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STP's BLOG 04/25/13 "One Night Stand"

Not sure why my brain works the way it works, but today I had the genius idea that if I have 2 kids, their names will be: Dung & Dong.

The woman who pulled a knife and barricaded herself inside the home of "American Pie" actor EDDIE KAYE THOMAS may have been a one-night stand gone bad. Law enforcement sources say Eddie met the woman last Tuesday night at a place called Mel's Diner, then brought her back to his house. The next day he asked her to leave . . . and that's when she FLIPPED. In addition to pulling a knife and forcing Eddie to run outside and call 911, she smashed a phone and a guitar, and trashed the house. Eventually the SWAT team arrived and arrested her.

Based on this, what is your one night stand horror story? Here are some of the texts we got:

Its been 4 years and my one nite stand still wont leave...

Its been 12 years and she still hasent left

I had a one night stand about 6 years ago..... we now have three kids together

Had a one night stand with a co-worker and it turned into a nightmare. She pretty much became obsessed and would flip out at work when I mentioned other girls

I had a one night stand with some chick I meet at a show in Seattle. She took me back to her place and we got busy. When we were finished she told me that we should get married and wanted me to meet her parents next day. I told her I was hungry and was going to Jack In The Box, I left and never came back

My one night stand crawled through my downstairs window and walked in on another one night stand. They wernt down for the three some

At AT&T Park in San Francisco, someone stole the plaque commemorating BARRY BONDS' 756th homerun. That homer put Barry ahead of HANK AARON for the all-time record. Barry retired with 762 homeruns, and remains at the top of the all-time list. The plaque was on a wall inside the park, where fans could easily reach it. A rep for the team says, quote, "We're not sure what happened. We're reviewing video, but haven't found anything yet.''

Based on this, finish this sentence: “I wouldn’t go as far as stealing it, but I would like to possess _____”.

The unified boxing championship belt. I'm a decorated amateur boxer but saying I'm the best in the professional world would be amazing.

i'd like to have the Pope's hat. I'd walk around the house wearing it and call it my thinking cap!

Ya know its gotta be the one n only... The holy grail its self.... The Stanly Cup!!!!

I'd love to have Toppy's Big Brother. A car like that is a beautiful piece of art. Plus, to own something that got more ass than a toilet seat! Gman Drew

I would love to have and would def steal the original Yoda puppet. I would carry him around on my back like Luke.

I'd love to have the Rainier "R" light

I'd love to own the guitar Jimi Hendrix played at Woodstock! The EMP doesn't need it, right? –Bjorn

I would love to have Abe Lincoln's hat. -double j in Everett

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04/25/2013 8:34AM
STP's BLOG 04/25/13 "One Night Stand"
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