STP's BLOG 10/17/14 "The New Foo Fighters Song Rules!"

This blog is all about the Foo Fighters… I know I brought them up already this week, but yesterday they released the first track off of their next album. The song is called " Something From Nothing"…and I freaking LOVE this song! I love how Dave keeps his voice chill for most of the song, so when he does bust into his iconic Dave "growl", it's sounds HUGE!

If you haven't heard the song…check it out!

When he says "EFF it all I came from nothing"...Damn, that stopped me in my tracks! I can't wait to hear more songs. The Foo's new CD, Sonic Highways is out on November 10th!

Speaking of the term "Foos", there was a funny bit on Letterman last night that involved the fellas…check it out…

Last night the Foo Fighters performed once again on Letterman, and just like they have been doing all week…thy had a special guest perform with them. This time it was Cheap Trick's guitarist, Rick Nielsen, and they covered his song "Stiff Competition". The best part of this cover was that there was a role reversal…Dave Grohl left singing duties to drummer Taylor Hawkins, as Dave pounded on the drums…it was AWESOME!

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STP's BLOG 10/16/14 "Family Feud: She said WHAT?"

I forgot that Family Feud is even still putting out new episodes…but they just had something happen that is probably reminding many people that it's still on. A woman on "The Feud" had to name a part of her husband's body she'd like to change . . . It was pretty awkward . . . because yes…she said THAT answer…

I'm not psychic, but I'm thinking that this was how the conversation went after the taping…

Wife: It was the first thing that came to mind.
Husband: My dong? My dong is what you think of when they asked THAT question?

I have a feeling they didn't order mini-corn dogs as an appetizer later that evening at dinner… Waka Waka.

Speaking of mini corn dogs…next time you go to Buffalo Wild Wings…order them. Trust me. It's an appetizer game changer.

Last night on Letterman, the Foo Fighters performed again. They also did a song for just the web…it is an older song from the band, but the reason they did it was because it has a special meaning for Letterman…Dave (Letterman not Grohl) explains why it means so much to him, it's a great moment on the show…

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STP's BLOG 10/15/14 "Most Powerful Song Ever!"

So this morning I came across this video that stopped me in my tracks. I watched and listened intently to this song 5 times in a row…I was floored by it.

I'm not a huge country music fan, I like some artists, but I have never been a fan of Glen Campbell's music. I get the appeal, but never resonated with me. Until now. Until the very last song that he says he will ever write.

This song is heavy man. Real heavy. It was written and recorded in 2013…and it's pretty much a farewell letter to his family. Glen was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2011, and that is what this song is about.

I'm not going to lie…my eyes were very watery while watching this. The part where he sings to his wife, "You're the last person I will love…you're the last face I will recall." Damn…just damn.

I suggest you don't watch in a place where you don't want to be seen dealing with the after effects of "cutting onions".

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STP's BLOG 10/14/14 "Foo Fighters On Letterman!"

Did you watch Letterman last night? I didn't either, but I made it a point to watch it this morning as Dave Grohl was a guest on the show, and the Foo Fighters were the musical guests. All this week the Foos will perform on Letterman…as they are gearing up for the release of their new CD "Sonic Highways", which comes out November 10th.

Last night they were joined by Zac Brown, and they did a rocking performance of the Sabbath classic, "War Pigs". Check it out:

Here is a clip of Dave chatting with Dave…

Also…this Friday night is the premiere of a mini-series that cronichles the making of "Sonic Highways"…the show will be on HBO…I can't wait for this…

Since I am sharing videos…this is an awesome clip, and I respect this man for dropping some juvenile humor during this interview…and I absolutely love the reporters comeback! A reporter in Kansas City went to do a feature on a local burger joint that was offering a special deal when the Royals made the playoffs…and the owner said he would love to see his meat in her mouth! Classic!

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STP's BLOG 10/13/14 "Bad Game...Great Show!"

Ugh…rough loss for the Hawks yesterday. Once again penalties and time of possession cost em. I was having flashbacks from the San Diego game…this one definitely stung more as it happened at home!

What I don't get, and I know that I'm no Offensive Coordinator (shocking that I'm not…I know)…but we are a team that has been built around the run…around Marshawn Lynch…so why in the hell did he only have 10 carries? So many times we will watch Beast Mode grind it out in the first half…wear a team down…and then beat em' down in the second half. Where the hell was that? Lynch's agent posted a rather telling tweet where he said… "Bevell know he has a running back?"

