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STP's BLOG 04/20/12 "Hologram"

Have you seen the viral video that is spreading like crazy – the Tupac hologram that took the stage and rocked Coachella this past weekend? If you haven’t watched this…it’s crazy…check it out:

Dr. Dre said that he's thinking about taking Pac on tour. Dre says he's hopeful the Tupac concert will inspire other artists to resurrect legendary musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Marvin Gay.

The music website posed a question for their reader’s that asked: Who Would You Most Want to See Perform as a Hologram? Here is the top 5:

1. Kurt Cobain with Nirvana (24%)
2. Dimebag Darrell with Pantera (20%)
3. Jimi Hendrix (14%)
4.Cliff Burton with Metallica (13%)
5. Randy Rhodes with Ozzy Osbourne (8%)

Based on this…if you could resurrect an artist with a hologram performance…who would it be? I know for me it would be Andrew Wood performing with Mother Love Bone. I got to see the MLB reunion a little over a year ago when they had Shawn Smith from Brad singing, and it was awesome…but how much more amazing would it be to have “’Andrew fronting them…and the cool part was that he was so over the top and glammed out that a hologram of him would make sense to the performance. Here are the texts we got:

It would be awesome to see bruce lee and chuck norris fight again....rock on bitches! Kato

jimi hendrix and jim morrison fuck yeah! Megan in Seattle

I would want to see milli vanilli. kevin on the road in Tacoma
Shanon hoon

Bradley Nowell

I'm going with johnny cash Skeletor Ft. Lewis

Freddy Mercury

mother love bone

Dimebag Darrell with the rest of the guys from Pantera.

Metallica with cliff burton

I thought you might get a kick out of this video. This is a music video I edited a long time ago, back in High School for my then band Purrgatory. We were juniors and seniors in High School when we were a band, and here is a music video of our song, “The Purgatory Experience.”

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04/20/2012 7:56AM
STP's BLOG 04/20/12 "Hologram"
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04/20/2012 8:21AM
The seahawks superbowl
I would like to do a version of that so i can watch the hawks fans whine and complain over and over..... wait i get that evertime i wear my steeler gear!!!!!! Tomm in Gig HarborSteeler Nation Baby!!!
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