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STP's BLOG 04/19/13 "Mighty Drunks? Genius!"

What better way to start a Friday than an awesome picture of a sleeping puppy…Lulu truly lives the tough life!

 photo 620DDCF6-B64D-4B2C-A0E9-BEA84E98B006-3744-0000030F89FE980D_zps2e8756dd.jpg

As you have probably read a million times in this blog, I have a beer league hockey team…the Tacoma Donkeys, and we are very proud of our teams logo:

 photo 7F91BB6C-22B6-48E4-B227-2C9132509A9F-3744-0000030FBDB22F84_zpsa6bacce9.jpg

As I was on the internet, I came across a beer league team’s jersey that gets 100% respect from me. This is an awesome logo/idea…check out The Mighty Drunks!

 photo 40A0A9F2-2DF9-48DB-8B4C-DE933271626E-3744-0000030F9F76EA94_zps5dffecc8.jpg

I don't know if Coach Bombay would appreciate that, but hell those Ducks are all grown up and in beer league now so it makes sense!

According to a new survey, one in four guys say they want their wife or girlfriend to get some type of cosmetic surgery, but only HALF of those guys . . . one in eight . . . are brave enough to TELL her that. Here are the five procedures guys want their partners to get most:

1. Liposuction
2. A breast enlargement.
3. Dental surgery to fix her teeth.
4. A nose job.
5. Botox.

Based on doesn't have to be cosmetic, but what do you wish you could change about your significant other? Here are the texts we got…

I told my wife if she wants fake boobs fine aslong as thay make ur vocal cords smaller

Wouldn't mind my girl getting that band inside her belly that helps lose weight. not just for the weight loss, she has a heart condition is well.

Her annoying god damn laugh ive thought about breaking up with her over it

I'd change her attitude about how she views herself.. We've been together for 5 years she won't change in front of me nor wants me to see her naked but when it's lights out it all changes.

I Ish she would just pick a damn place to eat every so often

I want her to shut the damn door when she drops a deuce

I wish i could change the way my boyfriend acts when he meets new people. I don't know what it but he just turns into a douche until he gets comfortable with that person or people. It sucks. He's a great guy but it can be embarrasing when it comes off like i'm the girl that goes for that kind of turd.

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04/19/2013 7:17AM
STP's BLOG 04/19/13 "Mighty Drunks? Genius!"
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