I have to question many of Bevell's decisions…it seemed like this team wasn't firing on all cylinders, and credit to the Cowboy's…the played like monsters, and erned the reputation of being the NFL's hottest team.

One guy also not happy about it… wide receiver Doug Baldwin. It's nice to see players have that competitive fire. I get it's a job, and I get you can't get worked up about just one game…but it was nice seeing some fire in Doug's eyes. If you missed what he said, here is a tweet from John Byle of the Everett Herald that sums it up….

So on Friday my wife and I say an insanely awesome concert by a band that you might not have ever heard of. They are called Twenty One Pilots, and they are one of the most interesting bands I have heard in a long time…somehow they have merged so many different genres of music together and made it work.

Do you like indie rock? They got it. Hip hop? Yup, got it. Ukelele based songs? Yup got it. Reggae break downs? Yes. EDM? Absolutely. Piano Ballads? Uh huh. Polka? Ok…they don't go that far.

Their live performance was incredible…it's just two dudes on stage…a drummer, and the front man…yet they owned the sold out crowd every step of the way.

 photo 213_zpsb392969f.jpg

 photo 212_zpsaea7330b.jpg

 photo 211_zpsd69353a1.jpg

 photo 214_zps8b49470c.jpg

You are probably looking at that last pic above and wondering… "is the drummer playing on top of the crowd?" Why yes he is…here is a video that a fan took of this…it's very cool! I have never seen thjis before!

I am positive that this might be a tough band to digest for many at first…but the more you listen to them and pay attention to the way they structure a song…I would be shocked if you weren't impressed. I love their latest CD, "Vessel", and the song that hooked me is probably their most challenging songs… "Car radio". Here is a video that someone took of them performing this song at the Neptune…

Here is the actual video of the song…

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STP's BLOG 10/10/14 "Toppy & Weezer"

Yesterday I am leaving work…and as I cross the street I look and see some sweet ride…and lo & behold, look at the sexy beast behind the wheel…

 photo toppycar_zps3800600b.jpg

Toppy got hooked up with that Dodge Charger thanks to the Seattle Auto Show, which starts next Wednesday! Get more info at

If only there was a Seattle Goalie Gear Show or a Seattle Drum Set Show…I would love to get the hook up and try and some new goodies!
So I have finally had some time to spend with the new Weezer record. It's called Everything Will Be Alright In The End, and I know on Marc Maron's podcast…Rivers Cuomo said that the title of the CD is more of a question than a statement, but when it comes to this CD I feel like it's a statement for sure. This is one of their better efforts… it's no Blue Album or Pinkerton, but that would be a tall order to match those. Not only they are classic CD's, but I have had several years with those records in my life…time will only tell if it could reach that level. The stand out track is easily the first single…the song is so damn good (it's like an open letter/apology to Weezer fans)…and the video is pretty damn sweet.

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STP's BLOG 10/09/14 "Ref Cam Rules!"

All is good with the world…the NHL is back, and last night there were some great games. One of the coolest things happened, and it had nothing to do with the players…but everything to do with the ref's!

What? The Refs?

Yes…the refs! The NHL now has a Ref Cam…one of the ref's has a camera attached to his helmet, and we are now able to get an incredible on the ice perspective! During the Canucks / Flames game there was a fight…and we were able to see the fight from the eyes of the ref. it's pretty awesome!

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STP's BLOG 10/08/14 "Stupid Media"

Sometimes I just have to shake my head at the media. Yes, I know I'm in the media…and I am not dumb to think that I do and say many things that will lead to people shaking their head at me…but this story makes me realize why guys like Marshawn Lynch refuse to speak to the media.

Why would you? All the media tries to do is spin anything into a story.

I was once at a dinner with a member of the hawks, and he point blank told me that he didn't trust the media, and his reasons made all the sense in the world.

So when I go on Twitter and see that a joke tweet by a player has been turned into a "headline", it re-confirms why the media can be more of a joke than the tweet itself.

Punter Jon Ryan was on Twitter yesterday and posted a pic of the on flight menu the team had, and compared it to a recent on flight menu for the Baltimore Orioles. He posted it with this comment…

"Well well well Delta I can't help but notice that the Orioles menu looked better than ours today. I'll remember this"

Clearly a joke…no one can take this serious…right?


The website SBNATION turned it into an article. In the article they say: "Seahawks punter Jon Ryan took to Twitter on Tuesday to do some complainin' about his fancy airline meal." They also wrote: "Stop complaining, professional football player." You can read this pile of a story HERE.

