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STP's BLOG 04/24/12 "Fired!"

There aren't many things that should guarantee you job security, but I’m thinking that if you donate your KIDNEY to your boss, you should be OK! Sadly that wasn’t the case for 47-year-old Debbie Stevens of West Islip, New York…she used to work at a company called Atlantic Automotive Group, which operates car dealerships. Her boss was 61-year-old Jackie Brucia. In January of last year, Jackie said she needed a kidney to live, and her donor had been denied. So Debbie graciously offered to donate a kidney to save her boss's life…and actually followed through with it last August. Jackie got the kidney and was saved. Debbie had some complications after the surgery, and missed some work, and she says Jackie called her at home to YELL at her for it, and kept yelling at her when she finally got back to the office. Finally, Jackie FIRED Debbie . . . even though Debbie's kidney is keeping her alive. Seriously? What. The. EFF. On Friday, Debbie filed papers with the New York Human Rights commission claiming she was SET UP by Jackie so she could get a kidney…then fired once the donation was made. Wow. Look…I don’t care how bad of a co-worker Debbie is, she could miss 2 days a week of work and be late for the other 3 days, and I would still promote her or give her a raise whenever there is an opportunity. If any co-worker complained, I would simply state: “Debbie gave me her kidney…what have you done for me lately?” Imagine being the other workers in that building when news broke that Debbie’s kidney was staying at the job, but not Debbie…I would look at my co-workers and say: “Guys, we need to step up our productivity…Debbie was just fired, and she gave up a kidney for the job...none of us are safe.”

Actress Gabrielle Union is currently dating Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade, and during an interview with Conan O’Brien, Gabrielle told Conan that Dwyane banned her from sitting courtside:

Based on Dwyane banning his woman from courtside, we asked to finish this sentence…”I wish I could ban my significant other from doing _____”. Here are the texts:

I wish i could ban him from objectifying women including me in front of our 14 yr old son.

Buying jars of peanut butter... Lucy

I wish i could ban my wife from drinking...she acts like a 16 year old who got her first drink @ a party when she gets drunk

I wish I could ban my wife from sleeping with the neighbor boy.

Joining in on intellegent scientific conversations... Bless her I love the woman with all my heart but she takes everything she reads as fact initally.

Watching reality tv she watches it constantly-max renton

I wish I could ban my girlfriend from reading into every damn thing I do like I am doing some shady crap...

I wish i could band my wife from walking in the bathroom when I'm taking a dump!!!!!!!

Buying kitchen appliances and dishes. I finally cracked and cut her off until we get a house. -the DV

Beat boxing. It's so annoying. He's not even good but thinks he is.

Living on facebook 20hrs. A day. From roy in seattle.

I wish I could ban my smoking hot girlfriend from... Thinking all men are sincerely nice. She regularly has "nice guys" offer her anything from jobs, to gifts, to advice about her life... And believes they are just good people willing to help her out for no apparent reason. Andddd then... They ask her out and try to co nvince her to cheat on her boyfriend.... Stop the madness. – Andrew

I wish my boyfriend would stop treating me like I am one of the women of his past. I am up front and honest and he always assumes I am doing something wrong if I dont answer the phone on the first ring-Emily in Tacoma

I wish I could ban my man from getting coked out of his mind and looking for black johnsons.

There's about a one-in-33 chance your relationship could be torn apart by Apple.

--According to a new poll, 3% of people say they would DUMP their current partner for a new iPad.
--There's more. 11% of single men say they'd rather have an iPad right now than a new girlfriend.
--Women have more traditional priorities . . . only 4% of single women say they'd rather have an iPad than a new boyfriend.

What about you? What would you dump your significant other for? Here are the texts:

A Baconator :) mr. I.T.

I would totally dump that bitch for some tickets to the B.J. Shea Comedy Riot.

I would dump my significant other for a new Ferrari 458 italia


A year at the bunny ranch

If i got tickets to the superbowl and the seahawks were the winning team, I'd not only drop my significant other, I'd go celibate for three years.

I dump my wife everyday for a coffee from starbucks

I'd dump my wife for Vicki... How about it Vicki, will you marry me?

Porsche GT2 would leave my wife of 7yrs together 17yrs

2012 Challenger

There is nothing on this earth I would trade my woman for. She is my everything!

id dump my hubby for my qtr mill mortgage payoff. yep im that kind of a bitch.

I would dump my spouse for a tricked out 1972 ford pinto with the number 69 on the door.

A boat so i can sail as far away from her as possable. has Been 3.5 years

Since my gf is currently being a big ole bitch, I'd dump her for a 70 inch flat screen tv.. - the studly leprechaun

My wife is amazing... the only thing i would leave her for is a time machine. i would use it to go back and treat her better when we first started dating.

Actually my girlfriend is crappy ill give her up for $1 ~ Dah pacman

Today's video more audio really. We had Lisa Lampanelli this morning as she will be at The BJ Shea Comedy Riot on June 1st at the Paramount ( While on the show she talked about her crying on The Apprentice, and her lack of love for Lou Ferrigno!

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

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STP's BLOG 04/24/12 "Fired!"
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