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STP's BLOG 04/22/14 "Status"

We thought this was a pretty interesting study about status.

 A new survey compared the top status symbols from the '80s to the top status symbols today.  Interestingly enough, only one thing was the same:  Sending your kids to private school. 

Here are the top 10 status symbols today…

1.  A fancy car.
2.  A designer watch.
3.  A swimming pool.
4.  Flying first class.
5.  Owning a second home.
6.  Having a tennis court.
7.  Sending your kids to private school.
8.  Having a vacation home.
9.  A home with electric front gates.
10.  A nanny.
Here are the top 10 status symbols from the '80s...this will crack you up as some are just things we all have now…

1.  A car phone.
2.  A dishwasher.
3.  Sending your kids to private school.
4.  Having two cars.
5.  Going overseas for a vacation.
6.  Having a sunroom.
7.  Owning a horse.
8.  A color TV.
9.  Diamond jewelry.
10.  Having a cordless phone.
Here is yet another example of why The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon rules…this blows me away that he and his crew were able to edit this up as well as they did.  Check it out…Brian Williams edited so that he is singing Snoop Dogg!


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04/22/2014 9:47AM
STP's BLOG 04/22/14 "Status"
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