This led to people trolling Jon…calling him an "entitled rich athelete", etc.

Is this really happening? How can anyone take that tweet seriously? It was a joke. C'mon.

Jon replied to some of the trolls…explaining that it was a joke, and then posted this tweet: "@SBNation how can u consider urself a reputable blog when u take a humorous tweet and turn it into a story about an ungrateful athlete?"
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STP's BLOG 10/07/14 "Jon Ryan's Trick Play"

That was a lot closer than it should have been…but a win doesn't have to be pretty, right?
The Hawks nearly gave this game away yesterday due to penalties, but thanks to the legs, arm, and brain of Russell Wilson…the Hawks walked away with a 27-17 win.

The highlight for all of us had to be the trick play that involved a new friend of the show, punter Jon Ryan. When we interviewed Jon last Wednesday, we got a call from a fan that asked if Jon was planning on doing a trick play in the Monday Night game. We all laughed it off….but during the game…it was 4th & 1…it looked like the Hawks were going for a field goal, and then Jon made some magic happen. Click HERE to watch!

Later on I went on Twitter, and Jon retweeted this picture that the NFL tweeted…

I swear it looks like Jon is saying "Oh ESS I'm about to get crushed"! Needless to say…he got 5 yards on the play!

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STP's BLOG 10/06/14 "Birthday Weekend"

What an awesome weekend! I wound up celebrating my birthday on Saturday and had an incredible time.

My wife and I wound up going to the Pier and rode the Great Wheel. All I can say about that is that it's AWESOME!

 photo greatwheel5_zpsb867cc88.jpg

 photo greatwheel_zps2a7e5612.jpg

We paid the extra for the VIP (hey…it's my big 4-0 afterall)…which was worth it. We got to skip the line, got 2 t-shirts, 2 prints of those touristy pictures you get when you do stuff like that, and 2 glasses of champagne. The best part is the gondola we were in for the wheel had a glass bottom!

 photo wheel_zps84c14209.jpg

The view of Seattle is incredible on the wheel is spectacular…makes you realize how awesome of a city we live in!

 photo greatwheel2_zps534a0d02.jpg

After the Great Wheel, we high tailed it to the U-Village and enjoyed dinner and desser at two of our favorite places…

 photo tweetdtfmm_zpsac716812.jpg

I have to say…it does feel different turning 40. You start to think about life...things like "Am I where I want to be?", "Do I need to act differently?", etc. Then I go on Twitter, and a listener named Bjorn Tweeted something that sums it up best!

 photo tweetbjorn_zps4e7a71c7.jpg

All this introspection led to me tweeting this…

 photo tweet40yearold_zps59f2b617.jpg

Ok…so nothing has changed.
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STP's BLOG 10/03/14 "Best Birthday Gift Ever"

Today is my birthday…thank you for all the messages y'all! You guys rule.

Mono Nick gave me the best birthday gift ever.

Mono-Nick was inspired by our talk last week about the song "Sex, I'm A" by Berlin. Here is yet another Stoner Song...called "Sara"!

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STP's BLOG 10/02/14 "Jon Ryan & The Super Bowl Ring"

So yesterday was a day for the ages. Jon Ryan from the Seahawks joined us in studio, and it was an AWESOME experience.

First off…Jon is one cool dude…and funny as EFF!

 photo jonryan1_zps7df7f3ba.jpg

But I already knew that he was a funny dude…if you forgot…back when the Hawks unveiled their new mascot, Blitz's sidekick "Boom"…Jon Tweeted this…

 photo jonryan_zps69dfab3a.jpg

What made yesterday awesome was that Jon came in with his Super Bowl Ring, and yes…he let us wear it!

 photo superbowlring2_zps3740c8c7.jpg

 photo superbowlring1_zps06335c75.jpg

I never thought I would get to do that…it was beyond cool. Now I have been able to hold a championship ring of my two favorite teams. The other time was when former New Jersey Devil player, Turner Stevenson, let me check out his Stanley Cup ring…my apologies for how blurry the picture is, as my hand was shaking while I was holding it.

 photo stanleycupring_zpsf2f42b9b.jpg
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STP's BLOG 10/01/14 "The Simple Things..."

Sometimes it's the simple things that entertain me…and apparently over 3 million other people.

Someone posted a video of their dog sitting outside a glass door to their patio, waiting for someone to let them in.

But the door is already open. It just THINKS it's closed. And it doesn't walk in until someone eventually walks over and pretends to open a door.

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