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STP's BLOG 04/27/12 "Let's Go Devils"

Man oh man…last night was so stressful! Yesterday was Game 7 of the first round series between the Devils and the Panthers in the NHL playoofs…my Devils were up 2-0, and once again blew the lead and they had to go into ovewrtime…after 1 overtime and a near heart attack for me, no one scored…and then it went into double O.T….and thankfully, rookie Adam Henrique scored the game winner for the Devils! We are off to play Philly! Let’s go Devils. The crazy part is the 30 minutes before Henrique scored, I called it…check out my tweet:


This morning we talked about how obsessed people are with Facebook…to the point where they will check Facebook first thing in the morning…even before they brush their teeth. Hell, I’m guilty of that…my morning routine is to wake up…toss on my pajama bottoms and nothing else and take our pup Lulu out to go potty, because if I stall we are left with a treat on the bed of one or 2 varieties. While she is circling around outside, I check Facebook. The study also said that no matter how obsessed we are with this social networking tool, 70% of us would drop it if we had to pay for it. I’m in that 70%...I wouldn’t pay a dime for Facebook. BJ compared Facebook to radio…these are mediums that should be free for the audience, and I agree…for selfish reasons though. I don’t want that pressure of being actually good at my job because someone paid good money to listen to me…I like knowing that if someone tells me that I suck, I can just say…that’s cool, you got what you paid for! This led to a very flattering text message:

Hell no i wudnt pay 4 this show u guys SUCK! Fortunately 4 u guys evrybody sucks worse!

If we ever have a billboard, that should be the slogan: “The BJ Shea Morning Experience – Our show sucks less than every other show in town!”

The big sports news for everyone else was not the Devils game…it had to do with the NFL draft…the hawks made news when they picked someone that a lot of analysts said was puzzling:

Some people are confused why we grabbed him so early….he is fierce on the pass rush, but there are concerns with him stopping the run, plus he has a criminal past back in high school. I’m excited about this guy…I don’t think we need to freak out yet, let’s see what he can do…plus he will have time to grow and learn. I watched this video, and became even more of a fan…it’s a video that was done on him in college…

Plus…check out the tweet he sent out…I dig that he’s will to aknowledge the haters:


The relationship website YourTango has a list of five ways you could RUIN a date if you're not careful.

1. You're Late. A date is like a mini-commitment, and if you can't handle THAT, it might mean you can't handle a REAL commitment.

2. You're Distracted. If you get caught staring at someone else at dinner, that AUTOMATICALLY makes you a bad date. Also, don't check your phone or start texting. It's rude pretty much anytime, but especially when you're on a date.

3. You're Depressing. Don't spend too much time talking about your problems or how stressed out you are. It'll bring the mood down, and your date will think you're pessimistic in general.

4. You're Lazy. Don't make THEM plan everything. And don't ONLY use text messages to communicate. When you're figuring out where to go, you should actually CALL them and talk about it.

5. You're Too Self-Centered. Make sure you don't talk about yourself the whole time. It's definitely important to come across as interesting. But make sure they know you're interested in THEM too.

What about you…how did you ruin a date, or how did someone ruin a date with you? Here are the texts:

I messed up a first date by not kissing her but 3 years later we are still together so I must have done so Thing right

He talked about his dead wife all through dinner

I called her a douche on our first date. She didn't talk to me for a week I had to go see her at work to apologize. We just had our 1 year aniversary. –ogre

Had a chick tell me once, on a first date, that she couldn't stand rock music... Sorry, done!

Took a girl out I met on facebook. She went right in to how her kids had recently been taken away by the state and CPS due to her drug habit. BLD.

I had a date with a woman who showed up totally high. Couldnt keep her awake for the life of me. So i just left her there in the resturant booth...

I was at a frozen yogurt place for a first date and the girl thought it was funny to keep acting like she was gonna feed me her ice cream but them smother it in my nose!!! I just got up and left after the 3rd time without saying anything

I am a relatively attractive brunette & once on a date I had a guy tell me he was tired of dating brunettes. Then he asked me if I had any blonde friends.

I asked a girl out, she met me for dinner. I walked out 10 mins after getting there. Her first conversation was about jersey shores. Ewwwww! ~kris

She wantes me to meet her ex, i was wtf really i told her im done with her that was on our 3rd date!!

A guy I went out with cried on a first date because he missed his ex wife. Awesome!
When on a date with a really hot chick and about half way through dinner she started talking about kids. I paid the bill and left.

Today’s video blog rules…yesterday while I was folding laundry, my pup Lulu was going nuts…running back and forth…finally I pulled my phone out to film this, but mind you this was going on for a few minutes before I hit record:

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04/27/2012 8:05AM
STP's BLOG 04/27/12 "Let's Go Devils"
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