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STP's BLOG 04/30/12 "Speeding!"

Not in a good mood…damn Devils lost in OT yesterday 4-3…ugh. Then I saw that damn , and the hole in her throat…commercial for Terry that smoking lady with the wig, the scarf…have you seen that?

Talk about depressing! I wound up commenting on my Facebook about that, as I wrote this:


21-year-old Zachary Ramirez got stopped by police in Illinois on Saturday night. He was clocked going 104 miles-per-hour in a 45 zone, then sped up to 111 miles an hour. He also ran a stop sign. But he had a good reason for speeding…according to the police report, he was, quote, "trying to go have sex with a girl he liked." Unfortunately for Zachary, the police “C” blocked him big time. He got arrested on five charges, including marijuana possession when an officer found a fraction of a gram in the car.

What about you? What was the fasted you have been busted for driving? Where were you going? Here are the texts:

May not belive me but i have a framed ticket doing 162mph in a 55mph i just put a new sr20det in my car and had to see how fast it would go. The cop arrested me a inpounded my car it cost me $2800 in tickets and fee's

Got busted going 120 mph in montana, heading back to WA for my VA appointment. Cop gave me a warning, qnd let me go. He too was a disabled vet. Right place right time.

145 in a 55 in Indiana. It was my buddies car and the trooper that pulled us over was a friend of my friend's family. I have the warning framed and on the wall.

142 up 405 past factoria towards the 520. took the cop almost 5 mins to catch up, I was slowed waiting for friends not realizing he was after me. Apparent ly he was behind me at the exit when I took off. Chewed my ass for 20 mins. No arrest, no ticket

I was going 80 in a 35 coming into aberdeen got pulled over by state patrol played the girl card and got out of a ticket(:

Doin 95 to get home after sex to beat my curfew while in highschool got pulled over but was let go by the cop cus i got lucky

The day my wife went into labor with our daughter, was driving her to the hospital, clocked at 125

I was pulled over doing 115 on my way to have sex with my favorite stripper from the strip club. Huge ticket. And yes we had sex when it was all said and done. The most epic lay of my life. VJM.

I was going 88mph because I was late to a hair appointment

65 in a 60 WTF!!!! BAD DAY FOR COP?? <3 rock girl Amanda

I was going 84 in a 60 bc i was listening to bohemian rhapsody!

So over the weekend, BJ shockingly pissed off a girl at the Magic Tournament when she overheard a conversation where BJ was giving advice to one of his son’s friends about women, etc… she marched over to their table and yelled at BJ and called me racist & sexist. BJ took the high road and tried to have a dialogue with her, but she refused and stormed off…good think I wasn’t there…I would have asked her why she has shoes on, why there isn’t a bump in her belly, and why isn’t she in the kitchen. I would have gave her nthe “I’m just joking wink” of course. But this is one of those “Bitches Love Drama” moments…or as we call it: BLD. Based on this…What is your BLD moment…when did someone create drama that wasn’t needed? “Bitches” can be a woman or a man! Here are the texts we received:

My first girlfriend threatened to kill herself after I broke up with her.

My most recent BLD moment was the other day @ work. Some guy walked in with a product from my store he had had for four years saying it was broken and he wanted a new one... And how is it my fault that after four years you probablly broke it and now come into my store with a pissed off attitude. FML... I can't wait to not be in retail. Rock on bitches! Angela northgate

I was in a bar in upstate new York in a bar having a drink, a fat woman asked me if she could buy me a drink, I said no thank you, she asked me why not, told her straight up I don't do fatties! She went all postal saying she looked good and saying how I could say that, just being honest with her. I don'tsugar coat anything, tell it like it is , Chris from ft Lewis

Changed my relationship status on FB & my ex (that left months before) commented on it saying, 'oh i thought you loved me? Diem. Take you long to find a new bitch, by the way i'm pregnant!' still don't know if it's true

I got in touch with a booty-call looking for action. She showed up with friends and her boyfriend. I guess she thought it was a terrible thing that I was in the process of taking her much thinner friend home and not hitting on her. BLD! Miles in Anchorage

I dated this guy for 3+ years we broke up & 6 months later he called me & said "btw I have an STD you should prolly get tested"

A conversation between me and my recent ex: Her:'does my butt look big?' Me:'it looks good' Her:'but last week you said you like big butts. Are you saying my but looks big?? What the f*** I thought you loved me!! Why can't you love me??? You are so mean to me!! I hate you!!' Me:'... we need to break up' BITCHES ARE F****** CRAZY! Liquor and whores!

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04/30/2012 8:08AM
STP's BLOG 04/30/12 "Speeding!"
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