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STP's BLOG 04/24/14 "Wilson On TMZ!"

The world is coming to an end y’all.  Why is that?  Well Russell Wilson is getting divorced, and the internets can’t handle it.  People on Facebook and Twitter are collectively losing their “dook” over this.  How could it be?  Not Russell Wilson!  I get that it’s a bummer story, but I have no idea what is going on in his personal life, but at the end of the day…he will be OK.  His wife will be OK.  Thankfully they don’t have children, so their non-children will be OK. 
The crazy part about this is how personal some are taking it.  I love the Seahawks as much as anyone else, but I’m certainly not going to get mad if someone if making a joke about this.  Some people are losing their cool on their friends when they “dare” to joke about this.  I saw one person on Facebook joke about it… saying something like “Russell is getting a divorce, hit me up Russell!”.  Maybe if she added an LOL at the end of it people wouldn’t have been mad, but that post led to a slew of comments saying how awful and wrong it was to joke about this.  Settle down kids. 

TMZ made this a big story as well.  I loved some of the comments that showed up from readers about the divorce news…here are just a couple highlights:
Gotta ditch the wife before the big contract comes in, smart man.

Word is she slept with Golden Tate. He got traded, she got dumped.


This guy won the SB and getting so much more tang thrown his way.

Ok…moving on… here is a funny video I came across.  In every infomercial, they show someone struggling to do something simple…like use plastic wrap or crack an egg without getting pieces of shell in the food. The actors always make it look IMPOSSIBLE.  So someone took a bunch of those clips, and posted a four-and-a-half minute montage online.

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04/24/2014 7:42AM
STP's BLOG 04/24/14 "Wilson On TMZ!"
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