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STP's BLOG 04/21/14 "Northwest Hockey Challenge / Spokane!"

Over the weekend I was in Spokane for the annual hockey tournament my hockey team, the Tacoma Donkeys, go to – the Northwest Classic!  It’s easily the best weekend of the year, 32 teams all show up to Spokane to play hockey, hang out, and have a great time.  It’s questionable if we really accomplished the first goal (play hockey), as we got our donkey asses handed to us, but we definitely succeeded in the other two goals (hang out & have a great time).

Before we left for Spokane on Friday, Thee Ted Smith came over my house to spend the night, as he is our coach for the weekend.  On Thursday night we hit up Trappers in Puyallup, where he got to try their sushi for the first time, and he loved it!
 photo hockey3_zpsfad4f9ac.jpg
Friday morning, we woke up…packed up my Jeep with the essentials, and headed to the rink to meet up with the guys…
 photo hockey2_zpsf98961ac.jpg
When we get there, I see our Party Bus…yes we took it to the next level, we graduated from a limo to a party bus, and holy smokes what a great upgrade!  The party bus was amazing…I’ve never been in one until this weekend. 
 photo hockey4_zps247d362c.jpg
Big props to Kotton, and Levi from Lyon Pride Music for the great experience on the party bus.  If you are ever looking for a party bus, you should hit these guys up…I know they have a lot of bands use it, but now they can add hockey team to their list of clients.  We would use these guys again in a heartbeat…Kotton was like our "Den Brotha", he kept us all together throughout the weekend, and when you have 13 drunk fellas walking all around, that is a HUGE feat! 

If you are looking for a party bus…hit these guys up at or get info HERE.

Before we got on the bus we had to take inventory on our beverages. 
 photo hockey5_zps66a902ff.jpg
Here are a couple pix of us hanging on the bus…

 photo hockey6_zpsd53f1e41.jpg
 photo hockey8_zpsc54bd546.jpg
 photo hockey9_zps65ba3f5e.jpg
The trip to Spokane was a blast…once we got there, we had to play hockey.  Man did we get smoked…our first game we lost 16-3, the next game we fared a little better…losing “only” 12-4 (I think), and in our final game…we almost picked up a “W”, losing 4-3! 
Here is Thee Ted Smith giving us an inspirational speech while wearing a cup…for protection of course:
 photo hockey12_zps09af8b20.jpg

Here are some other fun photos in the locker room…
 photo hockey1_zps4cc72730.jpg
 photo hockey10_zpsb14e9d46.jpg
Eventually we ended up partying in the hotels…so what happens when you order pizza, drink Coors Light, and have  light up glasses and bouncy ball on you?  This…
 photo hockey13_zps8d39867a.jpg
On Sunday we got back on the party bus and made the trek back home…this picture sums it all up best as we were all passed out for most of the ride. 
 photo hockey7_zpsc107a219.jpg
Only one more year to go until we do it again!  

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04/21/2014 7:45AM
STP's BLOG 04/21/14 "Northwest Hockey Challenge / Spokane!"
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