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STP's BLOG 04/13/12 "Dog On Bike!"

You really won’t believe this story! I’ve seen some crazy crap while on the road, but I think my jaw would drop if I saw what a state trooper saw on Wednesday. A motorcyclist was cited for endangering his dog while driving Highway 3 in Kitsap County. The dog was balancing on the back of the motorcycle for a few miles…a few miles!!!! And he was just standing there…the pup had no harness. The dog was perched on the seat behind its owner, which is illegal….oh and it’s pretty damn dangerous. What a dumbass! I love that the State Trooper snapped a photo of what went down…


Based on this story, finish this sentence… “I can’t believe I saw _______ while driving.” Here are the texts we got:

I saw a w.state trooper txtn while he was driving!

I saw a complete wardrobe change by a woman in traffic going into Seattle last week Big red

I can't believe I saw two ppl getting it on behind paradise bowling alley on pac. Ave before it was remodeled. He had her up against the side of the building!

I had a taxi ride in California once and the whole way he was driving with his feet, talking on his cell, and putting lotion and Cologne on his feet. This was before hands free devices too

Seen a clown smoking a dubey driving an old vw bug on I5

I once saw a woman taking herself to happytown while driving. It was sweet!

I can't believe I saw a van that looked like the Mystery Machine.

I drive all over the state for work and one day I saw a lady shaving her face in a Silverdale parking lot.

I saw a guy & girl havn sex on a harley while goin down 405!

I couldnt believe I saw a dude playing a ukulele while driving an SUV on the interstate. I have video to prove it. F-ing moron.

I seen a mini horse in the back seat of a small car

I saw a girl eating a bowl of spaghetti while driving

I saw a guy stick his hand down his pants and smell it.

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Here is the same VLOG for the iPHONE user:

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STP's BLOG 04/13/12 "
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