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STP's BLOG 05/01/13 "Moffitt Is My Homeboy"

Huge thanks to John Moffitt from the Seattle Seahawks for joining us this morning.

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John is one funny dude, and now you can get a T-Shirt to show love for #74. The shirts can be found on this site: and it’s for a great cause – the Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. Each shirt bought feeds 3 people…a great cause while rocking a great shirt! Check out some of the shirts he has for sale:

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Be sure to follow John on Twitter, as he’s hilarious:

So I just checked out a new app, called VINE. It’s like Twitter or Instagram, but with Videos instead. So I made this video on it…and posted it on You Tube too, as a way to cross social networking streams!

You can find me on VINE – my user name is Steve KISW.

On Saturday, 30-year-old Henry Gribbohm of Epsom, New Hampshire hit up a travelling carnival in Manchester, New Hampshire. And like so many before him, he was seduced by BIG PRIZES and a sweet-talking CARNY. He started playing one of those carnival games called Tubs of Fun, where you toss softballs into a plastic tub. His goal was to win an Xbox Kinect, the accessory for the Xbox 360 that lets you play games with motion control. It's worth about $100. And before he knew it, Henry had lost $300. But he wasn't going to let that defeat him. So he went home, got his life savings . . . all $2,300 of it . . . and dumped ALL of it into Tubs of Fun. AND HE NEVER WON. He complained to the carnival management, so they gave him a $600 refund . . . and a giant stuffed YELLOW BANANA with DREADLOCKS and a RASTA HAT. Which is hilarious if you ask me…how awesome is this picture!

 photo guy_zps9639aaba.jpg

So Henry complained to the POLICE that the game was rigged, and they're investigating. The carnival has moved on to Derry, New Hampshire, but WITHOUT Tubs of Fun . . . the game is suspended until the investigation is over. For what it's worth, Tubs of Fun made a list of seven rigged carnival games, published in the "AARP Bulletin" last summer.

Based on this story, we took calls and texts about how others have blown a lot of money. Here are some of the texts we got:

Blew 2000 at a strip club in one night, and then another thousand the following night. Good times.

Blew $1,000 at the moonlite bunny ranch in Reno. Best time ever! Bobby

I blew $600 on a Rammstein *sex toy* set. Total of 6 of them. They were molded after each band "member". Best money ever spent. Amber in Shelton

Vegas fir my sister's 21st birthday - $2000 for a club one night - 4 people. That was only part of our weekend, but damn it was awesome! Jess in Graham

When i was dealing Blackjack in California, i watched this extremely hot college chick lose $216,000 in student loans and grants.

Today's Video Blog is part 1 of our chat with John Moffitt of the Seattle Seahawks.

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE people:

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05/01/2013 7:42AM
STP's BLOG 05/01/13 "Moffitt Is My Homeboy"
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