their awesome new CD “King Animal” – including a favorite song off that CD, “Black Saturday”, and they also played “Black Hole Sun”, Blow Up The Outside World”, and “Fell On Black Days.” Chris even joked that there was an unintentional theme, as 3 of the 5 songs had the word “Black” in it. Words cannot describe how great this show was…the venue, Aston Manor, was perfect for it…it’s a new bar in SoDo that has a Speakeasy theme to it, easily the coolest bar I have been to. We were so close that there wasn’t a need to mic them…you could hear Chris’s voice in the room crystal clear…the acoustics were perfect. The best way to describe this performance – Goosebumps. I, and I am sure many others, had Goosebumps the entire time. Keep checking as there will be video posted soon….we have pictures posted, here are a few of my favorite shots that my bud Iron Mike Savoia shot:

 photo sgastonmanor_zpsdf3eca8f.jpg

 photo sgbenchris_zps22332f36.jpg

 photo sgsweetshot_zpse9dba105.jpg

 photo sgbenn_zps9b25ba86.jpg

 photo sgcornell_zps5390f82f.jpg

I love this shot…check out those two cool bald guys watching….AKA Sgt. Hairclub and me!

 photo sgbaldies_zps74383fc0.jpg

You can’t see it in the pic, but our entire staff is glowing after that performance!

 photo sgshot_zps5d0b266f.jpg

Check out Iron Mike’s blog about it…as he has some great stuff to say, and awesome pix!

This is my favorite pic…for selfish reasons of course:

 photo Soundgarden_Steve_zps7ba82a94.jpg

Today we ran highlights from our interview with Rob Laurie on the STP-CAST. Rob had the coolest thing happen to him last week…he’s a beer league hockey goalie (used to play at high levels of play when he was younger, but never in the NHL), and he got the call to be the back-up for the Anaheim Ducks! Long story short, Jonas Hiller was sick so their back-up Viktor Fasth was starting…that meant they needed a back up on the bench in case Viktor got hurt. They called up Igor Bobkov from the minors, but he wasn’t going to be there for the start of the game, so they were in need of someone and Rob, who knew some of the guys in the Ducks organization, got the call. So at 42 years old, Rob was in the NHL for one game! It’s an amazing story, and you should listen to the entire interview on my podcast as Rob has some awesome stories and is a funny dude! Check it out here:

Based on this...what would you like to get "the call" for? It doesn't have to be sports, but what is something you wish you could be called in to do, and why? Here are some texts we got:

I wish if get the call to host/DJ a KISW talk show for a day. -TJ the drunken sailor

ironically you're playing metallica. i want the call, "hey erik, james isn't feeling well. we need you to cover vocals."

I would love to get the call to drum for Avenged Sevenfold Nathan

Pool boy at the playboy mansion. Why is pretty self explanatory

Be a writer for the WWE. I've been watching since I was 5 and being able to be there with the guys would be amazing. - Max from WrestlingWithSubtitles

A photographer for National Geographic

I would love to be called in to the big leagues, playing guitar with Dave Grohl. Even if it was just to jam. ~Kris Cort

I wanna be called in to substitute for a sick ron jeremy. Because have u seen how hot the chicks are he's nailin?!

I wish I could be called into UFC. With no hesitation I would get into the ring with anybody in my weight class even if that means getting my ass kicked.

Fighter pilot

I always wanted to be a mascot so any sports teams mascot. Even the donkeys or ill even take red robin.. So bad ass RED THE CHICKEN MAN


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04/11/2013 7:51AM
STP's BLOG 04/11/13 "Soundgarden"
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