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STP's BLOG 04/16/14 "The Guessing Game"

There is a brand new STP-CAST up!  It’s a real good one, as my buds in The Guessing Game joined us to play a couple songs.  Who is The Guessing Game you ask?  Well…it’s a band of great musicians that have played in bands you are probably familiar with…fronted by Jeff Rouse from Duff McKagan’s LOADED.  Also in the band…Kathy Moore (Brad, Satchel) , Gary Westlake (Kristen Ward, Flight To Mars), Keith Ash (Star Anna) , and Shawn Zellar (Redneck Girlfriend). 
 photo guessinggamestp_zps0c71d44c.jpg
Their new CD is out now, titled “Holy Crow”, and I absolutely love it.  If you are a fan of powerful songs with great hooks, you will dig this!  It reminds me of my favorite time music-wise... 90's rock/alt-rock.  Last week on the STP-CAST we were jamming to this great song…

They are playing their CD release show on May 9th at the Sunset tavern in Ballard, I will be there…in fact I will be jumping on drums with them for a song at some point during the set!  Get more info on the band at
Listen to the entire interview on iTUNES, Stitcher (search STP-CAST), or click HERE!
Here they are performing “Selling Heartbreak” on the STP-CAST!

Speaking of the STP-CAST, we got this message from Brett on our STP-CAST Facebook Group:

Holy cow, I just pulled an ab muscle laughing when Toppy switched the channels on  Mono Nick and  Steve! That was amazing!!!!
What is he talking about?  Well we wound up having a conversation wondering if anyone has ever done a podcast on acid, and this happened…

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04/16/2014 6:45AM
STP's BLOG 04/16/14 "The Guessing Game"
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04/16/2014 1:55PM
The Guessing Game is awesome. Songwriting is unique as well their band. You do not good music like this. Today's music is rap, and grunge. Today's music is not a well thought out process like it is when you hear Jeff Rouse, Shawn Zeller, Keith Ash, Mike Squire, Duff McKagan and Walking Papers. They write from the heart, from past experiences. Fans like me understand their music. Its one of a kind and all these guys/gals have what it takes. Its nice to find music you can relate to, new music that is. Got give Duff McKagan credit for finding Jeff Rouse. Thank you ALL even KISW for bring their music into our homes.
04/16/2014 6:46PM
Good music good people!
First discovered Guessing Game when Jeith Ask mentioned he was working on a project with Kathy Moore (guitar swoon here). Have lived watching them grow as a band and am happy to see others recognize thier talent. Bonus...they happen to be lovely people.Ready for the show in the 9th and many more!
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