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STP's BLOG 04/22/13 "Submariner Ball"

What and incredible weekend. On Saturday, Vicky, The Rev, BJ, and I attended the 113th Submarine Ball…I can’t even express how great of a night it was. Huge thanks to all of the Submariners and their families for showing us a great time and making us feel so welcome. While we were speaking at the event I said that throughout the night I must’ve said the word “awesome” a ton of times…that was the only way I could describe it, awesome. The event was awesome, and everyone we met were awesome. Check us out, we are all “suited up”:

 photo 0CD7B0C5-3EC2-4A79-B36D-F8865E49B746-6941-000006285072BB5B_zpseac53c10.jpg

Here I am with my beautiful wife…it’s always fun to get dressed up for an amazing night…

 photo 44EBF40C-C2C4-47A3-AB26-5203C2BD4BA3-6941-000006285C1DF15A_zps57918a59.jpg

The local news team for the NBC affiliate in Bismarck, North Dakota welcomed a brand new anchor last night named A.J. Clemente. And apparently they went live before he was ready, because the first two words he said on-air were both SWEAR words. Check it out here, but it’s not safe for work….

Opps! Dang that sucks…poor dude. I guess he has been suspended, and he tweeted out there an epic tweet:

 photo tweet-2_zps1eacd7f3.jpg

Based on the story of a news anchor swearing live on TV on his first day on the job…When did you royally screw up at your job? Here are the texts we received:

While at work I drove a John deer gator over a six foot drop off and destroyed a sixty year old lylac tree. Still work for the same company 8 years later.

My first job the day we got a new boss i ended up slicing open my thumb and needing nine stitches. Needless to say he easily remembered my name afterwards

I took a counterfeit $100 bill from some one I knew at a retail job I had. I didn't know it was fake but got fired anyways. From Robin in Everett

I crashed my bosses truck into a blue porsche. A really nice blue porsche.

I'm a residential electrician, and fell through the ceiling of a 100 year old Seattle mansion... Needless to say, they never called us back. Dubb J.

I accidentally sent a group wide email to my co workers talking smak about all of them. I got out of it though. Next morning I told everyone not to open my email cus it had a virus. Lol

I told my boss his wife was hot and got fired on the spot

Speaking of cursing on TV…did you catch this on Saturday? BThe Red Sox had a touching ceremony to pay tribute to those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings, and at the end of the ceremony David Ortiz spoke, and this is what Big Papi said…

A lot of people were wondering if the FCC would get anyone in trouble for what Big papi said, but that’s not the case! I love what the Chaiman of the FCC tweeted: FCC Tweeted, quote, "David Ortiz spoke from the heart at today's Red Sox game. I stand with Big Papi and the people of Boston."


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04/22/2013 8:11AM
STP's BLOG 04/22/13 "Submariner Ball"
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