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STP's BLOG 05/01/12 "May Day"

Another great day of hockey…wow…the Kings are starting to look like the team they should have been all season – unstoppable. Their goalie is amazing and they are starting to put pucks in the net…now up 2 games to 0. And how about Ovechkin, has he become a team player? Props to their coach Dale Hunter, he has made a leader out of the Great 8! Caps & Rangers are tied 1-1. But lets go back to the Kings goalie…Jonathan Quick is my fave goalie (after Marty brodeur of course), and whenever I think of him…I think of this freaky “save” that was made by him a few years ago! Talk about Goalie Gods looking after him!

Today is May 1st , better known as May Day or International Workers' Day. The origin of today is that it’s the annual holiday to celebrate the labor movement. Because of its significance, May Day has become an occasion not only of international celebration, but also widespread protest, which is fitting since the first May Day was sparked by a labor demonstration. The holiday isn't well recognized within the United States, May Day is in fact of American origin and came out of the struggle to get workers the right to an eight-hour work day. May Day has moved beyond its roots as an international workers' holiday to a day of international protest today, with rallies marches planned across the world, Including Seattle. Mayor Mike McGinn has warned residents there could be traffic delays and has said city officials have evidence — including graffiti and posters — that some groups plan to "commit violence, damage property and disrupt peaceful free speech activity."

But lets go back to the roots of the day…Today is May 1st – May Day, which is the international workers day…based on this…why do you love your job? Or…Why do you hate it? Here are the texts we received:

I got 2 jobs. One, where i get to hit on hot girls all day. then the other i get to obtain free s*** all the time, but the hours for this one well exceed 60 hrs a week

Im a caregiver in an Alzheimer and dementia building. I love helping people but hate getting hit kicked spit on and having poop thrown on me! -​-​Mary in snoho

|I just finally scored a job inIT. I love it because I'm actually doing what I want to do in life! I hate because I don't get to listen to you guys anymore! -​Pancho-​

I work in the medical field and take care of retired and disabled veterans. It's a very gratifying job and being a veteran I still continue to provide medicalcare to my troops returning home.

I love my job because every other tuesday I get to poo on BJ's yard and blame his neighbor's dog. Gman Drew

Sometimes I do not like being a carpenter because it's not steady work can I get laid off for months of the time. Work is good I make $100k year. Bad $35k

I have been in the beer business for nearly twenty years. I LOVE IT. i get up at four thirty every morning and look forward to delivering beer. i love my customers and most my coworkers. i look forward to many more years. btw steve i take care of the bars in puyallup! cheers my friends.

I am a garbage man in pierce county at age 24. We run routes and lift cans so I like my job cause I am paid to work out and work for a good company

As an airline pilot I used to think I had the best job in the world until I had kids. Being away from home sucks but the job rocks

I love my job because I get to lay around the house all day until my master steve comes home with the peanut butter-​-​ Lucy

Last night the Miami Heat beat the New York Knicks to go up two games to none in their NBA playoff series. Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire was NOT happy! He punched the glass on the door of a fire extinguisher cabinet in the locker room and cut his left hand. According to reports, there was a TON of blood. Amar'e had his hand bandaged and left the arena with his arm in a sling. Game 3 of the series is Thursday night in New York, but there's no word yet if he's going to be able to play. A source says it's, "almost certain" that he WON'T be able to play, some are even saying that he is done for the playoffs. Amar'e was quick to Tweet an apology last night. He said, quote, "I am so mad at myself right now, I want to apologize to the fans and my team, not proud of my actions, headed home for a new start."
I get why he got that mad…BJ was not happy about what he did, but I get it. I repect his passion…it’s nice to see one of these well paid atheletes still care about the game. Granted I just play in beer league, but there are times I give up a bad goal in hockey and I slam my goalie stick out of anger…and sometimes I break them, goodbye 100 bucks. But in the spirit of the game…I lost my mind…it’s nice to see pro’s have that fire still! Based on this…we asked the Rock-A-Holics finish this sentence: “Ok, I have to admit...doing BLANK was a bad idea!” When have you done something that you immediately regretted? Here are the texts we got:

Having a three way. ...Jessica from Shelton

Dan from brier. Getting married I immediately regret. Regretted it so much for 5 years and now im getting divirced and couldnt be happier.

I broke all my dishes, a big framed picture and my vacume when i found out my man (ex now) cheated on me

Doing the friends girlfriend was a bad idea. . .Now she wont leave me alone!

Doing my sister's friend was a bad idea. I left for a six month deployment in the Persian gulf two weeks later and broke her heart. I don't think she eve r forgave my sister. -the DV

Smokin weed and going to wrestling practice. I was the only one in the 189 weight class. And I had to wrestl the 285 wrestler. Worst idea ever.

When I got so pissed at people on halo that I threw the controller into my 60 inch led tv. -​ Chris fed way

I have to admit, breaking up with my bosses daughter after having sex with her the first time was a bad idea.

I regretted buying that peanut butter.....signed Lulu

Today's video blog features Rock Girl Amber, and we discover a new app called The Ugly Meter!

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05/01/2012 8:42AM
STP's BLOG 05/01/12 "May Day"
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