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STP's BLOG 04/17/12 "Taxes"

Sometimes I am not sure where my brain is…It’s probably due to a lack of sleep, and lack of intelligence that I say some very stupid things. For example…today, while arguing with BJ about whether or not my old season tix to Hawks games were good or not…I told BJ this: “You are making my brain…and my penis hurt!” He looked at me crazy…he said that he understood the upstairs pain, but why the pain down below…to which I replied: “Because I am so mad I’m squeezing my junk out of anger!”

Unless you've filed for an extension, today is the last day to get your taxes turned in to the IRS. Once the clock strikes midnight, those who owe will start accruing penalties -- which can range as high as 25% of your total tax bill. Taxpayers were given two extra days to file their taxes this year. The average refund is $2,794 so far this season -- down about 3.5% from last year. A study was done by Turbo Tax on what people used their refund on last year (percentage doesn’t add up to 100% as people use their refunds on various things):

42% -- put it in savings
41% -- pay down debt
13% -- major purchase (car/tv)
11% -- on Vacation
6%   -- other

Being that your Taxes are due today, and many of you are getting a refund…what have you used your refund money on? What are you planning on using it on? Here are some of the texts we got:

a NEW TV…That's what I used mine on. :)

I'm using my tax return to get my green card :-)

I got a 64 inch samsung tv for 3 grand with my return! - jesse in auburn

My girl friend that's 12 years younger, 37 and 24, bought us a 5 day trip to Vegas baby

Got $3800 back 1st had 2 buy daughter,s cap & gown, then caught up bills from not working for 2 months also hit the casino & filled liquor cabinet ($3800 gone)

9 years Go I spent my refund on a beautiful tattoo ( tramp stamp ) this year I have to use it on baby stuff cause I'm having twins!!

My first refund in seven years, I'm buying my wife a trip to Prague for our upcoming honeymoon. Czech beer is amazing. -the DV

My wife's getting a laser and I am getting a vasectomy.

Getting $3k back. 50% to upcoming wedding, 50% to learn to BASE jump :)

I used my refund for flying back to Arkansas to be the best man in my friends wedding. And what was left over I smoked and drank!! Bo from Issaquah

I bought a new hockey stick. Suck it Canada

I spent my $1200 tax return on a silencer for my rifle. Shout out to cascade arsenal in snohomish!

I am gonna spend my tax return on holographic pokemon cards.

I got 8500 and up the nose it went!!!

A survey by CouponCabin found that one in three Americans have stiffed a waiter or waitress on a tip if they think the service was bad.

--One in five people say they tip less when the economy is down, even if they were happy with the service. 87% of Americans say they feel obligated to leave a tip at a restaurant, which means that one in EIGHT people don't feel like they need to TIP AT ALL.

--One in three people don't feel obligated to tip their hairstylist. Half of us don't think we need to tip a valet. And four out of five people think it's okay to not tip the restroom attendant, and people who deliver furniture or appliances.

--More than half of us don't feel obligated to tip someone who gives us a pedicure or a massage.

One out of 3 people have stiffed a server because of service…what is your rule of thumb for tipping? What was the best or worst given? What was the best or worst received? Here are some of the texts:

Tell people to stop stiffing the casino dealers!

My best tip ever was $50 on a $18 bill. Me and my wife were at dennys and the waitress was getting hasseled really bad by another customer and it was our normal waitress we went there 2-3 days a week and we felt bad for her.

Delivering pizzas I once got a 30 dollar tip for a 200 dollar order and then another time I had a 70 dollar order and the man asked for all his change including the pennies which I declined

I left a 20 dollar tip to 2 lingerie clad baristas cUse it was cold out and they were rubbing each other to stay warm.

At bars I try and pretip. Best service you could imagine if you give a bartender 20 before the night starts.

But how much to tip on take out? They bag it up so i belive a few bucks are appropriate but not 15%. Kevin Puyallup

I tipped13 dollars on a 30 dollar bill at red robin yesterday because my waitress was amazing!!!!!

Im a mover. After carrying peoples heavy stuff...... Tip your mover! Best tip 125.00 average 20. Dont tip..... We remember the next time you call lol.

i performed the heimlich on a guy choking a couple weeks ago at the restaurant. . Ass left a 4 percent tip –Tekin

I tip 5$ across the board regardless if its a 20$ pizza or a 200$ meal at palisades. -josh fedway

best tip i got: I delivered a $20 pizza to Peter Buck of REM. he gave me a $50 tip.
Im a garbage man and i can tell u that people who leave christmas tips get much better service than everyone else.

Steve dont double the tax as a tip, if you get hard alcohol beverages the tax doesnt exist for those items leaving them a bad tip.

Today's video blog features a letter we received from a High School student.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

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04/17/2012 7:41AM
STP's BLOG 04/17/12 "Taxes"
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