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STP's BLOG 04/25/14 "Warrior: The Ultimate Legend!"

Lulu and I got into a “stare down” yesterday…she wound up winning, but check it out…
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So I have the WWE Network, and I have been very happy with the programming on there…hell, just got hooked on their show, Legends House.  This show has a bunch of the guys I grew up watching all living together…guys like: Roddy Piper, Tony Atlas, Mean Gene Okerlund, Hilbilly Jim, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Pat Patterson, and Jimmy Hart. 

There was one thing I watched yesterday that completely blew me away, it was a documentary about the last days of the Ultimate Warrior.  It’s called “Warrior:  The Ultimate Legend”, and it’s easily the most honest, raw, and compelling WWE documentary ever made.  It shares the behind the scenes drama that led to Warrior being absent from the WWE Universe for 18 his triumphant return, getting inducted into the Hall Of Fame, being on Raw, and sadly dying the next day.  Watching some of the guys like Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, and Sting (yes, Sting is on it) be so candid about their relationship with the Ultimate Warrior was rather emotional.  If you have any way of seeing this, I highly recommend it. Just be prepared that someone might sneak into your house and start chopping up onions in the kitchen while you watch it! Keeping a dry eye was impossible for me.
Someone posted it on YouTube, it might get pulled down, but here it is for those that want to see it:

As some might know…on Friday mornings we always spotlight some of the fresh new sounds in the Northwest with our Loud & Local Band Of The Week.  This week’s featured band is my bud Ayron Jones.  Ayron Jones & The Way is an awesome band that just put out a great debut record called “Dream” – the CD was produced by Sir Mix A Lot, but these guys are not a rap group…they are a bluesy rock group that plays music from the heart.  Recently on the STP-CAST we had Ayron on…and he performed 2 songs.  This one is my favorite track off their CD…“My Love Remains”:

Here is a song that is not on the record, but I’m betting will be on their next release… it’s called “Lay Your Body Down”:

AJ & The Way are at the Tractor Tavern next Friday, May 2nd.  

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04/25/2014 6:33AM
STP's BLOG 04/25/14 "AJ & The Way!"
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